How How To Train Your Dragon 3?

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Hi dog walker and Amy’s brother and this is sibling rivalry protect our people it’s your destiny what you’re searching for in here hiccup is back with this Dragon Riders except this time it’s not as much how to train your dragon as how to ignite a family reunion as we have his mother in this one and his father is back and they’re off to stop this evil and Laurel are suspicious you see that much trailer uh and they’re off to stop this evil villain oh of course wants to take over the world in I’ll to train your dragon 2 it’s kind of how to retrain your dread yeah yeah uh so of course we this is another sequel you know we can’t talk about a sequel reboot remake anything without talking about what we thought the first one um I haven’t read any of the books have you read any of them yeah I didn’t know it was a book in July saw the credits to this I can’t forget was too um so uh but it take a quick when we thought the first one uh the first one by most accounts I should not worry because stories like this drive me nuts that don’t judge a book by its cover the prejudice parental figure who just won’t listen to reason and the son who is to keep a secret and the light is no morals no no no I hear also been hammered in and we’ve seen done a million times and don’t add that much new but for some reason the first one really work and I think it’s or I really enjoyed a day away and I think it’s the atmosphere i think it’s the painting i think it’s the passion of it uh the it’s still the greatest 3d movie I’ve ever seen I saw that imax and 3d it was unbelievable um and I think all that passion everything really made the the characters in the story somehow work I surprisingly really enjoyed it I would you think of it I you know my wife and I saw it on a lark we were uh yeah I know interested see much Alisa she was watching her university play in the NCAA tournament or something I think were trying to get into the tournament and they lost in a final for Big Ten game with it whatever was they’ve lost and it was a bad loss it was like just an embarrassing they should’ve lost and she was pissed I mean legitimately pissed my wife is a hardcore sports fan one comes to college sports she’s okay I’m like you know the professional one boo yah anyway so she’s like that we were in Michigan at the time and she’s like I gotta go I gotta leave I have to get out of this house I cannot take this any longer I have to let’s see a movie and I’m like well I don’t really know what’s out I mean this was still I think it was like late spring or something cuz like I I don’t know what’s out I don’t care as well see any movie so we just showed up at the cinema like a seven or eight ish and we were just looking at it there was like nothing out and there is how to train your dragon and I remembered the ads and I thought oh that looks terrible it just looks like a bad dream works movie I’m like that fishtail bad but just a sad and I’m like but you know what I’m like she’s pissed off and and I got nothing better to do so well we’ll see that it’s a kids movie at least it’s not gonna hopefully like offend us too much so we saw it in 3d we put on our 3d glad they didn’t leave it fun and yeah by the end of it I’m like what the fuck yeah what’s the best 3d movie I have ever seen in my life I mean it was on par with avatar I think it’s better than I haven’t yeah and I’m like and we both kept staring at each other it’s like who would have thought how to train a dragon would be the best 3d movie we’ve ever seen like cuz I thought it would have been one of those things with the 3ds just tossed in at the last second and it would just be okay but now it was really good I loved the story I really like it was the biggest surprise of that year and the second it came out on blu ray like we bought it I’m like this movie’s amazing so DreamWorks has this habit of taking stuff that should suck and making it really good um which I’m really impressed i bet they did this stuff a hand-drawn story of Moses and it was really good it’s like who would have thought kung fu panda come from also the one animal to ya amazing so now we have the we have the sequel here um there’s a cliff note version it is better than the first uh and it’s better than the first because it takes advantage of what it can do with it now they can ride dragons by the end of this well they do they explore they go find new worlds they go find new dragons if they find new characters and the characters grow up it’s an anime than where the kids are not just get they actually grow older uh and then quit star trek into darkness should have been that I’m thinking about it’s like the explore new worlds just do characters the character we’re just gonna set everything backwards a little bit so you can start learning it all again it’s I in know they really go above and beyond they they age the character yeah they actually get old really into yeah that was really interesting and they did it believable like I’m like okay I actually think this is the same guy only he’s aged now he’s a little more maturity the who does that you know we just don’t see me yeah well especially in