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he’s got a super-powered mind and a mechanical canine that’s right we’re talking about The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron boy genius hi everyone I’m Alyssa with Channel Frederator you better prepare for a brain blast because we have 107 facts about Jimmy Neutron the show’s creator John a Davis had the idea for Jimmy Neutron bouncing around in his head since the 1980s the original idea created with his partner Keith Alcorn involved the young boy who runs away from home using a rocket ship that he made himself the original idea was initially called runaway rocket boy instead of Jimmy Neutron his name was Johnny quasar and his first appearance was a cartoon short similar to the god of last intro in the Jimmy Neutron show Johnny quasar ducked out in a lab coat blue his rocket into space way to the camera and zoomed off the runaway rocket boy short was entered into a light wave demo competition at siggraph which was then the world’s biggest animation in 3d software convention it 12 webby awards their best character animation and Best in Show Ace Ventura writers feed Buddha Kirk found out about runaway rocket boy after its run at siggraph and wanted in on the project he felt like the idea was fun and he was one of the few people at the time it felt like a TV show using CGI animation was feasible Hudiburg helped Davis’s company DNA production pitched the project two more studios one scooter Kirk’s company Oh entertainment became involved would occur Davis and Alcorn started to craft a more polished look for the Johnny quasar character they removed the lab coat gave him a more iconic hairdos and made him look older though the character still remained a kid the show was also renamed the adventures of Johnny quasar the first look at the show totally impressed Nickelodeon executives the channels president of film and TV entertainment Albie Hecht was immediately blown away and said that the show’s animation was so sparkling and had a future retro style Nickelodeon ordered a 13-minute pilot that started production towards the end of nineteen ninety-seven the show was pitched alongside the idea of the movie food occurred bragged to the Nick execs so the computer animation technology could use its assets from the show for a future film as well this also SAT well with John a Davis who was excited about the idea the Jimmy Neutron movie started production in 1999 one major factor behind ickle audience love of Jimmy’s character was the fact that while he was a genius he still acted his age and liked cake type thing Buddha Kirk six-year-old daughter Zoe was a huge help to him on the show the overall process was highly collaborative across the board and the burping soda invention used at the end of the movie came from Zoe herself dad gave her a shadow and the credit aw Jimmy Neutron was definitely a family affair Johnny Davis’s wife Kim Saxon was also involved in the film Saxon was a production manager for the movie lots of concepts and characters in both the movie and the show were influenced by things that Davis Alcorn and oda Kirk I’ve seen his kids for example the monster from the movie pole truck is a parody of the monster from the nineteen sixty one film Mothra who also appeared in the Godzilla franchise other influences include Ray Harryhausen and Thunderbirds the creator’s thought a lot about what they had wanted and dreamed of as children which was also where the amusement park rocket scene came from there are numerous differences between the runaway rocket boy pilot versus the movie in show most of the characters had different clothes Judy Neutron had darker hair and Goddard had a different voice actor DNA productions also use this original logo of a purple cat-like creature wearing a bow tie and lab coat in the pilot Jimmy wore a striped shirt shorts and loafers whereas in the show he wears trademark red shirt with an atom on it jeans and tennis shoes the striped shirt look can be seen in a photograph in the neutron home Jimmy’s characterization also changed quite distinctly over the course of the show in the film he was depicted as naive shy clumsy and a bit childish on the show and especially in later episodes Jimmy became more arrogant irritable and a bit of a know-it-all though he was also a strong leader in addition Hugh neutrons personality changed between the pilot flash movie and the show in the pilot and movie he was a lot more authoritative and had a deeper voice where is in the show she became the bumbling scoot of a sitcom dad who is also the only character to keep his original appearance throughout the original name for Jimmy Neutron Johnny quasar came from a nickname that Davis had when he was younger you work for his father’s company while he was in high school in college and the employees used to good-naturedly piece him for assassination with sci-fi and geeky stuff calling him Johnny quasi er space cadet the Jimmy Neutron name was made because Johnny quasar wasn’t unique enough Davis ran into legal issues with the pre-existing characters of Jonny Quest and captain quasar he was only given 24 hours to come up with a new name for the