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Pete had Elliot Bastian had Falkor and Mulan had moo shu no matter how many more times Hollywood will pair humans with dragons none will ever quite compared to the bond shared by hiccup and toothless from the critically acclaimed animated tale how to train your dragon what began as one animated film became a full-fledged franchise practically overnight and we’ve got all the fiery details hi I’m Devon with Channel Frederator and with an epic sequel released in 2014 a three cool due out in a couple years several TV spin-offs video games and of course graphic novels there’s a whole lot of Berk related matters to cover so grab your night series because this is 107 facts about how to train your dragon let’s get flying [Music] number one how to train your dragon is the 19th feature film released by Disney’s arch-nemesis DreamWorks Animation known for creating animated gems like the Prince of Egypt kunku panda and the savior of smashmouth career Shrek number two much like Shrek how to train your dragon was loosely based on a children’s book series of the same name the series was written by British children’s author Christina Cowell who released 12 books from 2003 to 2015 number three cowles book series was based off the author’s childhood experiences spent on a remote island off the coast of Scotland the island was without the luxuries of electricity and roads and so Cowell degan imaginating the isolated land at the backdrop for a story about Vikings and Dragons number for DreamWorks first acquired the rights to Christina kalos books as early as two thousand four coming off the success producer Bonnie Arnold had with DreamWorks over the hedge the studio asked Arnold to hand-picked the next property she would like to work on next she of course shows how to train your dragon number five producer Bonnie Arnold was so interested in adapting to how to train your dragon because the relationship between hiccup and toothless but something most audiences could identify with especially those out there with pets like cats and dogs according to Arnold she’s been told many many times by viewers that toothless reminds them of their favorite pet number six the film was originally to be directed by Peter Hastings the man behind Disney’s the country bears but pacing about the project after the passing of his wife number seven Peter Hastings vision for the film was drastically different than the one that was released into theaters before the blow and Sanders came aboard the film was extremely loyal to the source material and had a happy-go-lucky whimsical tone that’s the studio executives saw as being far too young for the demographic they wanted number eight the film wound up being directed by chris sanders and dean to blow the duo had previously co-directed disney’s lilo and Stitch back in 2001 so stories about outcasts befriending misunderstood creatures is kind of their thing number nine producer Bonnie Arnold hand-picked Dean and Chris to helm the film the three having previously known each other back from when they worked for Disney with Chris and Dean working on lilo and Stitch at the same time that Arnold was producing Tarzan number 10 how to train your dragon was in development for four years without much progress being made before it was given to Sanderson to blow to make matters more challenging the directors had a mere 15 months to reinvent the film into the masterpiece it would eventually at us that usually takes about three years number 11 not only where Chris Sanders and deemed to blow pulled in at the last minute to helm a crumbling project that needed to be finished quickly but it was also the first time the duo had ever worked on a CG animated film so everything was a learning experience for them number 12 when sanderson to blow were initially brought on board to direct the project they were given three tasks by dreamworks head honcho jeffrey katzenberg the plot had to focus on a strained father/son relationship the smallest Viking had to go on a quest that would culminate in him defeating the biggest and most menacing dragon and finally it had to appeal to a broad audience with a tone akin to the Harry Potter series number 13 according to Dean to blow the director’s referred to James Cameron’s Avatar when establishing the look of the film aiming for something whimsical yet grounded in reality middle ground between CGI and live-action film making yep this film was definitely made in 2010 number 14 the directors brought aboard I claimed Academy award-winning cinematographer Roger Deakins to consult on the lighting of the film in order to achieve a look that was as close to photorealism as they could get Deakins is mostly known for his stellar work on the Coen Brothers films like no country for old men and for his workshops regarding his theories of light number 15 in the book series the Vikings had a more cowboy horse relationship with the Dragons for generations job more of a conflict the story the directors decided to begin the story with the Vikings and the Dragons as mortal enemies fighting in a rivalry swore for the sake of hiccup story arc it was decided that he the smallest and most insignificant Viking would be the one to end the feud and establish the partnership found in books number 16 Susan says practically nothing like he is in the books in the novel’s toothless is a small iguana sized run that hiccup would crush if you ever even attempted to mount him in