a kid’s anime a film where you can keep the kids younger and I think most these people are doing voices or so I had these voices naturally so they don’t need to make them older to account for the voice but they made an older because they’re like this time has passed they’re gonna grow up so you know and they’re gonna add new responsibilities and they’re gonna have new things to tackle and that’s great and that’s new uh and it comes across mother played by cate blanchett uh who is wonderful and it’s not rapey yeah like this new age dragon hippie who’s like gone a little too native she’s like all Jane Goodall with the chimps or something and she’s like yes I can feel it all over movements are like very dragon like it’s bizarre but but it wasn’t ring yeah it’s an interesting character it’s not just like well I’m the parent and neither of these parents are just the parent even the father who comes so easily just been v I’m never gonna listen and that did they somehow made that interest and the relationship with his mother is so great and it just kept hammering and I was like when do we see that in an animated film how many animated mothers have we ever got well especially among so it’s always a father-son a father-daughter tale but yeah a mother/son tale like yeah we’re starting to see more another daughter and my sister sister uh go back to like maybe like something like Bambi Lake and they were animals so um but yeah so at the much more flying scenes in this one and they all look beautiful we sadly we saw this on the whatever Thursday night they didn’t have it at imax they do now which I might I might have to go see it again because I’m just contained out that I might I don’t feel cheated that seeing it I don’t know but the imax 3d for the first film was like a game changer to me like dad’s what I didn’t know that’s what avatar like what everyone said that avatar that was my avatar that was my oh my god this is like making me look at it film totally different and with the flying scenes in this one now I’m really curious if like it’s even better because there are so many in this um so so you got uh that there’s really great really enjoyable feel I mean really like I’m watching it’s like man this is like one of the best of the year and then you get to the second half where the villain comes in and it’s still good but it’s like okay now this is the first film again like this is the really boring villain you kind of know seen by seeing what’s going to happen the sort of elements about like controlling the trinket arning no not but it’s like as a nitpicker don’t you know it is still put mumbler no it’s still good with the exception of the villain I think the villainy is annoyingly doll cuz you could have made this a really fun interesting villain but he’s the traditional rawr mwah ha ha ha he’s all that stuff the only thing i will say she could have fleshed out his backstory more because they were flashbacking like two or three times I’m like walking why we flash back to his origin story they just show him coming into me leg on her feet dragoons yeah energy even that was a little intimidating us it’s like older building him up okay let’s see and he’s just every other villain you’ve seen a huge that here’s the thing though it didn’t really bother me because we actually got a villain what was the villain of the visit oh yeah I’m the evil dragon that we gotta kill I guess cuz he’s commanding the other like well I’ll say this to that is explained much better in this film to the whole alpha dragon thing that’s fine I like the fed then now we’re getting so much cool ! my can use told the sad in the first month I I agree no I like i said you know i love the first film it does have problems yes for me the climax was the weakness in the first film because and this film they fixed it and this one he’s all about like we gotta do diplomacy and and like I can convince him I changed you dad i can convince this villain you know this were in like his final line about like we’re a village of peace peace peace and like they were hammering that in as well in the first one but it was a mixed message cuz it’s just like no dragons and humans can get along we can live in peace so what we gotta do kill that drag like wait a second know what i like about this one too is that he tries diplomacy and he’s very eager about traffic limousine what I like watching is I’m saying myself I don’t know this will work or not I again I was not sure where this was going like tonight films like that but that’s where it is the one thing cuz this was one problem kung fu panda 2 didn’t have kung fu panda 2 the villain was a villain and creepy and intimidating front peacock even yeah and there was some sympathy there you felt like maybe there’s a chance that somehow PO would be able to convince him they didn’t do that but I felt like it was more open and in this one there wasn’t a lot of sympathy with him we didn’t really know his backstory anything about where I mean we just know he was attacked by a dragon at one point he lost his arm and well join the club everyone else in this world has yeah and he’s just kind of a jerk and it’s like men you could have had very interesting villain with this