Exercising at Home to Burn Fat- The Women’s Program

How Can Women Exercise at Home?

I’ve got a full body workout for you. I’m going to be training you for about 20 minutes. We are going to be losing inches, toning up ,burning calories, and as your online fitness trainer and weight loss expert of over 25 years experience I know what works. This is suitable for every single fitness level- but consult a physician if you have health issues.

Video Transcript

Today’s home fitness workout video is gonna fly by today it’s a really good routine now if you haven’t done a warm-up what I would suggest you do now is hit the pause button March on the spot for say 30 seconds then when you’re ready I’m waiting in the studio to start training you right now okay so let’s get going so the first 30 seconds you’ve got an option you can either be marching on the spot walking around the room or if you want to take it up a little bit then you could be doing a light jog and again this could be just jogging on the spot or if you’ve got a big enough room just lightly jog around the room so how it’s gonna work today we’re going to do 30 seconds where we’re repeating the walk or jog then we do a minute of a toning and full-body scope to move you always have 15 seconds preview which is coming up right now so carry on marching on the spot just and look at the move so with this one we do for knee less then we’re doing for reaches out to the side and we’re literally just going to keep doing that I’m only showing you one variation because we’re not doing high impacts this is suitable for every single fitness level so we’re gonna be doing this for one minute now the point is with these exercises I’m targeting all your muscle groups so what I want each to do is a really focus on what you’re doing for me so make sure you’re keeping your tummy tight and really control those arms as you swing them in front for for them when those knees come up this is a really good time to fully engage those ABS so your routine there is a four knee lifts and then take it for arm reaches in front you’re not repeating this move today it’s the only time you’re doing this one so let’s really put in 100% effort that’s good you can see the timer counting down and you’ve just got last 20 seconds then what we’re gonna do for 30 seconds we go back to either you’re walking or you’re like jogging on the spot that’s alright well done you got last ten seconds so also here what we’re doing we’re doing a sideways movements it’s really important to engage your body through the three planes of motion so that’s one of them ticked off alright let’s now take it straight back to your light jog on the spot or march on the spot take it around the room you can do crazy dancing whatever you’re doing we’re just gonna keep that heart rate up that’s good excellent well done just make sure you are landing softly on your feet keep your shoulders pulled back tummy is tight chest is lifted you’ve just got last ten seconds and again you will then get a 15-second preview of the next move now you can go straight into it or you can just take a little bit of a breather two and one so this is our next move coming up so what you might find it’s quite hard to kind of get used to doing the arms so if you want to start with just take the legs as if you’re lunging over to the side then when you’re ready start to bring in the arms so that our movement is we’re sweeping them up and over and also today it’s really good cuz it’s gonna work on what we call your motor skills do your agility and coordination as said if you find it hard with the arms just start getting used to the leg motion on there bring it up and over and again I’m just showing one variation because this is suitable for every single fitness level alright that’s good let’s just keep that going so here the air is your toning your toning your arms your toning your shoulders your toning your waist your toning your thighs your toning your booty your getting your heart rate up your getting fitter you are getting stronger you’re investing in your mental health and your well-being you are doing really well and we’ve just got last 20 seconds now so keeping that up and the deeper back the move then the harder that is so it’s really you control how hard you want to be working that’s good and let’s just keep that going you’ve got last 10 seconds really good nice control and let’s take it now down for last five let’s go four and three two and one fantastic so we’re back to now thirty seconds so just land nice and softly on the spot if you’re doing the marching on the spy 22 have your shoulders pulled back your chest is lifted tummy’s tight if you can walk around the room if not just make sure you are landing really gently with those heels if you do like jogging on the spot just learn nice and softly that’s good and let’s just keep it going ten seconds so today’s workout is approximately 20 minutes and let’s go last four take it three two and one so your next move coming up this time now we are just going to do three toe taps to the side and then three toe taps behind we’re going to work one leg for 30 seconds when you’re ready and feel comfortable doing that you can then bring in the arm movement now if you find that hard with balance don’t do the arms and you could place one arm on the chair and just follow me on the leg movement that’s good so this one here now we are toning through your