Easy Meals to Make- Eggs

Video: How to Make Eggs Easy

Eggs are one of my favorite proteins. Super cheap, versatile, easy to store, and easy to make.  Remember for our Sunday prep that we had ahead of time. We did a whole big old pile of hard-boiled eggs to have ready in the refrigerator at all times. We did a couple things with them. Okay, now we’ll we do some hard-boiled eggs for that Sicilian tuna salad, which was amazing and you can always add that to any meal.

Video Transcript

Hi I’m Fiorella. and now that we have all of our prep work done for the meals for one you can actually start having some fun with assembly and you know people only say to me what’s the point of making such a possible to myself and just hoping for me well I think well what better reason to make a busting for yourself but I will need you halfway to these meals are going too fast simple easy to make and nutritionally now join me now let’s go hey X eggs eggs. What we’ve done here is we’ve done we’ve done to other forms okay the first is the classic deviled egg salad okay now I did a little twist on this egg salad where instead of the mayonnaise binder what I did is I picked my favorite flavor hummus right from the store also one of these days I’m going to show you how to make your own hummus as well for the purposes here of convenience we’re going to go by our favorite hummus at the store and the one I chose was the buffalo style hummus which is amazing so I found it in my egg salad okay and what I did is as soon as I came home from work I put these two slices of bread in the oven just for two minutes so they’re nice and crusty so when I’m done getting into my jammies I could build my salad on top of this crusty bread okay you don’t have to take up a panini maker not necessary here okay there we are so we have a deviled egg salad on crusty bread and on the side here what I did was I just square some kale put our roasted pesto cauliflower that we already have in the fridge that we made on Sunday and put it out here for us to accompany our egg salad were perfect shavings of parmigiano-reggiano over top of it so this looks delicious to me guys super duper crunchy and spicy okay so the next egg dish that we made is again in a frittata form with some roasted tomatoes that we also prepped on Sunday as well and in here we have some black beans in this particular frittata some avocado and cheese as well you can see the recipe on our website and this is great too because the next day you can have it as breakfast or bring it to work for lunch too next to it I put that three bean red onion salad with a little bit of cilantro that we made ahead of time again on Sunday and we have in the fridge already so what this took three minutes to slice up been scooped out and there you are a perfectly nutritionally balanced meal because eggs are so high in protein and choline and vitamin A and vitamin D they’re super super nutritious for you so there we are there we go with eggs eggs eggs super tasty okay for all you eggheads out there we have a great warm egg meals for one today now this is going to lead a little bit more cooking time so if you get home early this is the dish for you so we’re going to do when you walk in the door right before you go and put on your jammies you want to open up the oven and toast yourself a nice crusty piece of bread okay that’s going to be the basis of this meal okay we’re going to put that down there for you nice and crusty and cheesy there just sprinkle some cheese when you’re warming it up and then you’re going to make some gooey cheesy scrambled eggs now yes we’re going to do that for dinner classically in Italy eggs are not a breakfast meal actually it’s enormously using frittatas and used in other parts of the day for example lunch and dinner but so where we did today as we scrambled some nice soft fluffy eggs together and we’re going to go ahead and place that all an hour for lucky Fred there we go what we got here is about two to three eggs and a little bit of a runaway in there for you with a pilot right back on top perfect there we are we’re cooking a little Italian style here which means one utensil five ingredients lots of screening at a big mess and I know I didn’t scream yet but the night’s still young so here we are we’re constructing this little egg dish and what we’re going to do on top of that is a dollop of that yogurt and avocado dip that we made earlier and we’re just going to go ahead and spoon that right over top of these scrambled eggs which makes it a little bit more creamy and delicious with a little bit of dill remember there’s already the dill in the dip itself so they’re like a little garnish and add some shaved parmigiano-reggiano over top of that of course my favorite thing in the world you’re going to be parmesan towed out by the time you’re done to me but there we are and on top of that a little bit of black pepper and that will take care of our main course now on the side of this I was thinking something a little more along the lines of roasted vegetables remember you have these in the refrigerator already because you’ve made them on Sunday here I have a Brussels sprout and cauliflower medley with extra virgin olive oil and they’ve been made with parmigiano-reggiano in the oven already so there we go with that nice look at that browning on those brussel sprouts which I love there we are perfect and here you have it we have a perfect meal for one nice and warm comfort food style for you on a busy night you.

Meals for One Person- Easy eggs to Make