character and so he and his wife Kim brainstormed new names while walking their dogs and know their dog’s name wasn’t Goddard so Jimmy Neutron movie was produced in only 24 months this production schedule was so tight the DNA productions had to expand their employee roster from 20 people to a hundred and twenty DNA productions originated in dallas texas who deferred cold called DNA to ask them if he could help develop the project originally DNA was doing local car commercials and hours talk about humble beginning jimmy neutron boy genius she’s an oscar nomination for Best Animated Feature it was nominated during the first year for the category along with monsters inc but lost the stretch there’s only one of two nicktoons to ever be nominated for the category the other being 2011’s Rango the then president of Nickelodeon studios Albie Hecht lobbies for jimmy neutrons inclusion in the outskirt on nation nickelodeon and paramount both launched campaigns influence the Academy’s voters and hikes claimed that he called all his friends and that paramount campaign for the movie was classy and not gaudy or overbearing after the pilot was greenlit Alcorn and Davis worked on the show Bible this took place after the show wanted siggraph Alcorn and Davison worked on the material needed to expand the show beyond just the movie and they did someone between their time making commercials with DNA production sheen everyone’s favorite mildly insane ultra bored fanboy was originally going to be Japanese rather than Latino he’s even named after one of Davis’s co-workers of Japanese descent however the crew had a hard time finding a Japanese voice actor to fill the role till they opened up the casting choices and found actor Jeff Garcia the proportions for the show’s characters from the cartoony animation style caused some problems for the animation team according to John Davis having the characters do normal things like handle objects or go through doorways was difficult with characters like Jimmy’s mom who is that huge triangular hair who that became a problem meanwhile Jimmy with his notorious noggin ensure at legs was unable to reach doorknobs but making a door smaller would only make it look more abnormal the studio use the software light waves to render the animation for the movie and show a more complex program like render man which is what pics are uses would have required double the work to utilize because it needs coders and animators the Jimmy Neutron team had to update to newer versions of light waves while they were in the middle of animating because the program has still been in beta the animation team initially used only six animators before expanding when paramount came on board according to who the Kirk the animator still worked the same with a big team as they did with a smaller one they continue to work with home computers in the after mentioned lightwave software the planning stages for the show’s animation didn’t use storyboards the same way that 2d shows do the planning process for a CGI show has more in common with a live-action than it does with traditional animation so the team had to approach it accordingly and the storyboards the team would think about what kinds of shots they wanted long shot master close up and then revised it based on the actual environment for the seat give me a neutron can be measured in polygons Davis noticed that the kitten geniuses size change depending on the resolution but on the higher end Jimmy has been about a million half polygons wow the green slimy yolk innards of the yolk ins in the Jimmy Neutron movie were an animated but due to how complicated their motion can get article fluid dynamics for use from the yolk spilled co-creator Steve Buddha Kirk was a stand-up comic before he began working in cartoons while in Hollywood who is a writer for Ace Ventura pet detective as well as a sequel when nature calls which he also directed and he also worked on scripts for the nutty professor and patch Adams The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron was not only nickelodeon’s first computer animated show it was also the first TV show to be based off a movie instead of the other way around 2016 with the 15th anniversary of the Jimmy Neutron series the movie was released on December 21st 2001 by nickelodeon movies the series ran for a total of three seasons and 61 episodes not counting the initial runaway rocket pilot there were 20 20 and 21 episodes and each season respectively and four hour long double episodes the expired strikes back Operation Rescue jet fusion attack of the Tuan geez and the leak of villains if you didn’t notice the series has a ton of references Jimmy it’s adorable robot dog Goddard is named after a famous figure in science robert h Cotter he was an American and physicist commonly referred to as the usher of the Space Age and was the first to create a rocket that ran on liquid fuel Jimmy’s full name is James Isaac neutrons this is a clear though possibly accidental reference to Sir Isaac Newton’s the physicist with the awesome wig who’s famous for discovering the properties of gravity by dropping apples sheen and Libby’s last names weren’t revealed until