thighs we’re toning through your arms working through the core so these exercises still keep your heart rate up and that’s why as a trainer I’m very different from how other trainers were I like to use what I call multi compound moves so it means instead of just working like doing bicep curls doing shoulders doing one area I always think why let’s just what every single muscle group right let’s now change that to the other leg so three out to the side take it three behind for me that’s good and add in the arms when you feel confident with this move so it is quite tough because what you’re doing is we’re doing a lot with coordination but it’s such a good thing to really work your mind you know think about where you’re working it’s so important in life to always constantly keep challenging yourself alright that’s good and let’s just take that last five for me from now and let’s push that out let’s go for take it three two and one alright so you’re straight better now to your thirty Seconds cardio so we’re just bringing that straight back up so again if you want to you can do crazy dancing or you can March jog on the spot now this video has gone crazy I only posted this up I think it was thirty five days ago already it’s had 1.5 million downloads so if you want a workout challenge perhaps a to follow tomorrow if you haven’t done it do this workout every single day for seven days the results have been amazing on average people are losing between two to three inches from their waist and hips all right but on okay so next move coming up we are doing and I love this one it’s like we’re reaching up to the stars it’s like a tiny little squat then take the leg behind and then reach the arms up and over site and again we’re gonna do this for a duration of 60 seconds so reach it up and across and really with this think about what you’re doing imagine with your hands you are pushing up something really heavy alright because as soon as you do that what you do is you then up the intensity through those muscles you’re working through the arms and the shoulders you know so then we’re gonna get more tone more sculpt and then remember it’s so important and more toned and sculpt your body is than the more what we have known as active a muscle tissue is working and the more active muscle tissue you have working then that higher your natural metabolic rate is so that’s why it’s really important to always combined with your cardio to do multi sculpting moves like these multi compound moves all right you’ve just got now 15 seconds left so let’s keep that going and as I said on these one-minute moves we haven’t got any repeaters so it’s always fresh something different for you so you won’t get bored and let’s just keep that going for me now the last five seconds you’re doing really well five from now and let’s go through you take it two and one all right well done let’s bring that straight back to either a walk or a jog just make sure you land softly now here’s an amazing result I think this lady was in her sixties that sent this in and there’s some more results here and what I just want to teach people is my challenge is not about gimmicks you know you can do this all for free and even if you’ve struggled all your life with weight loss I promise I can show you how easy it is to do because it’s about a lifestyle it’s not a quick fix if you like these workouts if you can do them at home and they’re free there you go that is your solution that is the answer all right now next move coming up this is a fun one this great one for coordination you got two options if you’re a beginner follow me on the left if you don’t like high impact again follow me on the left we are going to do four if you’re doing it on the right you do four walking forwards knee lifts and then four squat star jump Jack’s back well that’s hard to say try seven and if you’re a beginner you’re going to do for traveling knee lifts and then for push backs with a toe tap that’s good and we’re just going to keep that going and of course what you can do you might think you want to do 30 seconds with the move on the right then for the last two seconds take it to the move on the left the whole thing is with Fitness you’re not in competition with anyone this is about you it’s about your journey it’s not trying to look like anyone else trying to be as fit as anyone else the only person that matters is you this is about you the fact you are moving you’re getting four healthy you’re getting fit and investing in you is the best thing that you are doing right now all
right doing really well and we have now got last 10 seconds coming up on this move from now so let’s just keep that going so remember it’s four in front then four take that back and let’s go last three take it two and one all right so we’re straight back now to doing 30 seconds and there we are I did a few extra all right so let’s go for it 30 seconds and if at any point you need to press pause for some more – then do so you know an area I always get asked how can I get rid of belly fat you know this is often as women this is where we tend to store it around our belly or on our booty hips but you know actually we can store it anywhere and the key thing is with this it’s about exercise but also I cannot stress enough how important nutrition is you know we can do all the workouts but if we’re eating rubbish food or also for eating healthy food but too much of it