The Best Blackhead Remover Tools and Masks

The Best Blackhead Remover

This is a blackhead remover mask. Literally my favorite tool or product that I’ve ever tried to remove blackheads and to unclog my pores. Inside the package you get three different products- the first thing is the deep pore water, which you put on before you apply the mask and it helps open up your pores. That way it’s easier for the black mask to pull out everything. The second thing that comes in is the blackhead removal mask and this is charcoal based, similar to the ocean masks and the glam glow mask. A really good product for removing stuff out of your face basically and then the third thing is the skin clarifying poor treatment.


Video Transcript

hey guys so today I wanted to talk to you guys about the my scheming mask this is a Taiwanese product that I purchased off of Amazon for around $17 is to just help close up your pores after you’re done so I definitely recommend doing this mask at nighttime once you’re going to be staying home for the rest of the night because outside there’s a lot of pollutants and your pores are still going to be slightly bigger than usual so it’s going to be easier for stuff to get in there and I definitely want to do this if you have to go out and put makeup on because you just unclog your pores you want to go and recall your pores right away honestly like after doing a mask I would try to give your skin a little bit of a break so if you can go a whole day without wearing makeup I would definitely recommend it and then the other thing is that you want to do this mask on a clean face so you want to wash whatever part of your face that you’re going to apply the mask on so what I really like to do is apply this mask after I get out of the shower because the steam from the shower is going to help open up your pores and that was going to be easier for the mask but if you don’t want to do it after you shower like if you don’t shower at nighttime like I do you can always just wash your face with warm water or you can get a hot towel and press it up against your nose in order to open up your pores and if you really want to go all out you can always boil some water over the stove and get a hot I mean not a hot towel just get a regular towel and put your head over the stove and you’re going to use your steam from that and to help open up your pores a little bit those are the things you can do to help the mask work a little bit better so now I’m just going to go ahead and wash my nose with warm water and I’ll be right back so I just go back from washing my nose that’s why it’s a little bit red right now but the first thing that we want to do is apply step 1 obviously and you want to leave this on for around 8 to 10 minutes basically until your nose feels a little bit softer than usual plug everywhere that you want to apply the mask and the really important thing to remember said you have to wash this off before you apply on the mask so yeah I’ll come back once the time’s up so I waited around 10 minutes and now I’m gonna go wash this off with warm water you don’t wash this off with cold water cuz cold water makes your pores smaller um and you’re gonna leave your nose wet just like you would leave it wet for the BOA strips you you’re gonna leave your nose wet when you use the black mask okay so I’ll be are back okay so now I just got back from rinsing off step one and I left my nose pretty wet and we’re gonna go ahead and apply the mask but you want to leave your nose pretty wet before you apply this on and you’re going to do a thick enough layer where you can’t see the skin anymore so I’m just going to go ahead and apply this everywhere that I want don’t I look super cute right now so you can see I didn’t apply it on ridiculous thing you just want to cover up the skin like I said before um and you want to wait around twenty to thirty minutes for it to dry and you have to wait until the mask is completely dry before you peel it off and when we peel it off we’re going to peel it off from the bottom up okay so I’ll be back once it’s thirty minutes and I’ll show you guys the results so now the mask is completely dry and I left this on for a little bit more than thirty minutes and now we want to go ahead and peel it on the bottom up you don’t want to peel it from side to side you want to kill it from the bottom okay I’m gonna go ahead and do that so like I said in my last video the masculine pulls out the little hairs that are on your nose so now my nose feels super super soft um yeah I guess let me just show you guys the results can you guys see how gross this is I’m still like always in shock by the amount of stuff that this is able to pull out I’ve never in my life had anything that has been able to extract this many things from my face and then I also had my friend do it he pulled his off the wrong way but you can still see that he still got really good results so if you want you can go ahead and wash your face in order to get any little bits of the mask that you couldn’t get off but I’m just going to go ahead and apply step 3 now and then we’ll be all done so just like we did step 1 are you’re just going to put it everywhere where you also put the mask close up those pores a little bit so that’s the end of it I hope you guys found this video useful and if you did please like and subscribe to my channel and I’ll see you guys next time you watch.

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