Shapewear Video Guide 2017

Shapewear Buying Guide

Video Transcript

Where everyone can you believe this is the last Friday of 2016 make it a great one and I’m so excited to talk to you guys about booties oh my God look at her butt told skinny shore curvy there’s no time that every single girl has their own body shape which is awesome right everyone’s unique in their own way but you know speaking of shape the other day I looked in the mirror and I feel like my butt shrinking you know I’m abs because everyone nowadays is talking about but then I just realized i am a little tiny moving every single person is talking about boonie I mean even animals in the new movie thing are talking about their booty oh my gosh look at her butt so I was recently sent these body-hugging undergarments in the mail called md body shapers now they claim to add shape wherever your body personally needs it so for me I bought these two specific ones because as you can see they claim to add shape to your derriere now these are very similar to the body shaping undergarments that celebrities wear all the time in fact Kim Kardashian actually just posted about these on her website so let’s give it a try [Music] I’m now going to try these on and see if they add a little pump to my derriere these ones are a lot tighter because they go down a lot further these ones are for full length dresses or pants these are so comfortable that I feel like I could even do a karate kid and I can check that out my overall thoughts of md body shapers are a total thumbs up they gave me shape in the derriere which is exactly what i was looking for and what they claim to do and as you see it’s tight right under the butt cheeks which give them a little lift they don’t feel suffocating around the waist which is awesome they were a little walk like obviously these are the longer version but even the shorter version they were still a little long for my dresses but the thing you do here actually i’ll show you you just pull it up type in the crotch area so it’s still smooth along your leg that’s really important and it’s obviously smooth along but now these i would actually wear out one hundred percent I feel comfortable I feel natural I don’t think people are going to know that I’m wearing these body shaping undergarments you know overall I say buy a pair and if you like the way they make you feel and look how go so let me know what you guys thought of the empty body shapers did they look real did they add a little to my junk in the trunk thank you guys so much for watching don’t forget to smash that subscribe button enjoy the last week of 2016 and i’ll see you guys in 2017 fight turn down for what whoa i wonder if it’s actually gonna go on black. how shapewear works
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