we’re gonna store excess a body fat right next move coming up we are gonna do three squats and then we’re going to do three power kicks in front and back to 3 squats and we’ll get ready then to take it back up to 3 kicks so simple as that now obviously you don’t have to kick up as high you don’t have to go in as a lower squat so again worked your intensity that’s good well done so the benefit here let’s think about how many muscle groups are working in fact really it’s probably easier to just say how many we’re not which is really probably just your toes in fact you’re probably still working them because you’re using them as stabilizing muscles so these moves as I said it’s all about toning you up all over and we’re doing lots of dynamic moves our punching in front and we’re taking that to the squats this is amazing for the booty for the legs plus you’re engaging your core we’re working the abdominals as you kick that leg in front because those core muscles are activating they’re working as stabilization muscles as you then change the position of your weight by take leg in front all right that’s good and actually I find some the best way to tone the ABS but actually standing up which is why that belly fat workout the seven day challenge one has got so many amazing results so many people think they just got do loads and those sit-ups far from it you’re much better off standing up doing workouts alright well done so next exercise let’s go straight into your thirty Seconds on there again land softly so you know I said you food is key I’m gonna share with you a quick little recipe from my book so this is my butter bean and garlic and pate you just need butter beans you need a slash of water some lemon garlic Himalayan salt and some whole milk ice and then just basically chop your garlic then in a blender put in your cut cooked basa beans and mix it all together it makes the most amazing cutter super healthy put it on some wholemeal toast benefit it’s got loads of vitamins and protein you know and what I wanted to do is to show you in that book so easy to eat healthy foods and it to be quick right next one we’ve got here we’re doing a drop down Burpee and then a scissor jump so with this just watch that move so you come down jump it out come back up now if you want to make it harder jump down then add the V jump and coming back up so you come down V jump and then back up so this one is tough doing this for a whole minute so remember you can always switch from the right side to the left and follow the low impact version if you’re doing the low impact version we’re doing a little squat then foot behind behind and then take it to the side to the side so what I do make sure is I’m always engaging the same muscle groups on both the left and the right alright but what I’m doing is I always show a slight easier variation so it’s not doing the jump all right you’re doing really well and we’ve got last 20 seconds that’s it keeping that going that’s good and jump it out if you’re on the floor keep going for me you’ve got last ten seconds so stick with me so good if you’re following me on the left keep doing it good control think about where you’re working and let’s go last four take it three go two and one amazing foot on all right let’s bring that straight back now to your walk or your jog keep that nice and light it’s good well done shoulders put back if you’re doing the jog on the spot then land softly sorry if you’re doing the march on the spot then just keep sure just pull back and also in the book my healthy eating but what I do is I talk about things like spices and herbs and also about the benefits of them you know because I think it’s all about learning about food like to me knowledge is power the more you understand how eat and clean is incredible for your body you know for your health everything for your energy then I think we’re more inspired to eat like that alright so next move coming up we’ve got a tiny little squat and then we’ve got a squeeze back we’re alternating from one leg to the other so again we’re going to be doing this for 60 seconds you’re doing really well so if you don’t like squatch don’t have to squat too low but what’s important here we really squeeze that tight as you come back so what we’re doing here we are shaping and lifting that beauty and actually what I will let you know because I’m filming it tomorrow I am gonna have a seven day challenge which is all about the ultimate booty lift so if you want to have that perfect peach and keep an eye on my channel because that is going to be coming up soon it’s gonna be a seven minute workout that you follow for seven days which will give you a superior booty lift all right so let’s keep going you’re doing really well and we have now just literally got last 20 seconds coming up from now so let’s keep that going and the benefit of doing this and also the more toned your booty think about it it’s one of your biggest muscles in the body so the more toned that is that means simply you have a much higher ability of burning calories all right let’s just go last five take it four and then three two and one alright so bring it straight back you’ve got your 30 seconds so again you can be marching around the room jogging on the spot or you could be doing crazy dancing let’s just keep that going so that healthy eating book it is on my website and it has they are not intense recipes I will really