and there’s a character I don’t think I’m giving anything away with this because they make it very obvious in the first five minutes the first conversation hiccup has you know a character it’s gonna get acted off and I won’t say who it is but when it finally happens it’s I’ve never seen myself don’t go that direction please cuz i really like i like you going the direction where I don’t know where it’s going cuz this film to doing that even though I like the first one you can tell scene by scene where was going and I like that I couldn’t tell what door just gonna take and then when he get to the second half it’s like oh it’s the by the numbers now okay but it’s still it’s done well the action is still great the fly is still great i still like the cured it’s all about the execution i don’t care if the story’s predictable if it’s executed really really well i get better movies I’ve seen with no twists in it everything you know that’s gonna happen happens exactly like you predict but it’s really fun to watch but with that said wasn’t this in my opinion I think this could have been like one of the great fantasy films like this could have been like the dark knight of like fantasy films or something if they had a good villain if a villain was really good at really intriguing instead I feel like we got batman begins where the first step is really inspiring really new oh my god this is changing everything then the second half is very by the numbers you’re just nitpicking it’s not that it’s not that bad no it’s still the the way they the storyboarding in this movie and the use of music any animation no lighting as well and the lighting in the camera angles it it made the villain even though there wasn’t a whole lot there he still was intimidating and was quite the presence like I thought the build-up was good I thought he was interesting yeah he needed to be flushed down bored but again we actually got something we got a big dragon and in the first one that just kind of San ran like it there was just nothing there I’ll take this guy any what illness and some missing the bummer view I say you know for a film call a film series called how to train you dragon we don’t see how he trains that giant alpha dragon which is I think a pretty legit question where it’s like all the are dragons are at least people sighs he could survive say how did he train that thing that’s like the size of 5 million sears tower’s or whatever to you know obey Him maybe we never there’s no magic I don’t know there are some issues but the other thing is I don’t know how bound by the book there i mean i have no idea that’s what yeah but like the thing is they can explain it more the thing that happens in the middle that you’re complaining about I don’t did that happen in the book I have no idea why even if it did I I get this book to movie che you can change stuff was still in the here’s the thing it was emotionally affecting if a lesser director or a lesser group or story artist had done this I would probably just be like right with you like a thought coming rubik deprived now we gonna say but I it upset me it was a really good seaman for a kid so much dark hmm like really does it the way they do it like the the quote unquote execution no pun intended um and who they used to do it yeah I think like you say especially for kids film it’s kind of messed off well and there’s a I mean the whole thing is a metaphor for how we treat animals and his whole thing about like you know dragons aren’t born bad you know it’s the people you know the people with you know it’s same way with animals you know you train a dog to kill that’s what a dog is gonna do and the same thing happens in this movie and when his own dragon just starts turning on him I’m like this is legitimately creepy and like upsetting this is kind of old yeller a shit was very old yellowish territory because you’ve grown to like these two you know and the connection they have and the dragon is sort of this pet bed it’s just like to see your pet turn on you like that I was like oh my god like I’m an adult and I’m like this is creeping me out and you know I can’t imagine we saw it with very few kids there because it was a late night showing but I can’t wait until my crew the weekend with all the kids in your tears hahaha mmm yummy yeah cuz I’m was like duh I’m just waiting for it cuz I know there’s gonna be kids in the audience just flipping their shit over well but these films are all even the first one does like they are quote uncle kids films but there is this aggression to it uh there is something very aggressive it is it is kind of Viking times and yes they can talk a little modern and that we’re following the kids and stuff but I mean there’s like people will lose limbs you know I and stuff like that idea rational i think what sells the movie though is the energy yeah it’s not only aggressive but there’s just an energy to every scene there’s very few scenes where I’m like okay getting kind of bored it just it knows how to just milk the ability to fly and have all of these dragons running around and the battles those epic battles Michael Bay should take notes on how to film a battle because the last 20 minutes of this movie is