Video Review: Dermablend Flawless Creator Liquid Foundation

Here’s a great video review of the new Dermablend Flawless Creator Liquid Foundation Makeup Drops. It Has more coverage because I do feel like it added coverage but for the amount that I used I feel like I get…

Video Transcript

guys I don’t even know the date is I think is day 12 ways learning how to lose weight all right so today it is day 12 of 15 days of foundation this is why I try out a new foundation every single day for 15 days 6 p.m. Pacific time I did the thing yesterday anything looked different so the lip ring is a goner after 5 years I loved it we had a good run but I was just ready to switch it up so I got my nose pierced instead I actually had my nose pierced before I ever had my lip ring I also got this piercing in here but anyways felt like I should probably address that since you stare at my face every day so as you can see from the title today’s foundation is the new dermablend flawless crater mixing pigment drops multi used liquid pigments technically what’s called oh shit you get a shit ton of product in here this is impressive these pigment drops retailed for $40 but you get one fluid ounce of product in here which is amazing and the cover FX drops you get half that amount you get half a fluid ounce and the cover FX custom cover drops retail for $44 so for half the amounts this is actually a really great deal so I’ve tested out a few different pigment drops we did the hard candy ones in a different series but the idea with these is that they’re basically drops that have higher concentrated pigment so usually you can mix them in to add coverage to light into dark and foundation or you can use them on their own so you can either mix it in with the primer moisturizer whatever you want so I typically like to use drops I’m mixing them in with another foundation just to give it that extra umph you know I’m saying get these on Ulta reading some of the claims it says it’s a blendable buildable customizable weightless foundation drops with 33% liquid makeup pigment this lightweight foundation provides buildable and blendable coverage with the water free oil-free foundation formula use a loner mix you can use one drop minimum for lighter coverage four drops for maximum coverage I think you can mix in however much you want mix in their supposed to last 16 hours so it’s come in 20 shades at the lightest shade which is 0n I’m gonna serve swatches right here of the shade zero and compared to the custom cover all words just like went out of my brain compared to the cover of X drops in the shade and 10 okay swatch time right here is the dermablend flawless creator drops in n0 the lightest shade next over is the cover effect drops in n 10 so the dermablend drops are actually quite a bit lighter and a bit more neutral which can be great for mixing or lightening or just wearing alone if the shade milk makeup blur liquid foundation in the lightest shade fair Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation in 0.5 derma called to 0-8 and pur cosmetics bare at all in porcelain the packaging on this is really nice it’s a glass bottle but it feels really kind of like lightweight almost and it has a nice dropper to it as well it doesn’t look like it’s gonna get quite as messy as a cover FX one the cover FX dropper is pretty horrible I don’t even think this really cool thighs is the dropper it just like gets everywhere so that’s all the plans if you want to see what I think that the dermablend flawless Creator drops and how they apply and wear throughout the day your night please just keep watching right so when I’m filming this I just posted day 4 I think it was and a lot of you guys were very concerned with the primer I pinned a comment in that video and it’s already like what 7 days later but since this is the first time I can talk to you guys on camera about it I am gonna switch up the primer in this video even though like I said in the pin comment it’s not the primer that’s affecting the foundation like the bare minerals one in the first few days because I have already tried those foundations with this primer looked the same so just for you guys we will switch up the primer and use the Revlon Photoready pore reducing primer because lately this has been my other go to primer if I’m not using the hilum I’d matte 12 this one I just like to put on my t-zone mostly I do put it all over my forehead but on my face down here I just put it kind of around my pores chin and nose a little bit it’s been so long having a nose piercing I don’t even remember what it’s like to put on a foundation with it so this will be fun a piercing guy said that putting makeup on should be fine just keep like a tiny little ring around it actually really like the packaging of this kind reminds me of the DCM ordinary it’s like usual I’m gonna try my ELF ultimate blending brush on one side and then my morphe sponge on the other so the way that I tested the hard candy mixin pigment drops was by mixing it in with the covergirl clean matte BB cream because this is too dark and it is very mattifying long-lasting it’s one of those foundations that I just know exactly how it performs it looks beautifully on my skin and I feel like I have a good idea of mixing stuff in with this how it affects it like most pigments you can mix these in with moisturizer primer but the cover effects drops they’re pretty dewy so I like mixing these in if I have a super mattifying foundation that I just want to make a little bit more dewy and add some coverage I’m gonna start out with about that much of the foundation I’m gonna shake these really well because they sound super liquidy I’m gonna start with 4 drops and see kind how alters the shade and stuff one two three four whoa bye oh it seems to be lightning it really well so start on this side with brush so the covergirl foundation does oxidize a bit on me so I like to mix light which is why it looks a little bit light right now but my face will oxidize it once I have bronzer and everything on it’ll match fine so I can tell that these drops are met these are not like glowy dewy drops like the cover FX ones which is nice to have a different kind of finish you see we drops that I can mix in if I have a really dewy foundation that I kind of want to mattify a little bit okay so let’s try the sponge on the other side and the covergirl foundation I forgot to say is medium coverage on its own okay my forehead looks 50 billion times better with the sponge and now my foreheads looking good overall I think I like the sponge side better and I got the same kind of coverage I do think it added coverage to the foundation since it’s normally medium but I do still have some acne stuff coming through doesn’t seem like quite as much coverage off the bat as the cover effects drops do usually when I mix in the cover effects drops it makes any foundation like full coverage so I’m just gonna go over with a sponge down here and build it up a little bit just to see if we can get more coverage does seem to be building we’re at full coverage now I think it looks really nice my face is super matte right now but it doesn’t look heavy matte it just looks really nice right now it’s 9:02 we’re gonna call the check-in time 9 o’clock I’m not gonna