fact pickup doesn’t ride toothless and the novel’s until the sixth book in the series talk about things escalating quickly number 17 the filmmakers increased toothless size and made him a Night Fury because they wanted to give hiccup more of a challenge in achieving the previously impossible bond between dragons and Vikings and what’s more challenging than a large fire breathing creature with capacity to end your life in a heartbeat number 18 synthesis was originally designed to resemble a wolf but after seeing a black leopard on the screen saver of a dream word centimeter it was decided that toothless would take on a more feel I in appearance number 19 the final design and personality of toothless was based on that of cats dogs horses and even salamanders and if tooth of space seemed a little familiar to any Disney fanatics out there it was partially inspired by the face of stitch the directors worked on that film too so it makes sense that they’re similar number 20 but they’ll make their strove to make hiccup literally smaller than the world he lives in depicting objects and environments as larger-than-life they did this emphasize that this wasn’t a typical animated film in which the characters make it out unscathed but one of real danger that demand a great sacrifice number 21 the filmmakers referred back to the 1979 film the black stallion when developing toothless character and story have you seen it see any similarities number 22 the first sequence Sanderson the blow worked on upon inheriting the project what’s the scene they referred to as the forbidden friendship which wound up becoming the scene in which hiccup and toothless crossed the threshold of trust and ignite their friendship when hiccup provides food and a prosthetic for the injured and helpless toothless number 23 one problem the directors came across while writing the story was establishing the connection between toothless and hiccup visually it’s chris sanders that came up with the idea of toothless mimicking hiccups movements and gestures namely his smile Sanders illustrated the scene before writing it as the directors knew from the get-go that it would lack dialogue and it would be driven by music number 24 toothless hesitation during the scene in which take up places his hand to top his head was actually a glitch in the animation software but the animators stuff that this accidental timing worked so beautifully that they left it in happy little accidents people number 25 according to the filmmakers the relationship between toothless and hiccup is much more than that of a human and their pet dog they see each other as equals and best friends just like two humans would consider each other number 26 the animators would use their own pets and research their movements to implement Institute Lissa’s performance they even spent a lot of time on YouTube watching cat and dog videos making one of the few times in history such an activity serve a productive purpose number 27 much like the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park film the sounds toothless makes are a mixture of different animals including courses whales elephants and even the voice of the film sound designer Randy thong number 28 to get a better idea of what noises toothless from Macon specific situations Randy’s arm would have deemed lo right lines of dialogue that toothless would say if he could speak English number 29 the sound of the terrible tears may come from a viral youtube sensation known as Paco de Chihuahua a dog that makes a unique yet disturbing sound that resonated with the sound designer at Skywalker Sound so much that they actually contacted Paco’s owner and had the dog record audio for the film Paco was paid a hundred dollars for his services that’s a lot of kibble number 30 Astrid didn’t exist and how to train your dragon books the film team felt their story needed a strong capable female character that young girls could look up to that’s Astrid was willed into existence number 31 the directors toyed around with the idea of killing off the character in the first film’s final battle but they thought it would be a little too extreme so they decide to have hiccup lose a leg instead they did this not just to depict a hero’s sacrifice but to mirror toothless injury at the start of the film in order to give the characters a further connection the producers were worried that it wouldn’t go well parents but they were surprisingly okay with it during test screenings number 32 in one of the film’s original cuts hit couples to wake up from the final battle to learn of and cope with the loss of his leg alone after viewing this cut directing legend steven spielberg’s suggests that toothless be there in the room with hiccup to lighten up the scene and to reinforce their relationship as something more akin to a friendship and less of a cowboy’s relationship with a horse number 33 the voice actors were already cast before Sanderson to blow were brought on to helm the project only to have all of that dialogue scrapped after the last-minute rewrite of the script so basically they recorded almost two movies worth of dialogue are you kidding me number 34 hiccup is played by actor Jay Baruchel to date the character is the only voice role that bare shell has ever played and he has played him over eight times for the film’s TV show and video games number 35 stoics voice was provided by Scottish actor Gerard Butler who has been immortalized by the internet for shouting this