spectacular it’s as good as anything in Godzilla I was actually gonna say I actually felt more are you talking about the kind of middle battle or the very very last battle oh I’m not thinking more kind of the middle okay the minute I’m sorry there’s two this two baths also comes around my head no that’s also come from my head to I felt the middle battle more than overshadowed the file one which it’s not always a problem honestly there’s a long ways with the bigger battles and then get dark knight the bigger battles in the middle um so it doesn’t bother me too much but yeah there’s still there’s one or two things that aren’t that clear ma you know like with the end to with sort of again without giving away too much serve all the dragons turning his tenants are like wait a minute Oh what I don’t care you know cuz like he said I’m abortion no no that made total sense see he’s got the ability to do that he explained that in the moment we probably when you got up and hit the restaurant no oh maybe I did miss that you’re with you with your bladder the size of the thimble we explained how his whole sword weapon works and how have you activated it releases this sort of gas and he’s able to help commit again no no no no none unless im Ave I’m talking about with the Alpha dragon and toothless and how old the Dragons you know what happens at the end there I’m sort of no no no I totally got that it’s toothless toothless fought that thing like a cornered cat no no I got that everyone sorry to it but it’s like but there’s instinct in like Pride and we’re gonna follow this and then there’s hypnotism that sort of the dragon is doing to which it like like I said I’m not oh my god heaven forbid there’s magica no no that’s is that made super clear but like i said it’s totally quick no no I I agree it’s nitpicking like there’s little stuff like that until they explain the whole alpha dragon concept like this made much more sense no interest movie right weight loss I’m like soup is a queen dragon is just like aliens how does this work well I agree I do think it does explain felt like I said this is nitpicking stuff but I’m just saying that there are small things you were there even the kids voice you know sometimes get a little grating once all right now that I told me yeah I for the most part I’m okay with it but if I have one nitpick in this movie and only one I think it’s even more so than the first one a very talky movie in certain points there are these long speeches where I feel like you could have just had a line of dialogue or to something more pointed and instead he goes on this long speech about how we’ve got to come together and get in peace and it just goes on and on and on and you don’t understand data and his voice just after a while just you know it gets in your ear India chews it up you know it is surprising those didn’t bother me that much even though I agree with you that a lot of it could have been made shorter but didn’t bother me that much because I think this world is so comfortable with itself and so wants to live with its alvin it is so enjoyable that I didn’t mind when they would just sit down and just talk and just soak up the environment has no mind when they just talk or soak up the environment I mind when literally he practically stands on a soap box or says the exact same thing he says the exact same thing literally a paragraph that is constructed entirely of sentences where he’s repeating himself yeah like that’s the issue I don’t like no I like the slow moments I like the time he had spent with his mother investigating the sort of layer of the Dragons they find in this net I like soaking up the environment I you know it is a normally person who’s not like get back to the action but if you’re giving a speech and I start like going into a snore phase or just like you know at that point your speech is too long or it’s too worried urtica say at the end like you know I I don’t think we’re giving anything away the good people win you know but when they’re sort of Euler yeah well when they’re sort of talking to the bad guy and he’s sort of reiterating the message I’m thinking yeah we got it so we know oh yeah something something dragons something something living together yes like we anyone can change yeah and it’s a fine moral I have no problem with the moral I have no problem if it does sound overused or crochet it’s just stop telling us we we got it like um just do it no I see everything in this movie even though I’ve can’t talk about this again nothing in this movie is anything less than the first it sort of starts with the first it’s like everything is as good as the first at least and really only goes off yeah it only goes up um so yeah I I really enjoyed it um I think place I definitely joy the first half more than the second but it’s still like I said nothing nothing is anything less than its predecessor and that is what a good sequel should do it should go above and beyond what the previous one day should introduce new things by you know but also allowing you to get familiar with what you liked in the first one and take it in new directions and yeah I I greatly enjoyed it i think the 3d is just as good and there’s much more the flying