Ever Try a Chemical Peel at Home?

Ever Try a Chemical Peel at Home?

I’m going to show you how you can get beautiful skin for only around $15 so if you’d like to see what that is and please keep watching all right so let’s just get right into it my secret for having beautiful skin is chemical peels I do chemical peels at home I’ve been doing them for years I do what’s called a light chemical peel which means it’s not going to be as harsh as some of the other ones you’ve if you start researching chemical peels your start hearing horror stories of people who’ve had TCA peels.

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Ever wondered how you could get celebrity skin like JLo or Jennifer Aniston without spending a small fortune? Well, today I’m going to show you a secret of peels and they try them at home and you know they damage their skin beyond belief all the peels I’m talking about today are very gentle they’re very light on the skin when I say that they’re gentle don’t get me wrong you don’t want to leave it on for twice the recommended amount of time it’s still a chemical peel and it’s still going to be exfoliating your skin you know in a pretty aggressive manner but but it’s not as scary or as harsh as some of the medium or the heavy peels and just a quick disclaimer I’m not a professional I don’t claim to be a professional I’m just a consumer I did all of my research and I recommend that you know don’t just go off with what I’m saying you know do your own research before you go out and you purchase anything you definitely want to make sure and be your own advocate for your skin because you don’t want to do any damage to your face so the peels that I have tried are the lactic acid peel from makeup artist choice and then the peel that I will be showing you a little bit later on in the video is the makeup artist choice radiance peel and it’s just the one that I get you can buy several different sizes the one that I get is 0.5 ounces and as you can see I have about that much left in the bottle I’ve done probably 7 peels this bottle costs around $15 a little bit later on in the video of a tutorial and I’m going to show you exactly how to give yourself a chemical peel with this peel but for right now let’s just talk about some of the benefits so with appeal you can get skin exfoliation I know that in the past I’ve started to see on little wrinkles creep up here and there and whenever I see them I know that it’s time for me to do a series of peels I only do appeal once six months I do a series of peels let me correct myself once every six months which means I do about six to eight peels one week apart every six months so once I’ve done probably three four peels I start to notice some of those fine lines starting to diminish and my skin just looks more radiant and more glowing another great thing about peels is they reduce hyperpigmentation so if you have freckles that you don’t like or you know if you’re getting you know in your late 30s like I am or your early 40s or 50s or whatever and you’re starting to see you know some sunspots you know damage like that chemical peels will lighten or completely fade them I had a spot not too long ago and now it’s virtually it’s almost gone I’ve done five peels in this last series and that spot is pretty much all gone you’d have to look really close to see it remember that peels are a marathon and not a sprint you definitely want to start out slow do a patch test before you attempt any peel at home you know go off of what the manufacturer says as far as how long to leave the patch test on usually they’ll have you wait 24 to 48 hours you definitely on your first peel for your face if your skin reacts well to the patch test you definitely do not want to leave it on any longer than the minimum amount of time you know if it says leave on 2 to 5 minutes you might even try a minute you know you know your skin you know better than anybody else does so if your skin generally doesn’t react well to you know harsh you know exfoliants or things like that definitely go easy on it because I don’t want to see any of you guys damage your skin you definitely don’t want to use any retinas or any other exfoliating skin creams or anything harsh on your skin 24 to 48 hours before you do the peel all right so that is it without further ado I’m going to show you guys my tutorial and how to give yourself a makeup artist choice radiant spiel I hope you guys all have a great day thank you for watching and I’ll talk to you soon bye the first step is to cleanse with a gentle face wash you don’t want anything with any acids or any exfoliants in it I’m using wild oat and honey cleanser from makeup artist choice I put the cleanser on a washcloth and mushed-up massaged into the skin to gently exfoliate pat your skin dry before continuing on to the peel your skin needs to be completely dried before starting the process have your timer ready to go before you start applying the peel you can use a brush if you like but I like to apply my peels with my fingers starting at my forehead and working my way down it is very important to avoid the eye area your skin is thinner around the eyes and you don’t want to damage it apply a thin layer of the peel being sure your skin at least gets wet from it I usually start my timer once I’ve worked my way down to the nose but for a beginner I recommend starting it in the very beginning until you know how your skin reacts if this is your first peel I recommend that you do no more than the minimum recommended time it is extremely important that you never go over the maximum time recommended for appeal or you could damage your skin as you wait for the timer to go off you will feel a small-to-medium burning sensation on your skin if it hurts really bad to take it off but if you did the patch test you should know how your skin will react and you should be fine I like to have a magazine or a piece of paper handy to fan my face while I wait because it helps with the discomfort using lukewarm water rinse off the peel with a washcloth be gentle with your skin because it will be extra sensitive from the chemical peel wash your skin with lukewarm water and a gentle cleanser to remove any residue you’ll notice your skin will be brighter and clearer it will probably be slightly pink but that should go away within about an hour next it’s time to nourish your skin I use aloe with lavender soothing gel for makeup artist choice this will help calm down the skin from any minor irritation from the peel after nourishing your skin apply a gentle moisturizer that’s good for your skin type I’m using makeup artist choice argan oil be sure you don’t use any products with exfoliant in them for a full week also I recommend not using a washcloth on your face for the next week so you allow your skin plenty of time to heal from the peel your skin will start to look a bit ruddy and dull but I promise after a week once you take a washcloth to it it will glow you can do these peels once a week for six to eight treatments which is also called a series but no sooner than once a week I only do a series it feels about once every six months finally apply a sunscreen with at least 30 SPF I’m using shishito extra smooth sun protection lotion you should be wearing sunscreen daily anyway but if you don’t be sure to wear one for the next week while your skin feels from the peel

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