powder my face with this because I never put on my face with the covergirl clean matte it lasts amazing throughout the day if you have oily skin this stuff is amazing for mixing in for using alone if you like just lighter coverage it seriously lasts forever without a powder it’s amazing I want to just drop this on my hand really quick to see if it still looks really matte on its own yeah so it is definitely Matt is our Matt drops so I’m gonna do the rest eye makeup hopefully the lawnmower will be done by the time I come back and I’ll see you guys in a few minutes all right so it’s not 10:17 I got kind of sidetracked doing things for Instagram I finished up my makeup probably like half hour ago that’s been on for a little over an hour at this point I did end up setting my face to the powder like I said it looks really good I was just like out snapping and natural lighting and looking in the bathroom mirror and everything and it just looks very smooth and it feels super lightweight which the covergirl foundation does but I don’t feel like the drops add to any like weight or heaviness or cakiness to it I feel like they mixed really well and just lightened it and added a little bit of coverage so right now I’m feeling them I feel like the only thing at this point that can happen is if it for whatever reason if these possibly break down the foundation by the end of the night or something because this does hold up really well so we’ll see but right now I’m feeling them I would definitely use these again especially with like a super glowy foundation if I want to like tone it down and modify it a little bit or something but on the rest of my face what did I use bronzer I used the elf bronzing palette I just went in with this shade right here in the corner I guess they’re all in a corner flush I use the BH Cosmetics floral blush and that’s what the inside looks like these are really nice they’re super pigmented this isn’t the shade bahama bronze highlight I used a Smashbox Kasey Holmes palette I really loved this highlight it’s like growing on me every time I use it guys I’m also using cloud this is the pixie it’s Judy time palette this is a beautiful freaking palette like I feel like this is very underrated the matte shades in here I like the shimmers too but I feel like the mats are what’s special all my eyeshadows are this palette oh I put a little cream liner on my waterline which I haven’t done in forever I used to do this every single day this is the color pop honey honey dude I think that’s this honey dude this just helps to like open up your eyes in college I remember I think it was sophomore junior year yeah I used to do that every single day I remember my makeup faces in college by which apartment or house I was in at that time lips I used that la girl ultimate lip liner in non-stop nude and then wet and wild liquid cat suit and nudie patootie one of my favorite liquid lipsticks ever that’s everything I’m just gonna be working I think I might try and go get my nails done cuz these are looking pretty ratchet and I leave for London I’m going to London just feel like I haven’t told you guys that I’m going to London on the 15th super excited but it’s very soon so I need to get my shit together again the check-in time is 9 o’clock the next check and I do will be in natural lighting I’ll see you guys in a few ok it’s 2 o’clock so it’s been on for 5 hours right now got the nails done not sure how I feel about this color but I like the shape I did like more oval this time I just get acrylic with shellac on top I’m not sure what color shellac this was I forgot to look but anyways foundation so it looks really great everywhere except I’m getting creasing on my upper lip and then it’s rubbed away up here where I’ve been like pushing back my bangs I was doing you guys so here’s the upper lip creasing my cheeks and everything look really nice in my forehead I think looks good except for right up here I’m microwaving ramen see it just rubbed away right there I don’t usually get lip creasing when I wear the covergirl matte and I also don’t really remember it like rubbing away so I would attribute that to the drops I think other than that I think it still looks good my oil is holding up really well underneath here still and it looks smooth and I like it oh by the way I changed shirts I’ll probably change again cuz I’m getting dinner with my friend tonight I think I’m actually gonna have this on for a really long time tonight because I’ll check in with you guys after dinner ok it’s now 8:40 so it’s been on for almost 12 hours which is a long wear time not really doing what normally I do 10 hours Makaveli a little bit tipsy right now just got back from Rachel’s ginger-beer which if you’re going to Seattle you should go to Rachel ginger beers I know I get so many questions about what to do if you’re coming to Seattle if you’re visiting so I think I’m gonna ventually do a video on that or like a blog post or something let me know if you guys wanna see that so again this light like bounces off that’s what you guys are seeing right there but my oil looks really good right now in real life like when I look in the mirror maybe you can see without that like reflecting off but I have like very very minimal oil right now which is typical for the covergirl so don’t feel like the dermablend drops really made me any more oily necessarily this is like amazing for me with the mayor just in front of my face the whole time I think it was as far as oil this is pretty amazing for me at 12 hours my face isn’t separating it all on my forehead it is a little bit around my nose and by the way before I left I just went over my upper lip with a sponge just so I didn’t have major creasing since that’s going out so here’s what my skin looks like after 12 hours for me this is great yeah I don’t feel like the dermablend necessarily broke down my face anymore or made me more oily than normal which is great I want to compare these kind of side-by-side with the cover effects just to see which has more coverage because I do feel like it added coverage but for the amount that I used I feel like I get a little bit better coverage with the cover of X drops it definitely added coverage it just wasn’t quite as like maximum coverage I feel like if I would definitely use those again if you want mix and pigment drops but you like a matte finish these could be really great for you I feel like they’re one of the few matte finish mixing drops I’ve ever seen most of the other ones I’ve tried are definitely more on the dewy side I feel like they show you n0 is a perfect lightning shade for me 90 degrees why I’m wearing jeans oh I got games tonight three people I think I’m gonna do a fall haul video after 15 years foundation because I’ve been doing I should send shopping anyways I feel nice I’m excited to keep using them and see which foundations I like it best with but I would totally wear this combo again I think it looked really nice throughout the day no major complaints yay we got a good one so if you guys enjoyed this video and you’re liking this series don’t forget to give this a thumbs up it helps me out and I appreciate it a few more days left to 15 days of foundation love you guys thanks for watching see you tomorrow bye [Music] [Music]