Adidas Superstars: How to Style and Wear Your New Sneakers

A great video on how to wear and style your new Adidas Superstars.

Video Transcript

what’s up you too Jeff your style of G and on today’s video we’re gonna do an unboxing and show how to stop adidas superstar if you’re new to the channel we release a new video every day at 4 p.m. Eastern discussing various in his lifestyle topics it’s a style rooming in dating I invite you to subscribe and tap the notification bell and join us and to my returning friends like how to lose weight vanilla salute so what today’s video you two I need you do me a little favor and we’re gonna use our imaginations and pretend like I haven’t already opened the box and shot the lookbook for you with several different looks we’re gonna now unbox this shoot I’m gonna review it for you talk about why it’s such an iconic shoot and why it has so many little details that makes it great for styling after that I’m going to give you the looks book to show you how you can rock it several different ways so come on let’s use our imagination and unbox it first so of course what we have today is the classic adidas superstar you might not notice but this is the highest selling most popular beat issue of all time by far it started off in the 70s as a basketball shoe but throughout the eighties and up till now it’s become synonymous in pop culture and everybody wears it kids ladies and us fellas so let’s get into the few of the details of this shoe for one we have the front toe cap which gives it one of his nicknames the shell toe Adidas and as we rotate around of course we have three black stripes the three stripes synonymous with Adidas rotate around to the back of course we have the D dis original logo on the heel and on the medial side we have a repeat of of course the three stripes and something in my opinion that really makes this shoe sing is the use of gold in two areas for one we have it on the tongue with the gold on top of the black low going and on the side where we have super star written in gold so now that I’ve kept you riveted with the fascinating details of this sneaker let me give you what you really came to see it’s the lookbook to show you how you can style this iconic sneaker in several different ways and it show you just how stylish and versatile it can be starting with the firstly now for our first look today I got something simple and uncomplicated what I like to call everyday fly as you can see here we have the white and black superstar matched up with a slim fit pair of light washed jeans and on top keeping it basic but put together with the white button-up shirt now although this seems like a basic outfit it’s the little details that make it stand out as you can see I snuck in my Big Daddy Kane socks which is gold chain and my gold watch which plays off the gold detailing of the sneaker as you can see a simple uncomplicated look to fly put together and with the surprising details to tie it all in now for our second look today it’s certainly dressing this knob up just a little bit to show you what these adidas Superstars you still can have a refined polished casual look as you can see here this time using the detailing of the gold and the sneakers I pair that up with a pair of tan chinos and of course playing off the black stripes and the sneakers on top we have a nice crisp black button-up shirt then one of the keys here you’ll notice that when you’re trying to wear dress shirts untucked make sure it comes no lower than your mid crust anything longer than that you’re gonna have to tuck it in and of course once again playing off the detailing of the gold in the shoes the gold watch really works for this outfit altogether a great way to show you how you can have an upscale polished and relaxed look but you need a superstar and for our fourth and final look I want to show you one of the great ways to break up all this black and white is to throw another color in it such as grey as you can see I’ve done here with my favorite pair of gray jeans however we’re not totally getting away from the black and white thing as you can see up top we have one of my favorite bomber jackets my black quilted bomber and underneath of course a simple white t-shirt so as we tie in the black and white of top with the jacket and the t-shirt with the superstars down bottom we’re breaking up some of the monotony by throwing in a surprising color like grey that easily matches all knotted together I think this is a great look for the spring of fall kicking it around on a weekend with your sneakers but still looking polished and smooth ok so there you have it my review of and God how to style adidas superstar let me know are you a shell show guy as always I hope you enjoyed the video if so hit that like button it helps the channel to grow and of course tap the notification bell so you don’t miss any videos we release every day at 4 p.m. Eastern and I’ll see you tomorrow