scenes and i probably won’t go see it again in imax just so i can see it again imax cuz i guess that that was a big game-changer for the first one for me how sad is it that i want to see this one again versus almost anything coming out the rest of summer oh you know what i want to that book of life movie that’s the one coming on it up that’s coming on the whole summer yeah you’re right so ya know somebody locked clusters I’m much else in summer yeah I kind of want to see guardians of the galaxy but like I’m like thinking about all the things coming out and I’m like this damn kids movies probably one of the best things I’ve seen all year so far like I don’t know if it’s gonna get much better than this I mean I hope it does cuz I was one things to be better but well kids movies now we uh I was talking to Brad he’s doing a lot more of the sort of the he’d always send off other people to go see the bad kids films and stuff so this year he’s saying like I’ll ok I’ll open up and see the kids felt like he was telling me it’s like it’s actually kept it secret cuz all the good feels is here are probably gonna be the kids babies really write the kids on it’s now a true are putting so much more money and time and effort and they’re acting more adult than a lot of the adult films and you know the pg-13 s and the arse and stuff and I think a lot is because there is just more possibility with the kids films you can introduce these ideas like you know whatever magic and flying around on dragons and it doesn’t have to make sense how they always can hold on to them without flying off and stuff like that you can just sort of accept it and the possibilities you know without more of those limitations i think are made stronger well the steps in the slate had an editorial like a week ago about how oh well adults who read young adult fiction should be ashamed and they should hide in the closet and then they shouldn’t you know they can read it if they wanted but i’m sure that was like a shitstorm as a shame first off shut up nobody likes you and second that was exactly there’s like everybody came out against this I mean yeah it was even be yeah it was nobody Nazis and communists al-qaeda maybe like but it the are the counter argument against it that was when things ever saying is that kids stories of stories young adults are allowed to get wildly inventive in ways that adult stories aren’t I’m just gonna say it this film is more adult than most summer blockbusters ic- sure you it’s gonna be more adult than like what our transformer for which is you want you want to catch bill but yeah you have apparently for a dull yeah you’re not a kids film that’s meant for four-year-olds transformers that is the mindset yeah except when you nose for it big breasted you know Evan and like violence and sex and stuff there many times they’re meant for 13 year olds you don’t want to grow up yeah like but this film is more adult than any of that and anyone shame among you know right now no and anyone can see it is an interesting time like I said where it’s just like there is it but I think it’s such a good thing uh that rather than going to what we need to go to the adult films to get anything good no cuz it used to be no good kids films no good anime if else I mean nobody even tried with them it’s like here’s our garbage just to say we did a kid film and that was it but now they’re really trying and they’re trying to get them really adult and he did that Disney but they were the only game in town but even though they went through you know serve a low for a while until uh you know babies aren’t doing at all because he died and then the second loss gateways I was no ya know what I mean every comfortable Pixar’s in the wall right now like every company goes through walls I don’t think that I want to tell Pixar I see how you do sequels yeah please Kung Fu Panda and a betrayal this is how you do know the cruelest joke wait that’s a toy story those are good the cruelest joke was sitting through that planes add like right before the saddest I think that’s Disney outfit that’s pic yeah though to be fair actually I was looking I was like well it still looks better than cars 2 3 if I have a third one como that’s right but ya know I just go see it yeah I think it’s you know we’re at a time now where we kind of knew this years ago when Disney was at the top that’s game about you know there’s no way and all this stuff that you know age just because you’re making something for a certain age doesn’t mean you have to dumb it down or it can’t be good or it can’t be brilliant or all those tickets audience really seriously to the point that again i can’t wait for some of the kids to start choking you know and did disney knew this i think they still know it and other you know movies and studios are catching on to it and they’re trying to change and they’re trying to adapt to it and i think it’s great i think it’s wonderful and they’re getting artistically more free like I said I think this uh this book of life that we saw a tournament for any even see it straight before check this out it looks unbelievable uh and they’re just the lego movie you know they’re just expanding with what they can do and having romo