Best Vintage Briefcases to Buy

If you’re not located near a vintage shop or flea market, Amazon is the next best place for all types of suitcases—tattered or perfect condition, valises or steamer trunks, striped or solid.
You will find a lot of vintage suitcases pieces to select from such as antique hat boxes, vanity cases, trunks, tool boxes, wooden trunks, gun boxes, cartridge cases, iron suitcases and painting cases, two particularly popular kinds of antique luggage are antique leather suitcases as well as an antique leather doctors situation.

Vintage Leather Briefcases

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10 best vintage briefcases let’s get started with the list starting of our list at the Matenda the compact of Bernucci tote has a sturdy handle with a finished painted edge that’s comfortable to hold for hours even when it’s loaded with items it has quality nickel metal hardware on the buckles and an adjustable canvas shoulder strap it comes in an attractive stain resistant glass however the hinges can be a touch squeaky and the main pocket is pretty small at number 9 the jackin Chrisman’s is constructed with genuine full grain Crazy Horse leather that specially treated to look and feel aged without losing its durability the vintage of parents is further accented with brass antique star Hardware it boasts high qualities a person a very casual styling but it could use more laptop padding coming in at number eight on our list if you’re searching for an old-school square model that doesn’t break the bank the Alpine Swiss expandable has a handy slotted interior area for organizing important files but if you want to transport a laptop you’ll need to add a cushion sleeve to keep you protective it comes with dual combination locks and a designated cell phone pocket however it is a lot heavier than soft cases our newest choices can only be seen at kwikki dot go there now and search for vintage briefcases or simply click beneath this video at number 7 the Panucci etosha has a sharp rectangular shape that lends the case its classic look both are open interior areas expand a bit so this compact bag holds more than you’d expect plus there’s a zippered centre pocket to keep valuables more secure this one stands upright on its own and sports bra style accents but it only holds laptops up to 15 inches moving up our list at number 6 the Boston 10 retro is made with genuine leather that has no active pebbled texture it comes in three sizes with the largest roomy enough for most 17 inch laptops plus the top opens nice and wide so you can access your items easily you can choose from black or brown both with a secure zippered closure on the top however the strap is not as durable as the bag off our list at number five the rich brown hue of the polo cowhide gives it a distinguished look that’s suitable for any professional with seven exterior pockets and a few hidden compartments on the inside this bag holds a surprising amount of gear it looks better as it ages and is made with durable stitching but it loses its shape when empty at number four commands passion leather is made from 100% genuine leather and is lined with robust olive green canvas that won’t grip even after years of stuffing every sharp edge behind us it has an adjustable shoulder strap as well as a firmly stitched handle for easy carrying it’s a beautiful model for the price with a large buckle accent on the strap however it does have a strong smell that lasts about a week nearing the top of our list at number three with about as much canvas as genuine leather the wild box Bank can be for more when you need it to be and casual when you don’t the top flap closes via two magnetic snaps making it easy to open and shut quickly but can be further secured with the buckles it features foam padding along the bottom and comes in multiple colors and sizes it’s lightweight but still strong our newest choices can only be seen at kwikki dot go there now and search for vintage briefcases or simply click beneath this video at number two these we messenger is offered in three sizes to accommodate your 14 to 17 inch laptop and features buckles that allow you to tighten and compress the bag should you have items you don’t want to be jostled around it’s the ideal briefcase and travel bag hybrid it comes with large pull tabs on the zippers and a snap pocket for a small tablet it’s made from Italian leather and coming in at number one on our list the bed steel nigel is crafted from a rustic taupe leather and is accented with a classic single buckle flap pocket on the front the removable crossbody strap as a comfortable 23 inch truck which allows you to wear it messenger style this one weighs less than three pounds and is equipped with a soft polyester lining and a large interior slip pocket our newest choices can only be seen at kwikki dot got there now and search for vintage briefcases or simply click beneath this video

Vintage Leather Briefcases for Men