Anti-Aging Skin Treatment With a Banana?

Can You Really Brighten Skin with a Banana?

I’m on this quest to find all natural products to use on my skin. Because of that, I’m searching daily for things that I can use on my skin, that are beneficial to my skin, and that are also natural. I want to share with you a mask that I have now been using for a little over a month and I have been seen great results.

Video Transcript

hi everyone welcome back to my channel and welcome to another round of skincare now today and this is 100% natural so I want to share this video with you and let’s jump into making the mass and I need a bold and I’m using a clear glass bowl here next you’re going to need a banana and a banana has antibacterial properties that help to curb emissions and acne next we’re going to need a lemon lemon Claire’s and brighten the skin they are also antibacterial and can help to treat acne we’re then I’m going to use honey and honey is natural antibacterial and it is great for acne it is also full of antioxidant next we’re going to need turmeric and turmeric as antiseptic and antibacterial properties which are great for pimples breakouts and this also provide a nice glow to your skin here I’m using the ground turmeric you could also use the bulk one next we’re going to need a spoon and this is for mixing I’m going to be blending the banana so here I’m pulling out my blender I’m using a half of the banana as I’m only making enough for one use I like to use it fresh so here I’m going to peel the banana and this is actually pretty easy to do as you saw me slicing it so I’m going to cut it in slices just making it easier and faster to blend so this is what it looks like after I cut it and I’m now gonna put it in the blender have to blend in I’m gonna go back to my bowl and I’m going to be scooping this out in the bowl so here is the banana blender and I’m just checking to make sure they are no lumps at this time next I’m gonna have a about a half a teaspoon of honey then I’m going to take a half of a lemon and I’m using fresh lemon here fresh lemon is best and this is also about a half a teaspoon you’re going to mix this in a bit next I’m gonna put roughly about a half a teaspoon of the tarmac and you want to make sure that all the lumps are out so I’m mixing it until I’m satisfied that all the ingredients are blended together nicely and here it is this is the finish mixture so I’m going to move on to demonstrate it and now because this have turmeric in it you want to be very careful because tumeric tend to stain so I’m not going to be using my hand to apply it I’m going to be using a brush because I don’t want to ruin my nails so here is our mixture so I’m just going to put my brush in and I’m going to apply it now when you’re applying this please avoid your brows because turmeric does slow the growth of here so this is my face covered with the mat so I’m going to leave this on my face for about 10 minutes so I’ve been wearing this for roughly 15 minutes and as you could see it’s not a mass that will dry it completely but it has dried somewhat see and it’s very gummy sticky so I’m going to be heading off in the bathroom and I will wash this off and I will be back so this is the finished result and as you can see my skin is glowing like really really glowing I’m always impressed whenever I use this as I said before I recently start using it and I’m fascinated by it my skin is bright and glowing like a lightbulb see that ma Zen check out my under eyes um a Zen amazing these are fabulous natural ingredients to use on your face thank you for watching and don’t forget to share like comment and if you have not yet subscribed please do so on your way out and I’ll see you in my next video bye bye