is sparta in the 2006 zack snyder film 300 in which he played king leonidas number 36 actress America Ferrera is the voice behind hiccups badass love interest Astrid Ferrera is perhaps best known for her role as Betty Suarez on ABC’s hit comedy series Ugly Betty number 37 America Ferrera has wanted to be in an animated movie since she was a child as they were a huge part of her childhood and continued to be important to her to this day she even said that she tries to find excuses to watch animated movies as she gets older joking that she would kidnap children just so she could take them to see the latest animated flick I mean as long as she returns them afterward what firemen at number 38 gobber’s lovely vocals were provided by british comedian craig ferguson formerly of the Late Late Show Ferguson has a knack for appearing on several animated films and TV shows like brave winnie the pooh and american dad number 39 comedic actor Jonah Hill plays snotlout a departure from hills typically more r-rated career in films like 21 Jump Street this is the end and of course superbad number 40 the twins ruffnut and tuffnut are played by comedic actors Kristen Wiig and TJ Miller both of whom are no stranger to playing animated characters Lake has also played Brenda in sausage party while Miller portrayed Fred in Disney’s big hero 6 number 41 while voice acting sessions typically utilize one actor in the booth at a time the directors were sure to get some of the actors behind the secondary characters together in the booth as often as possible to get better improvisation and chemistry out of them number 42 whenever the cast wasn’t able to record dialog together which was ninety nine percent of the time the cast members in the boots would compensate my first watching an animatic of the scene with whatever voices have been compiled at the time next they would get into the booth and read the lines off to being to blow who would stand in for every other character according to bare shell Dean’s take on hiccup was hilariously bad number 43 the reasons the accents greatly differ between the adults and the children in the series was because the directors wanted to create a very noticeable gap between the two generations of Vikings they referred to the likes of stoic and gobber as true Vikings while hiccup and friends are more like the kids at the sherman oaks mall number 44 Jay Baruchel prefers voice acting over physical acting despite the fact that he’s been in front of a camera since he was 12 j-just never feels quite as comfortable on a set with dozens of crew members and set lights looking at him as he does in a booth with the director and a few sound engineers number 45 Jay also prefers not having an idea of what the final product looks like as other actors often do with live-action he instead creates the surprise that comes with seeing everything come together as a dozen animated film number 46 the film’s musical score was composed by the oscar-nominated musician John Powell Powell has worked with DreamWorks Animation on more than three occasions contributing to the music ask the road to eldorado chicken run kungfu panda and shrek number 47 how will look to concept art and listen to the works of finnish musician jean sibelius for inspiration when writing the film score but ultimately chose to create something more in the vein of Celtic melodies and says something more true to Norse culture number 48 DreamWorks Animation has a tendency to customize the iconic boy fishing on the moon logo with something pertaining to the film that’s about to start for how to train your dragon dreamworks logo you can briefly see toothless soaring quickly across the night sky number 49 gloria the hippo from dreamworks madagascar makes quite a grim cameo appearance in the film before toothless brings astron hiccup to the dragons nest take a close look at the pudgy grey snack the monstrous nightmare is carrying back to the nest to make matters worse the directors have confirmed that this is gloria number 51 of the designs seen on hiccups design board is out of a flux capacitor the device that makes time travel possible in the back to the future trilogy number 51 gabra has a total of fourteen different attachments for his severed hand throughout the course of the first film there are quite handy if you ask me I’ll shut up now number 52 stoic is something of a giant standing at a whopping 6 foot 9 inches tall I mean there was a reason he look like a ginger Hagrid number 53 toothless is a truly unique dragon as he’s the very last known living specimen of his kind the night fairy only time will tell if the rest are truly gone forever how to train your dragon 3 number 54 nine theories were previously referred to as the unholy offspring of lightning and death itself after hiccup got a closer look at one it turns out that they don’t quite live up to the title they’re more like the scaly flying fire-breathing equivalent of a house cap number 55 toothless has an eco location sense akin to that of a radar he can spit a ball of plasma that bounces off nearby train and back to him which gives them a highly accurate reading of his surroundings take that Google Maps number 56 at the end of a private screening of the film held towards the end of its production even Spielberg claimed that how to train your dragon was the best work DreamWorks Animation had ever done up to that point coming from the man that made ET and Jurassic Park that sort of means a lot number 57 