stress that it’s just easy food I mean it’s like so simple to get put together but that’s what I wanted to show you easy stuff that you can do on the go plus it has got fitness and nutrition in there it covers a lot of things it’s on my website people have left reviews you can go there and read and read the reviews and it next move coming up we’re gonna do 30 seconds one leg than 30 on the other so this one now we are toning all down through the size plus you’re working your standing leg so get ready to come into that move it doesn’t start until the 60-second start so now 30 seconds make sure that supporting leg is slightly bent for me all right so we’re just gonna lift that out to the side so where you’re working here we’re working through the core as well as you’re using that for stabilization you’ll probably find it more challenging funny enough in your standing leg more so than the leg that you are lifting out to the side let’s just keep that going that’s good a few more seconds on this leg then we’re going to change and take that to the opposite leg alright so now let’s take that to the other leg lift it up that’s it keeping that go now if you find that hard for balance obviously you could do it by a wall or you can place one hand on a chair or a sofa let’s just keep that going and always make sure see how I’ve got my standing legs slightly bent always have the leg bent that just means then we’re not putting any direct pressure through the joint that means then the muscles are taking the weight which is where we want it to be working and let’s go last five let’s go for take it three two and one alright so you’ve got now 30 seconds so we’re back to that cardio or that jogging on the spot keeping that going marching on the spot now remember if you want to come back and do this workout another time as I always say now you know what to do you can mute me and you can put on your favorite music you know and you could do this workout for five days on the trot and then think okay then I’m going to choose another five different workout videos I mean I’ve got so much my point is I just want this to be consistent for you because that’s when you get results two and one alright so next move coming up and we’re nearly finished ace let’s keep going this one we’re going to do a standing straight leg kick and we’re going to squeeze the arms behind so again on here we’re working through your chest through your shoulders your arms tummy’s tight so you can start when the 60 seconds comes up and this one here again is really good for balance it’s going to lengthen and tone and sculpt those legs the other thing that we’re doing here it’s so important especially for women is we are strengthening you Bonz so we are preventing things like osteoporosis you know we always think about how we look but the most important thing is really what is happening to our bodies inside and by exercising we make your bones stronger so we can prevent a weakness of the bones prevent things like osteoporosis we can also be conditioning your heart strengthening your heart you know making your circulation stronger which means it’s then feeding your skin we’re helping to balance out your hormones as well so perhaps or if you’re a lady that’s due or going through the menopause or has been through the menopause exercise is really good for that as well all right you’re doing so well and we’ve got last 10 seconds let’s just keep that going for me and let’s take it now last five let’s go four and three two and one alright well done so stick with me I know this
is quite tough now I did this workout this morning and I was like wow I was really sweating but you know that’s what we want that’s where we get results so we’re nearly finished today so let’s do it together you and I to the end to the finish line we don’t quit we just keep going that’s good all right well done last 15 seconds on this and let’s take that last turn getting just always lands softly remember you can be dancing around the room jogging on the spot for 10 skipping star jumps marching and 2 and 1 alright so next move coming up we are going to go from one side straight to the other it’s a lovely lateral lunge and we’re taking the arm up and behind and also the arm that’s coming behind what I want you to try and keep the the palm facing up towards the ceiling that means then I’m just really toning through your triceps so we’re really getting rid of bingo wings and it’s funny just by rotating having your palm facing up and still down makes such a difference and when you think your body has over 650 muscles that’s where it’s so important to always make sure who you are following is someone that is qualified because you know just little tweaks if you’re doing something wrong just works completely different muscle groups alright so here we’re working through the inner and the outer thigh also really aimed push off from the heel of that side leg not the toes try and push off from the hill doing really well keeping that going and then let’s just go last 20 seconds step it across back up to the center so a big dynamic move this will get the heart rate up as well as totally toning the whole of your body and you’ve got last ten seconds for me that’s it and let’s just go now count you down last five let’s take it four go three two and one all right well done so let’s bring that straight back up and what we’ve got now we’ve got last 30 