to your life as well something from a Latin American perspective yeah Emily and so much culture in it and wonderful designs and it like I said it’s not just a Oh we’ll just throw it in from the you know Latino promise I know you can tell that’s right a lot of effort in it and i love that i know people always complain about how much you know Oh movies these days blah blah blah you didn’t grow up with the dark times that we did okay you didn’t grow up when cg was just discovered and then that was the attraction and it was nothing else you know and there was no story no plot no character it was just here some cool see you got the and of course you got the direct-to-dvd Disney sequels yeah I me that I think girls are finally died out it’s all Tinkerbell and shit but it’s but I think the concept of like Bambi 7 is yeah that seems yeah go on um but ya know cuz there and I talk about you so I’m just talking about films in general I think I want to say from kind of like a little before Godzilla on you know where we got nothing but the Armageddon’s and the you know the disaster film era where any time so it just has to film okay no yeah Dante’s Peak deep in fay it’s like okay these are all gonna suck and you just knew it going in and it’s like that’s all you got you just went to a movie knowing it’s gonna suck but what can you do you want to see a movie and we were kind of held hostage forever you’ll never get Leah expanding out some more good stuff but it not everything’s changed I mean every year we get a michael bay film oh no no but which is no dinner than ever you’re getting a roland emmerich phone no no there used to be nothing but those films though I me and like I said kiss entertainment with the exception Tsar who could put out a film a year it was nothing it was def see that that’s what I’m trying to tell you though that is the natural law that happens in every company why because Disney was hitting a wall DreamWorks was just trying to kick itself off the groupon saying that there was also a wall just in movies in general because people for whatever reason they’re just like I just want see shit blow up because we discovered CG and we like and we want to see more of it and then finally we got sicker than we ever go the story and plot again I thought I oh by round 2001-2002 we start getting Lord of the Rings we’ve got the x-men yes no easy know exactly that’s why it is a short lolo you said god that was 1998 so you’re talking about a three-year wall uh I say more like close to five years that mask of zorro the same year that’s the one man that was the one that everyone’s like this is the one movie that’s actually a good action film that’s not just affects an explosion but there was a good five years of like nothing I need just maybe I’ll fill my year would be good it’s like the worst that was always much bigger than the best that just happens though we all know how do you know what I’m saying is that I I know it happens I’m saying that you know for all the people still going in nothing good summer blockbusters and it’s like you didn’t go through that piece of shit cg rule everything they might have done that was only fifteen years ago well the people are talking about well then you don’t appreciate what you got right now because this is a good movie like a movie was a good movie on the company a movie star there’s a lot of good animated films and there’s you know even some good why do I go give you this the one difference is you’re right when that will hit it was a double whammy of there wasn’t a lot of really good blockbusters coming out during that time but also Disney died yeah disney a dog you bet you make some bad and Rob yeah that’s what I’m looking for a min a Robin yeah yeah Disney had died DreamWorks is still just getting off the ground so yeah they’re you’re right there wasn’t an alternative yeah I mean I mean not now they’re kind of is because at least they’re putting effort into these anime anything pink sorry I mean they had toy story but bugs life is cute I don’t think that’s a great follow a movie a year it’s like you get to look forward to a movie a year it’s like no now we got there are several good movies i can say came out this yeah not all great and they’re not all fantastic but you know I do feel like I’ve been on a lucky streak cuz I didn’t hate guns in what like some people did I enjoyed x-men first class the captain america coyote spider-man to head issues but it still was better than spider-man 3 i’ll give it that at least and this one was really good we had the lego movie yeah it’s actually i mean we’re really physically was here so far yeah i mean so yeah that’s why i’m saying so um yeah I I really enjoyed this in if you like the first one you’re almost destined to like this one too um like I said it’s it still got some issues but let’s just bring your plugs whenever he starts speechify like a nice car and that and yeah the guy if like I said it’s it’s not perfect but the stuff that’s good is so good and if you can see the 3d and imax definitely see it in 3d and imax because it’s a it’s definitely very very good I’m very enjoyable so we need to live in peace bah and.

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