later in the show’s run during the episode Jimmy for president their elementary school principal refers to them as Sheen Estevez and Libby full facts Carl and Sheen’s full names weren’t ever revealed on the show according to TV com Carl’s is Carlton you Lisa squeezer and Sheen’s is xin yan na Estevez he was named after the sheen acting family whose real name is Estevez Jamie’s father also has a full name cubao mount neutrons cubao mount was the name of the actor who played Beavers Ward Cleaver father on the 50 show leave it to beaver the name of the episode out darn spotlight is a reference to the Shakespeare sixth-best the episode is about a play put on at lindbergh Elementary called Macbeth in space and the episode title out darn spotlight is a kid-friendly pun on Lady Macbeth flying out damn spot when she tries to obsessively remove blood from her hands that isn’t there there are actually a surprising amount of references in the episode titles that will go over kids heads but make their parents and older siblings lacks a few examples are the season 1 episode i dream of Jimmy a clear shoutout to the popular 60 succumb I Dream of Jeannie the titles journey to the center of Carl I reference to the 1854 novel Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne and the egg pyar Strikes Back a pun on the famous star wars movie the episode White’s camera danger is a parody itself of several different recognizable Hollywood movies including lord the rings the matrix the Sorcerer’s Apprentice from Fantasia Titanic Chicago and Harry Potter among others the school that kids in retro Ville attend is called limburg elementary school this is a clear reference to American aviator Charles Lindbergh who made the first ever nonstop transatlantic flight in 1927 the character Nick Dean resident elementary school bad boy and chick magnet is also a reference that might go over the audience’s head his last name is a shout out to actor James Dean the iconic rebel without a cause who popularized the role in media in the 50s Jimmy was voiced by voice actress Debbie Derryberry Derryberry has a wide-ranging resume that includes credits in Tasmania humor adventures of Billy Mandy and disney’s tarzan the studio kept debbie Derryberry a secret to the point that even interviewers had trouble getting a hold of her this is because they were concerned about how people would react to the character being voiced by a woman hmm maybe they didn’t know about Bart Simpson’s voice actress Nancy Cartwright or that nobody cares it’s the 21st century to get into the right mindset to voice Jimmy very very trying to get inside a kid’s head so she can understand they’re more curious and innocent perspective when she’d walk her dog she would try to study the kids playing football in the neighborhood to get a feel for what the boys typically said and how they said it very very studied pre-med when she attended UCLA which according to her proved quite useful in voicing Jimmy pronouncing the lengthy complex scientific and mathematical words that Jimmy throws around was made significantly easier because of the courses she talks like calculus biochemistry and organic chemistry the competition to boy Jimmy Neutron was extremely stiff numerous known voice actresses auditioned for the role among them were surprise surprise Nancy Cartwright so they did know Pamela ad moines who voiced Bobby on king of the hill and Ashley Spinelli on recess and eg daily the voice of Tommy pickles on Rugrats all women there’s actually two male characters when Jimmy Neutron voice by women the other is mcdean was voiced by actress candy Milo Goddard was voiced by frank welker in the TV series viewers might recognize the name because Welker frequently voice and other famous dogs do we do viewers might also recognize some voices in the hour-long episode Operation Rescue jet fusion actress Malik known for her roles on just shoot me and Hot in Cleveland is the voice of the evil beautiful gorgeous while Christians later famous for Heather’s true romance and mr. robot is the super spy jet fusion professional calamitous was voiced by Tim Curry one of the most recognizable voices in the industry in addition to being a critically acclaimed actor viewers who grow up with nick toons also recognized Tim curries voice as nigel thornbury from the wild thornberrys he was also the voice of a villain Texas in Fern Gully the last rainforest after Rob Paulsen voice Karl Weezer and he also has a wide range of voice acting credits he’s most likely heard them as the main hero sidekick arthur on the tix pj peak and a goofy movie and Donatello in the 2012 revival of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles everyone’s favorite exchanged info beef stroganoff ski was voiced by none other than phil lamarr they’ll recognize this name from his brief but memorable role as Marvin in Pulp Fiction but also for his hunters of voice acting credits that include Green Lantern on Justice League Hermes Conrad on Futurama Aquaman and the video game injustice gods among us and the titular jack on Samurai Jack the voice actors for Jimmy Neutron often tried to record together this is a rarity in voice acting because it’s