how to train your dragon was released in the US on March 26 2010 and conquered the North American box office until it weekend raking in 43 points 7 million and beating out the hot tub time machine number 58 by the end of its theatrical run how to train your dragon accumulated nearly five hundred million dollars worldwide making it the highest grossing non shrek three morgues film at the time it became the fifth highest-grossing animated film of 2010 losing out only to Toy Story 3 shrek forever after tangled and despicable me number 59 how to train your dragon was nominated for not one but two Oscars at the 83rd Academy Awards in 2011 chris sanders and being to blow were nominated for Best Animated Feature while John Powell was nominated for Best Original Score but locked out Toy Story 3 and the social network respectively as always next time guys number 60 the series became so popular that it got its very own arena show in 2012 how to train your dragon live spectacular it ran in Australia New Zealand the United States Canada and even China the show featured highly advanced dragon animatronics created by global creatures the workshop behind the dinosaurs that appeared in walking with dinosaurs the arena spectacular with 24 Dragon animatronics being utilized for the production number 61 after it dominated the silver screen how to train your dragon established itself as a TV series on cartoon network in 2012 with the new title DreamWorks dragons riders of berk it covers the five years of hiccup and toothless adventures that occurred between the first and second film with most of the boys cast returning to reprise their roles from the film’s number 62 unlike the other DreamWorks TV series that aired before it dragons puts the first to find a home on Cartoon Network whereas all the other series before it like the penguins of madagascar and kung fu panda legends of Awesomeness were on Nickelodeon number 63 and 2015 the Dragon series got with the times in transition from Cartoon Network to the rinone streaming service and the source of procrastination amongst college students Netflix with the series rebranding itself as dragons raced to the edge it has three seasons so far number 64 a sequel for how to train your dragon was such a no-brainer that it was greenlit by the studio a mere month after it was completed at the same time pre-production on the second film began immediately after its official premiere number 65 beam to blow returned as a writer and director for how to train your dragon 2 chris sanders instead opted to pursue a newer DreamWorks the crews number 66 the bloat old DreamWorks he would helm the second film on one condition the second film wouldn’t be a nameless sequel but the second act in trilogy that would tell the story of hiccups transformation from being the runt of a Viking litter to becoming the fearless and respected chieftain as you probably know the higher-ups at DreamWorks agreed to Diplo’s terms number 67 dean sites the Empire Strikes Back as a major influence on the sequel as it was able to maintain what fans of the original Star Wars loved while expanding it in new and exciting ways like making the story darker exploring more mature themes and raising the stakes all things the director stroke to achieve he definitely did a good job making his own hot that’s for sure number 68 the decision to place how to train your dragon 2 in an Arctic like environment came from Dean to blows lifelong fascination with the North and South Poles to get a sense of those environments the animation team took of a key I mean a research trip to spell guard which is the last spot up north before the pole they saw plenty of polar bears but no Santa number 69 since the film takes place five years after the first film pickup was bound to look quite different from his younger counterpart found in the original film according to production designer fear Oliver Vincent’s they went through at least 50 different redesigns of the character before settling on the hiccup we see in the film number 70 by the time the second film starts hiccups curiosity evolved into wanderlust leading toothless and himself to explore beyond the Vikings world and into the unknown where the duo discovers new exciting and terrifying lands never before experienced by viking kind number 71 at one point in the film’s development pickups mother volka was to be the main antagonist of the film she would have discovered that hiccup was the reason toothless was handicapped sending her into a furious and psychotic rage that would culminate in an attack on Berk fortunately this much darker tag was scrapped number 72 when it was decided that balke wouldn’t be a Darth Vader Drago was made the main villain going against the original trajectory the trilogy would take had volka been the villain of the second installment Drago would have only been teased he would have instead been introduced in the third film as the main villain number 73 in designing Drago they decided to give him an exotic look different from the Nordic region to show how ambitious of a character he is he literally has come a very long way to achieve his goal so far that he will only stop when he’s dead number 74 Drago was designed to resemble a massive predatory animal sporting pitch black knows that resembles the beak of an eagle and dark clothing that not only makes them appear massive but covers up a limb Diaz lost according to blow Drago has made himself appear this way to accommodate for