seconds of doing this now your last move we’re gonna finish off really working the ABS and I’m going to show you two variations because with this one if you want to do the really tough one you’re going to come down onto the floor but let me warn you it’s hard but see how long you can do it for but also the standing move works exactly the same muscle groups but it’s not so is not as challenging so you’ve got two options all right three two and one so this is the move coming up now if you’re going to come down onto the floor it’s like you come into an extended plank and you’re gonna do a knee lift so it’s just like a knee over towards the opposite elbow then you’re going to step one foot out to the side and you do four sets of each if you’re standing up you’re just going to take the knee up then the opposite leg out to the side and you add in the arms so if you’re doing the standing version perhaps get used to doing the leg position once you’ve got that then add in the arms alright so I’m gonna let you know half way through for the standing one because we’re just change em to the opposite sides so standing its leg out to the side knee lift up leg out to the side knee lift up and just sweep the arms across if you’re on the ground you’re in an extended plank draw the knee over for four do you’re doing four sets and knees coming over towards elbow for four counts and then you’re just doing like a tap one foot out to the side for four that’s good just keeping that going so whatever your move I’ll tell you when you’re halfway through so we’re now halfway through if you’re doing the standing one change bring the opposite knee in front than the other leg out to the side keeping that going if you’re on the floor now you will feel that working through your arms you’ll feel it working through your abs we’re working through the waist that’s good and this is your last bit of training today you’ve just got last ten seconds doing really well that’s good and I’m gonna count you down for the last five from now let’s go for it five take it four go three two and one and the good news is that is your workout complete so well done so if you want to hit the pause button now go and grab some water and then what I’m going to do is do a full cool down stretch with you so I said if you need to you can always hit the pause button and march on the spot for a few seconds all right so first stretch we’re gonna go into doing is a calf stretch so let’s just have that heel down on the ground the legs behind and I’m just showing you here some more of these before-and-afters because I think it’s so important that you see you can get real results you know you do not have to follow any of these stupid gimmicks you know crazy diets drinking skin eating nothing else none of those things work they never work because the point is you’ve got to move your body you know this is about health this is about a lifestyle and if you’re just doing it by diet and you’re not moving your body you’re not making your body strong healthy and fit and remember the more we exercise the more energy we have the more toned we are the better posture we have you know the less likely we are to get disease you know an illness it’s so important life now offers us this sedentary lifestyle that’s why I think you know if you can do something that’s super easy at home just follow me with the stretches by the way you know you will get results and results do come doesn’t matter where you are starting this journey you can get them and I think the key thing is it’s just having an understanding of actually how easy it is you know if you don’t like always doing workouts indoors you could do an outdoor one I have like my 20-minute audio coaching so you have me on your headphones we go outdoors for a 20 minute walk or there are something like my home toning circuit card so you get that as an e-book you print it off there are 20 different cards and you could then just pick four cards you do one minute each one there’s a four minute circuit or a 20 minute and as I said to that other thing is combined everything it’s so important learning about healthy eating understand your vitamins understand your minerals your herbs your spices you know because when you do that that’s how you get real results well done with today’s workout and if you liked it then please definitely hit that Facebook share button share it on Pinterest wherever and if you’ve got any questions and you let me know now if you are part of loosely squad in the next couple of days you are going to have a brand new wait for it seven day challenge so I’ve been looking at all your comments I have got loads of new workout videos coming for you but I’ve just got to get back in the studio and go and film them which I’m going to be doing over the next couple of days few guys and don’t forget I’ve got my 7-day challenges you’ve got the AB one there is a thigh one as well as an arm one so and you also have over 800 free workout videos on my challenge so and if you like this please definitely give it a thumbs up then all the products like my audio walk slim workout the home circuit and healthy eating but these are all available on my website I’ll leave a link to them down below and if you’ve got any questions then let me know and then I will see you back as your online trainer for another workout very soon and well done with today’s training

Exercising to Lose Weight (For Women)