not always possible with the actors conflicting schedules Caroline Lawrence the voice of Cindy vortex explained that it provided more synergy with the cast and let them play off one another the only characters to appear in every episode of the series arc Jimmy Carl and cheat Jimmy’s parents Mick Deane and Libby became a bit less prominent in season 3 and some characters didn’t appear for entire episodes co-creator Keith Alcorn stated that Jimmy’s birthday is in March this makes his zodiac sign of Pisces intuitive friendly great at solving problems and a compulsion to make changes in the lives of others yep we’d say Jimmy Neutron fits the bill according to the show Cindy vortex was born on june fifth this makes your zodiac sign of gemini the hot and cold personality of that sign is a perfect fit for how she has a fiery attitude but passionate crush on Jimmy Neutron Jim is official IQ is 210 210 but hired him Stephen Hawking at 160 and only 20 points lower than the smartest person currently alive UCLA professor Terence Tao Goddard maybe the character that’s been in the most danger throughout the series he’s been dognapped a grand total of six times but who could resist feeling a mechanical dog that cool initially the character of Cindy was a bit different from what we saw on the show the name she started off with with Sally proton and her hair was going to be jet black unfortunately she is the only main character without a mother which is notable visit how often the audience sees Jimmy’s mom even sometimes sees Carl and cindy’s mother’s the Creator stated that mrs. Estevez passed away when she was too young to remember her but mr. Estevez the loving dad and doing a great job a running gag in the show is Jimmy’s mother Judy getting hypnotized it happens to her the most out of any character and you may recall that in the Jimmy Timmy power hour special she never stopped believing she was mighty mom speaking of mighty Patrick Stewart provided the voice of King gubat for the movie yes the Shakespearean actor Starfleet captain an x-men leader sir patrick stewart however he was replaced with the voice actor s-scott bullock for the TV show in the feature film all our King Koopa young brother and sidekick is voiced by the Tony award-winning actor martin short short is known for his roles and father of the bride mars attacks and jungle to jungle the show’s theme song was written by Brian kazi the American punk band bowling for soup later created their own tapes of the movie as awesome as it was the original theme was kept for the TV show the cartoon shorts that were released before the movie came out and tandem with online mini games the games were available on nick.com and the website attached to the Jimmy Neutron boy genius film provided fans with an interactive experience that let them look into Jimmy’s lab with a lab cam like any other show there are sometimes small inconsistencies of the characters and their animation one in particular is in the crossover Jimmy Timmy power our trilogy Cindy always says green eyes in the movie and show and one of the power hours she is depicted with blue eyes whoops the Jimmy Timmy power hour episodes were technically challenging for the animation team well it might seem easy to move characters from one world to another the 2d a fairly odd parents and 3d of Jimmy Neutron will be switching over quite difficult according to keith Alcorn one major difference was that of the movement speed being hand-drawn cartoons and Timmy’s worldment the characters could move very quickly and frantically whereas a complex CGI animation for jimmy’s world made the characters move more slowly and naturally trying to make Jimmy and Timmy shake hands was mind meltingly tough for the two different houses of animators the different character designs of the to show is also made crossing the world’s difficult making Jimmy blended with people from timmy’s world was hard because of their size all the kids at school and dimmsdale have extremely short courses but when that animation style was shifted into 2d Jimmy it looks really odd not to mention the characters in Jimmy’s world have four fingers on the thumb but those in Timmy’s world only have three fingers and a thumb the first Jimmy Timmy power hour aired and made 2004 it had an average of four point 96 million viewers Wow this made that the most-watched entertainment showed that week on basic cable the second power hour the Jimmy kami power hour to when nerds collide had even more viewers in the first specifically it had five point 48 million so almost half a million more Greg spell at the spot for the first hour hour was a bit too frantic and complicated this makes sense considering the fact that the creator’s literally combined two very different cartoons together in a blender to make something awesome however a people.com reviewer noted that while it’s too crazy for the adult brain to assimilate the hour-long special was still a blaster creativity time for some jimmy neutron fun facts beginning with the episode holly jolly jimmy which is entirely christmas-themed even down to the scene transitions this is the only episode use different transitions than can normally