his handicap and appear invincible and menacing to both his foes and minion delights number 75 in an early outline of the second film’s plot it was Gobber not stoic that was slated to be killed off by a brainwashed toothless after running a bike will air mode el Toro director of pans labyrinth and he’ll bully the legendary filmmaker suggests that Stoick should be killed off instead making for a much bigger impact in hiccups overall arc and passing the torch of chieftain from father to son this contribution to the story earned del Toro a special thanks in the film’s credits number 76 the studio was split on the scene in which toothless is forced to kill hiccup and stoic sacrifices himself to save a son Steven Spielberg came to the rescue yet again and defended the scene claiming that it was strong different and bold he also said that filmmakers can afford to lose Stoick referring to Valka as a safety net for hiccup so they wouldn’t be flat-out orphaned number 77 to blow states that he was most stressed out about how the audience would receive the scene in which tooth was kill stoic and compares it to the anxiety he felt about how the public would react to hiccup losing his leg in the first film much like the first gamble this one paid off seriously the blow should take a trip to vegas sometime number 78 hiccups transition from a boy into a man through the death of his father was partially inspired by events in beam to blows past at age 19 Dean’s father had passed away serving as a jumping-off point for his own childhood and what he considers to be the beginning of his adulthood number 79 how to train your dragon 2 was the first feature-length animated film to use revolutionary animation software called Apollo taking the immediacy of hand-drawn animation the tangibility at stop-motion animation and editing of computer animation to make for a quick and seamless means of crafting new and exciting stories number 80 the sequel was worked on for a whopping four years with development ending in a matter of weeks before it’s official premiere by the time it wrapped production over fifty animators had contributed to the film in some capacity that’s a lot of carpal tunnel number 81 to seamlessly and efficiently create the hundreds of background dragons that appear in the sequel the animators came up with a modular system that creates multiple combinations of dragons based off of certain number of pre created heads bodies wings and colors number 82 a lot of mothers who were brought in for test screenings didn’t take too kindly to Galka namely because previous drafts of the story had vodka willingly abandoned her family to be with dragons to remedy the situation they altered the narrative so valko was instead taken away from her family by a dragon and refused to return because her appreciation for dragons would put her son in danger number 83 hiccups long-lost mother was played by the two-time Oscar winning actress cate blanchett known for her stellar performances in the films like The Lord of the Rings blue jasmine and the curious case of benjamin button number 84 deemed to blow first approached cate blanchett about playing volka at the 2011 Academy Awards luckily furred to blow kate was thrilled to join the project especially because of how popular the first film was with her own sons number 85 when pitching bulkheads blanchette at the Oscars to blow described her as being somewhat feral version of Dian Fossey an American zoologist that extensively researched mountain gorillas for 18 years and that volka has been removed from human society and is living amongst a community of dragons for 20 years almost immediately fled jet hunched over an hour gorgeous gown and began using her hands as if they were dragon claws that kind of dedication is how you win two Oscars folks number 86 despite the authentic Scottish accent valco possesses Cate Blanchett is actually Australian and multi-talented number 87 do blow describes volka as a mix between actresses Tilda Swinton and 1980s action star Brigitte Nelson despite this cate blanchett was always the directors first choice for the role stating that kate is great at expressing vulnerability while also commanding a powerful presence number 88 cate blanchett refers to the moment hiccup sees the masked bulk up for the first time as the greatest entry of a character in cinema history Blanchette makes her case by saying she appears from beneath the clouds completely out of nowhere wearing heavy armor and a mask making it difficult for viewers to tell whether or not this character as a friend or foe leading to a reveal that surprises hiccup as much as it does the audience number 89 the villainous vocals of Drago were provided by the oscar-nominated actor Djimon Honsou who’s previously appeared in films like the gladiator Blood Diamond and guardians of the galaxy number 90 before starting his recording sessions Djimon Honsou would take part in several vocal exercises to better prepare his vocal cords for his performance one of these exercises was a whore fying screen that resonated with him to blows so much that he implemented it into dragos character number 91 the pretentious Eric Sunnah merits the last in a long line of Eretz was vocally brought to life by actor Kit Harington he also plays a character named John snail on is some TV show I don’t know Game of Thrones probably haven’t heard of it before number 92 Kit Harington find voice acting to be a bit more difficult than physical acting as