Getting Tired After Eating?

Feeling Drowsy

Video Transcript

Hi everybody I’m dr. amber Golshani and I’m really glad you’re here watching this video. Yes you watching this video right here so what I want to talk to you today about is energy and specifically if you are the type of person that feels pretty good when you get up but then mid morning early afternoon you start to crash and I see this all the time okay so just last week, I had a lady who came into my office she was 44 years old she was in pretty good health but you know what her energy was her main problem and what would happen would be around 10:30 or 11:00 o’clock in the morning she would just get totally zapped she couldn’t really concentrate anymore she had low energy. She would slump down in her chair and all she wanted to do was take a nap she if it wasn’t would have been okay with her boss she would have put her head down on her desk and taken a nap. You know what it’s not okay and we can’t live our lives like that and certainly I know that you have important things in your life that you want to do too so you can’t let low energy hold you back so I said you know I asked her about her sleeve that seemed okay and then I said what are you eating and it took about 60 seconds for me to know exactly what she was doing that was contributing to this mid-morning energy crash and you know what it was she was having cereal with milk and she tried to tell me about how healthy her cereal was it was a Kashi go lean sort of thing and how it had high fiber and not a lot of sugar and how it was really you know it was really good and healthy and she should be able to eat it and I said you know what I’m sorry but that is an energy crash waiting to happen that cereal and milk have virtually no fat and no protein and those are two important nutrients that we need that do think two things help us feel full and help us keep our energy sustained over the long term so I said look you can have your cash cereal back but I want you to do a one week experiment for me and you know what that was it was have protein for breakfast every morning protein for breakfast so there’s a couple of ideas if you’re having mid morning energy crashes here’s what you can do focus on protein and veggies so you could have a veggie omelet a lot of times around here we’ll use whatever leftover veggies from dinner and just whisk it into some eggs there you go BAM energy omelet the second thing you can do is have hard-boiled eggs and I do that too we will cook a whole bunch of eggs on a Sunday night and then they’re ready to go doesn’t take a lot of preparation time just to peel that protein ready to go you can have Canadian bacon you can have regular bacon you can have turkey bacon you could have you could even have a protein shake or protein smoothie to give you that protein and that fat that you need to keep your energy going throughout the day heck you can even have a piece of leftover chicken or steak it doesn’t have to be a breakfast food most of the breakfast foods that we are accustomed to here are sweet sugary things that give us exactly that boom that energy crash that we’re trying to avoid so I challenge you are you having mid-morning energy slumps and if you want to reverse that if you want to turn it around it’s as easy as having protein and veggies for breakfast so my challenge give it one week try it and then come back here.

Getting Drowsy After Eating