be found on the show like all of us super villainous beautiful gorgeous had a dream job and no it wasn’t becoming a bond like villain the job she actually wanted was to be the person who put the plastic caps aka Aglets on the ends of shoelaces how exciting the retro vault kids homeroom teacher mrs. foul is older than she looks how do we know well kind of matically she has been teaching for 74 years that’s a long time she ages well Goddard is pretty much the perfect pet he combines the best qualities of a smart robot that knows a lot of commands and a cute dog who’s loyal to his owner according to the show he can do a grand total of eleven million and four different things including turning into a fly cycle and literally playing dead by self-destructing but the one thing he can’t do clean up after himself even though Goddard is technically a main character he has only one episode that focuses on him it’s the season 3 episode Best in Show which Goddard runs away from home after being disqualified from a pet contest because he’s a machine it’s okay boy we still love you there is a theory that Cindy might be adopted Jimmy himself actually brought this up noting that the colors of her hair and eyes are different than none of her parents additionally a 2005 Nickelodeon Equinox card claimed that she was born in Las Vegas Nevada rather in Texas as that’s where retro bill is of course being born in a different city than where the show takes place doesn’t necessarily mean Cindy’s adopted but it does lead to further speculation and July 2012 Rob Paulsen hosted his talkin toons podcast as Carl Weezer for an episode during the episode Karl jokingly reveals a number of things that would be awesome if they were true for example Sheen went to juvie yeah juvie after returning from the planet he was stranded on an planet sheen he also mentions that he had a crush on Cindy one as this wasn’t confirmed by the creators we can only pretend it’s true one of the animators and concepts designers behind the show is an acclaimed sci-fi and fantasy artist who is a pioneer in digital art the work of artist spread Gambino was used in a book published by Harper Collins called masters of fantasy art which was about the trajectory of modern illustration from traditional to digital forms John Davis researching for illustrators to do concept designs for the film and he reach out to a Gambino asking what he wanted to work on the movie according to the show this isn’t nick denes first time going through fifth grade he was tardy way too often so he wasn’t allowed to graduate the first time around this also makes him a year older than all of his classmates Nick Dean was actually set to become a more major character for season four before the show was canceled he had a noticeably larger role in the movie and in season one but season 4 would have made him rejoin the main group and have his character fleshed out more as well as a relationship with the other kids even though Jimmy’s mother Judy is the smart one the genius gene apparently comes from huge side of the family Jimmy finds this out in the episode clash of the cousins everyone knows Karl’s love for llamas but did you know why he likes them so much after getting more cable channels Carl’s on a channel that featured only llama content it was there that he discovered the llama superhero Obama boy that was the turning point of Carl’s life and there was no going back for her a few brief appearances on the show grandma a new challenge voiced by Phyllis Diller this wasn’t her only rolling Nickelodeon she also plays a minor role of aunt Mitsy in hey arnold sadly the talented phyllis diller passed away in 2012 veteran actor Mel Brooks makes a vocal cameo on the show as well as none other than the Santa Claus like some of the other guest stars young kids won’t necessarily notice him but older viewers would definitely point out his voice Jimmy Neutron is a playable character in the 2007 video game Nicktoons tech of the toy box as a franchise mascot for Nickelodeon he’s one of only five characters featured on the Game Boy Advance ps2 wii and nintendo vs versions of the game the others featured across platforms are timmy turner SpongeBob’s danny phantom and tack originally there was going to be a sequel to Jimmy Neutron that was to be written by screenwriter Tate boy later she’s the woman behind the script for another nicktoons film The Wild Thornberrys unfortunately the Jimmy Neutron sequel did not end up happening The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron was nominated for six Annie Awards between 2004 and 2006 and 12 of them and 2000 before the show was awarded outstanding achievement in an animated television production produced for children as well as outstanding voice acting in an animated television production for Jeffrey Garcia’s work machine in the episodes nightmare in retro Ville and a popular a survey from 2001 Jimmy Neutron ranked higher than lots of other well-known cartoon properties during its heyday the property at a high Q score which is a rating that assesses appeal and familiarity even before the show was released paramount nickelodeon’s marketing strategy was so affected