Gary Vee- Believe in What You Sell Back From Your Heart and Head

Another great video by Gary Vee with the focus being- why you should really believe in what you sell. From my experience, you really need to back your product from your head and from your heart. If you don’t, you need to find something else to sell. You want to be compelled to speak about your product day and night- because you want to, not because you have to pay the bills. It’s the difference that makes the difference.

Video Transcript

yo what a blog here in Chinatown in London I’m a way to London on the plane all day actually so interesting day for the blog you know I don’t know if a lot of you guys know this is one of the only pieces of content I made during this era it was the airplane rant very high in the air back from London headed to out New York City then go to watch it see if it inspires another rant just that he read a hundred emails from people that will make it forty fifty K 30 K read crushing read Thank You Connor he got inspired by me but I was a spark I was the one that had that insane thing that I have in me that made them saying hmm you know things that make you go home I’m sorry but then they had it in them and so when I make this video what’s coming from my heart right now is maybe you’re watching this and say hmm maybe I need to hedge you know if you work from eating p.m. to 4:00 in the morning will your dreams come true no you might not be good enough you might have not picked the right product but are we living in a world in 2012 that’s so much better than your parents and grandparents and great grandparents generation because it assholes like me can make videos when I’m thirty thousand fucking feet in the air yes and because of that and because of those opportunities because we’re networks in a way we’ve never seen before because sending an email to a hundred people and one will answer and give you a shot matters because of that opportunity because of 2012 I beg you I beg you to take a shot oh good shoot there was something oh I know I wanted to talk about first of all hey everybody Airport Gary somebody’s how I sign by the way people even asking if you if you got a book for me this I saw Mike’s signature and then I do this in there Shelly just came back from two days with Ryan Harwood and selling Boehner XP ravine or media the the competition conference I’m doing it at Wine Library D the nope not fair I just think everybody is now he said Sanjay I’m just like if anybody says anything I’m a guy the competitor conference the wine of the Month Club the digital corks the four DS it’s been a fun kind of four or five months of selling for me which is not where I normally am and and it made me think of something which is the way I do branding I sell so infrequently that I think some of you that are watching me the hardest core need to hear this which is it’s okay to sell especially if you believe in something look if you believe in what you’re selling and that’s what I’m spending a lot of time on now trying to spend more time on really getting to a place where I really believe in stuff instead of just past of not creating so it wasn’t selling because I didn’t believe you know and just letting everything come to me but as I create these you know events Vayner experience a lot of events very big on events events are so valuable just watching the four DS crew is value and like how it’s impacting their business for 10 thousand dollars right there game and you see I know you get the emails the wine club like $150 worth wine for fifty five bucks like I’ve just locked in November’s it’s gonna make all your Thanksgivings ridiculous the conference $500 two-hour session in my stomping grounds good deal compared to like other conferences that I speak at but you’re getting the wine for free or you’re getting the talk for free and you’re getting the wine so like I’m very fascinated because I’m putting more pressure on myself to create things that I really believe in which then allows me to sell more and I just think for a lot of you selling the ask the right hook is very difficult your passive you like the idea of like feeling good about like giving out content this and that when you believe in something you can sell it and you should put more pressure on yourself to create things that you believe in biggest problem is so many of you sell shit you don’t believe in you’re just doing it for the fucking money you’re gonna fucking lose that I don’t like let’s go to London in the and the spirit of always trying to add little hacks tried something new one on this London trip usually would go late land seems like a whole tough day and so went early today to London landed now it’s late here honestly at home my plan was to do a lot of work land here and then and then go to sleep and just being a good rhythm unfortunately I haven’t been sleeping much as I’d like by the way real quick always getting 6 7 8 but got some fives and sixes in round got a little tired so a glass of wine and conked out so didn’t work out but here’s the point why I’m sharing it with you need to try different things and different patterns London wasn’t working I wasn’t as productive and I was always very very tired so I tried something new not exactly actually keep my game plan but the fact that I’m trying something new it makes it ROI positive 10:14 the competitor business conference next post on snapchat swipe it up check it out yo what a blog here in Chinatown in London driver explaining it to Jordan d-roc 11 p.m. at night same old same old thank you I want to wrap this up very simply as much as things change like fuckin Shake Shack in the middle of London things stay the same and for me that’s very simple people innovating all around voice Instagram all that shit but it’s the grind it’s the message it’s doing the right thing it’s the context of the content the next 20 years I’m gonna say the same shit the platforms are gonna change your attention is gonna move like that bag just moved but it games the fucking thing see ya so I think when I get the praise its what the fuck does that have to do with me when I get shit on I’m like that’s on me and I’ll fix it and I think those either was a I said it really quick but it’s fucking accountability its accountability and ownership when you suck and it’s passing on the credit when you fucking and that’s it and that’s me and that’s my makeup and that’s why I’m winning in life and that’s why I’m always gonna win because when you are fucking a hundred percent accountable and you know your shit they’re garbage they’re 100% accountable when there’s an issue and when you pass on the praise when you’re getting it you become fundamentally undefeated unbeatable I’m straight-up unbeatable because my head will never get gassed up enough ever when I’m getting it good and and I’ll never believe it’s me and when it’s bad I’ll never point the fucking pit finger than anybody else while you fucking finger pointers pointing everywhere everybody’s fucking pointing fingers pointing them everywhere it’s everybody’s fucking fault with yourself the country the environment your parents school system loss and circumcenter force there’s tragedies and crimes and child abuse and real bad stuff not saying it’s not real and say for the 95% of you it’s a mighty cepting perspective expected everything grounded in my perspective number two high number too low it’s about that what it’s good it’s about me when it’s bad that’s me that’s what I got for you it’s a mindset and I never waver it’s a fuckin hundred percent we have my badges lucky that shit myself every spotlight every sound bite everybody who gave it’s just a beautiful morning in mom than anybody against us so what’s going on let me answer some questions now what can I help you guys with.