he can only use his voice throughout his recording sessions he would occasionally get carried away and again making drastic movement as he spoke moving him in and out of the microphones range and prompting many retakes whoops number 93 the only scene in which jay baruchel an america ferrera recorded their lines at the same time was for their first seen together in which Astrid does an impersonation of hiccup Ferraro states that being in the same room with Jay really helped her out with that part especially I I don’t sound like that what is this character number 94 when Vulcan Stoick bicker at each other and how to train your dragon 2 Gobber tells hiccup this is why I never married that and one other reason both director deemed to blow and Craig Ferguson have come out and said that Gobber is basically telling hiccup that he’s gay making him one of the first and few animated characters to come out as such while dean deblois come out as openly gay he said that the character trade was an ad lib made by Ferguson number 95 John Powell returned to score the sequel and base the new soundtrack off of the film central theme of maturing taking several tunes from the first film and developing them further number 96 during toothless is fight with the Alpha you can briefly here the Alpha make part of Godzilla’s iconic roar as he’s being hit by toothless fireballs number 97 how to train your dragon 2 premiered as an entry at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival in May 2014 with the u.s. red carpet premiere occurring at the regency village theater in los angeles a little under a month later in june 2014 number 98 the sequel was released theatrically on jun 13 2014 and went on to the second highest-grossing animated film of 2014 only being beaten out by Disney’s big hero 6 it raked in a total of 621 million dollars worldwide number 99 how to train your dragon 2 was the first film by DreamWorks Animation to win a Golden Globe beating out big hero 6 the book of life trolls and denying the lego movie yet another award number 100 after having steaks in movies TV shows and video games it was only a matter of time before the franchise entered the ever so popular comic book genre with Dark Horse Comics developing several graphic novels based on how to train your dragon franchise the first is titled the Serpent’s air and was released in February of 2017 number 101 the Serpent’s air was written by the film’s director deemed to blow and lead writer for the TV series Richard Hamilton the Serpent’s air takes place literally one minute after the conclusion of the second film it tells the story of hiccup and friends helping the people of an island dealing with earthquakes at the center of it all is a madman with both an evil scheme and a powerful dragon in his possession that not even alpha dragon toothless can seem to control number 102 how to train your dragon 3 has had its fair share of delays originally aiming to come out a mere two years later in june 2016 but the studio realized it was better not to rush quality and pushed it to june 2017 however when pacific data images closed and dreamworks was hit with lay-offs it was pushed back to 2018 then in December of 2016 it was announced that the film would hopefully be released in March 2019 that’s a lot of delays for toothless number 103 despite the rocky road the production of space being to blow will return to the director’s chair for how to train your dragon 3 with Bonnie Arnold returning to oversee it as producer and John Powell coming back to cook up more of those sweet sweet melodies looks like the gangs back together again well some of them yes number 100 for each film in the series has been distributed by a different studio with Paramount Pictures releasing the first film in 2010 followed by 20th Century Fox being attached to the sequel and after signing a five-year deal with DreamWorks in 2012 while the third film belongs to Universal Pictures after their purchase of dreamworks animation in 2016 that’s a lot of studio surfing number 105 following a statement that the second film is based on the Empire Strikes Back Dean diplo stated that the third film will follow the trajectory of Return of the Jedi one example of the comparison being the villainous Drago whom the director compared to Star Wars Emperor Palpatine like Palpatine Drago didn’t appear in the first film he was introduced in the second one while the third will see him as a primary threat against the world Dean please just promise us that there won’t be any Ewoks okay thanks number 106 oddly enough gerard butler is confirmed to return in the third film as Stoick while tightly unlikely that Bert will be met with the zombie apocalypse it will be interesting to see how the film will utilize the character number 107 in the third film hiccup has assumed Stoics role as chief of his tribe and toothless has become leader of the dragon to blow describes it as a Dueling story in which both hiccup and toothless are attempting to do what is best for the tribe and hiccup is able to come out of it standing on his own thanks for watching 107 facts about how to train your dragon which character is your favorite are you excited to see the third film comment below and let us know we have videos dropping every week so let us know which animated film or TV show you want us to cover next and if you like getting more from your cartoons subscribe to channel frederator your 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