but several months before the movie even came out a place this in the top 25 shows on television ahead of cow and chicken and Digimon the film premiered a full year and a half before the show Jimmy Neutron boy genius came out in december 2001 while the show aired his first episode in july 2002 timmy shawn has generated quite a few means one of the most notable being the Jimmy Neutron happy family happy hour from 2013 this meme is a YouTube video made by a user thats famous for bizarre in quotable lines such as the pizza is aggressive strange story lines and 3d rendering that’s more acting to bloopers from animated movies and actual good animation it’s odd to say the least the movie before show approach is a rarity for nick toons which makes Jimmy Neutron rather unique for example SpongeBob’s didn’t get a movie until five years into its run as a show but the team behind jimmy neutron felt up the feature film would kick start the show and they were right Jimmy Neutron boy genius was on netflix for a while but was removed nearly 15 years after the movie originally aired so if you got to see it before october 2016 look at you jimmy neutron boy genius as a 75-percent rating on rotten tomatoes and a certified fresh’ reviewers from sites such as common sense media and entertainment weekly noted that the movie is reminiscent of kids fantasies and harkens back to the fantastic and possible dreams everyone had when they were children and while it’s predictable in a bit corny is still a lot of fun the Jimmy Neutron movie received three out of four stars from respected critic Roger Ebert on his movie review site which is a pretty big deal according to the man himself the production is of course aimed at grade schoolers but adults to appreciate the art of animation may enjoy the look of the picture which Ebert said is visually original and compares this toy story at one point Jimmy Neutron even had his own ride at Universal Studios it replaced the funtastic world of hanna-barbera in 2003 but was eventually closed and repurposed again in 2011 to become the 3d simulator rides despicable me minion mayhem part of the recent Jimmy Neutron was cancelled was because the studio ran into trouble the producers wanted to make a fourth season but the plans were trashed after the less than ideal performance of the ant bully forced DNA productions to close the unmade 4th season was going to be darker in tone than the first three the season premiere called deep impact would have been about the return of evil Jimmy after their last encounter on the they’re also would have been an episode in season four focusing solely on the female character in its indeed Libby and JV season one crush Betty Quinlan would have become accidentally trapped in Jimmy’s lab and have to work together to find a way to escape many words also opened up about her reasons for disliking Betty and they won’t become friends the shown to be officially over but its influence is not Brooklyn Nets point guard Jeremy Lin was rocking a familiar hairdo in February of 2017 you guys power of dark hair cut into an impressive Commodore reminiscent of our favorite boy genius even calling it a Jimmy Neutron hairdo here’s hoping he yells gotta blast during a layup but that’s not the last we’ve heard from fans there’s even an online petition to bring back the show simply called Nickelodeon renew The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron boy genius for another season the petitioner discusses the box office call of the movie and the high viewership of the show but also knows its cancellation and subsequent shutdown of DNA productions so petitioner lists a host of reasons to bring it back citing its cult following its themes based around space and science and its ability to possibly boost the Knicks leadership Johnny Davis would welcome the chance to do more episodes much like the all grown up installment of Rugrats movies Davis said that he has a new Jimmy Neutron story that he’d like to try as a chance ever came out apparently time travel is involved one reason why Davis would like to bring back Jimmy Neutron is because of the demographic in an interview he noted that the time is right for a reboot because the audience of kids who grew up on the show are now starting to have families of their own and it would be nice for them to be able to share a part of their childhood with their own kid the show actually has a spin-off called planet sheen it aired from 2010 2 2013 for 26 episodes as the title says the show followed Sheen accidentally blasting off the planet in one of Jimmy’s rockets and crashing on a planet for four light-years away otherwise known as Z news he spends his time on Xenu trying to fix this rocket any beta at times hostile local once again i’m melissa and thanks for watching 107 facts about jimmy neutron do you think it should come back or have another TV film comment below and let us know we have new videos dropping every week so let us know which animated film or TV show you want us to cover next make sure to subscribe to channel frederator for future videos and click the bell I come to become part of the notification squad and remember Frederator loves you