Gifts for Bakers: Video Guide

Gifts for Bakers

Looking for some gifts for baker’s check out this video.

Video Transcript

hey guys it’s Jana and welcome to pinch of luck today we are going to do a gift guide for the Baker in your life or yourself along with a bunch of my other youtuber friends i’ll put their links down below they will be doing a different list there are so many awesome things that you can get four baking so i just wanted to show you some of the things that i have and that i’ve used and love just to give you some ideas for any of your Baker friends loved ones or yourself all the gifts for how to lose weight that I will be showing you today will be down in the description below so let’s get shopping first up we have this mixing bowl it looks just like a mixing bowl right no big deal I actually got this for Christmas last year from my husband and I just love it it has a rubber bottom so it doesn’t really move when you’re mixing and while you’re mixing it has the high wall so this stuff doesn’t go everywhere which is awesome it’s like stays inside the bowl wherever you want it my favorite Bowl next up I have this awesome measuring cup I love this measuring cup when you need to use honey or peanut butter or sticky situations like that this is the only way to go so you just push it down to your measurement and you fill up whatever sticky concoction you have and then you just push it out Oh done when we’re trying to scoop out the corners of a measuring cup this is one of my favorites you see me use this a lot this is my scooper I love it I use this or my cupcake batter I use made my cookies I use this all the time because it keeps it nice and clean and you don’t have to like stick your finger in the spoon to get the batter out or anything like that you just scoop it and drop it let’s keep it and drop it love this thing the next item is a cake spinner this just makes for easy decorating on a round cake so not the crazy shaped ones but I really do like having it for the round cakes so I could just spin it around instead of shuffling the board and all that good stuff so it is very convenient to have one of these next item the rolling pin yeah I know rolling pin right kind of boring but not this one I love this one because you know how on a regular rolling pin you get some dough or flour up and the caprices you can’t get it out taking your toothpick trying to clean it I’ll check this out take the handles off and get it cleaned up tada this is my rolling pin there are many like it but this one is mine Kate caddies these are always so convenient oh my gosh so I have the rectangle and the round and I use them all the time we make oddly shaped cakes sometimes here on pinch of luck and I need to be able to store them in the fridge without them getting yucky and I also need to be able to take them somewhere without them getting all smooshed up in the car or whatever so these guys are awesome they keep the cake fresh in the fridge for a very long time and yeah you get to enjoy your cake even longer with these babies my next gift is the melting pot Wow I have no idea how I’m a cakepops without this thing let me tell you candy melts can be a pain in that booty to keep warm this keeps it warm save yourself some trouble and get one of these suckers I love a clean kitchen so with this being a little silicone pot it is so easy to get the chocolate out you just let your chocolate cool in the pot and then you can just pop it right out when it’s all hardened up and save it for the next project that’s a good one now my favorite hand mixer I’ve ever had the kitchenaid I also got this last year for Christmas and lemme tell ya huge difference I have an old cheap he wanted at work just fine but it was very loud and the lowest setting was way too fast so I always had better going all over the place I always thought I was a messy Baker until I got this little bad boy that doesn’t throw stuff all over the place ever it’s awesome and you can get it in almost any color these things are so cute i love that you can get whatever color that you want and let me tell you i was blown away how quiet it actually was I mean yes it’s a mixer it’s gonna make some noise but in comparison to what I was doing before and I’ve sounded like a box of rash you can still hear me talking I mean how cool is that so this is really awesome I’m really glad that I got it next up is my food saver not only do I use this with baking I use this in my regular kitchen to preserve food as for baking I love to use this for fondant fondant whether you make it yourself or whether you buy it at the store you need to save it because a little bit does go a long way so I always seal up my fondant with this guy it keeps it soft and pliable for you to use that color next time I love it done and now last but not least my absolute favorite mixer is the KitchenAid stand mixer before I’ve got this I have never had a stand mixer before I always just used to hand mixer and you know I’m quite fine with just doing that but it is so nice on some things that you kind of have to whip for a while to have this big sucker right there plus it has all the different attachments for kneading dough whisking up and mixing up you can’t beat that and again kitchenaid did it right the low is actually pretty slow so you don’t have stuff flying all over the place out of your bowl it is so nice and pretty quiet for a mixer so I just love it I hope you guys got some good ideas for some gifts and don’t forget to check out my friends gift guides down in the description below and all of the links to get whatever you see here will be down in the description also and just to let you know i’m not affiliated with anybody these are actually things that i do use you see me use them and i do love them and they do work great for me happy shopping I think we got lucky let me know what your favorite baking tool is and as always if you loved it like it subscribe to it and share it thanks guys