How I Reduced My Cellulite In a Month

The Foods, Exercises & Techniques that Actually Work

  • The majority of the time the appearance of your cellulite will reduce but also moving my body in an aerobic way does wonders for my entire body.
  • Especially I’m running I try to use my arms I try to use my whole body engage my core so it’s pretty much a full body workout.
  • I honestly feel like everyone’s body and body composition is different so you thrive up a different kind of workout.
  • I run my legs completely change so while I’m at a point in my life where I’m really happy and content in my body and I do feel confident.
  • I would say that my problem and struggle areas are my arms and my legs since becoming healthy and fit.
Video Transcript

I’m very excited about today’s vlog it’s a topic that I’m super passionate about and honestly something that used to be a really big insecurity of mine so today’s vlog is going to be around cellulite and my tips on how.  I reduced my cellulite before I start I would say have to make a disclaimer because Thank You Tube I’m not saying that feeling like it’s bad or you should be ashamed if you have silly like it’s super super common and I still have something like to this date but I do read your comments and I like that content that you guys want to see and a lot of you guys have asked how I reduced my cellulite ages ago I posted a picture on my Instagram of my before and after my cellulite used to be pretty intense I could had it almost everywhere and then I completely revamped my life and I saw huge improvements still have a little bit on the back of my legs and like under my glutes but nothing compared to what it used to be I thought I would take you through a couple of days of my life and just show you the little tips and tricks that I do to reduce my cellulite so the first workout I’m going to talk about is super simple super flexible you don’t need a gym membership so you don’t have an excuse that’s walking and running so when I started incorporating more running and walking into my lifestyle I noticed a huge improvement in my cellulite I don’t want this to be a weight loss video but at the end of the day it’s scientifically and factually speaking if you do lose weight and do lose some body fat spinach I can get AB supply easily and I have a pretty lean stomach but my arms and my legs are the things that hold onto fat they show cellulite I’m going to go for my 5k look I think I’ve been a run 2.5 k and then all 2.5 k back so that is the first tip of the day you are stuck for work out and you think you have to do all these crazy leg routines I am going to get into them but you don’t have to you can simply just go for a walk move your body and make sure your blood is pumping and circulation and studies have shown that increased circulation within the body will reduce the look of cellulite. yeah I look really cute don’t be alarmed sisters majority of this is not because I worked hard it’s pretty much because it’s like 40 degrees Celsius outside but I ended up running the 5k not in like a personal bedtime I think I’m just gonna go like dive in the ocean just to cool off before I go in the ocean I need to talk about the second tip of reducing cellulite water I know we hear this all the time and it’s like mind numbing by now but water is your bestie yeah BFFL oh my gosh this is actually about to like slip out of my hands because I’m so sweaty I’m sorry this is really off-putting I just want to get these two out of the way before I go in the ocean my eyes are burning because they’re sweating my idol oh my gosh I actually can’t see water it’s really good at detoxing the body flushing everything out and getting all the bad buggies out of your system our apartment doesn’t have the filtered water it’s half so I went and bought this drug for my health food store and it’s like a natural water filter kind of thing so I will easily go through two of these jugs every single day if you don’t like what I would suggest putting something like lime or lemon into it I’m thinking back to it now actually notice a huge improvement in my stomach I don’t know if any of you guys are going through this but I have really bad cellulite on my stomach so I had on my stomach my arms the back of my arms front of my legs that was pretty intense and obviously at the back of my legs and my booty which is where most girls hold their cellulite so I’m gonna go jump in the ocean and next time you see me I’ll be a little less just alright it’s the next day and I’m looking for me even that I don’t know where they are and I’m about to head off to the gym and show you guys some exercises that I found really reduced my cellulite for me it was all about my hamstrings and my booty because that is where my cellulite was really obvious where are my earphones I gots no idea where they are so there’s a few different exercise styles and workouts that I want to show you in particular I’m gonna go to the gym and show you a bunch of them’s really using resistance to help grow your booty and grow your hamstrings I found that it didn’t make me grow in like a bulky way it just sort of made my legs more toned and lean and I noticed a huge reduction in cellulite I will do some non weighted exercises so if you don’t go to a gym you can do some things hope really don’t want this vlog to be about cellulite being the enemy and you should be ashamed because I have cellulite and my cellulite used to be the reason I didn’t wear shorts one day I’ve truly adopted my saying hashtag act confident and normal question you and that’s what I do now [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] back home from the gym now but one thing that I forgot to mention was also like plyometrics and aerobic style workouts like I said you want to increase your circulation and the blood flow throughout the body so things like jump squats and jump lunges so they are of the workouts but I think we are going to go on to food it’s all about hydration and getting the toxins out of your body but also you can implement certain ingredients that are going to boost the collagen the circulation the antioxidants and the mineral content within your body so I’m going to go through a few of my favorite ingredients Whole Foods and supplements that I use to decrease my cellulite enjoy one of the main things you want to include into your diet its antioxidant rich foods so I think berries acai berry camu powder and anything that’s a deep purple or red color so antioxidants help to cleanse the body and reduce free radical damage and ultimately free radicals can cause circulation destructions think berries pineapples papayas matcha green tea and a sigh berry palette the next thing you want to focus on is vitamin A and iodine seaweed spirulina and baby spinach and my personal rule is the deeper green the better so think deep green spinach kale so I ended up buying these little seaweed sprinkles and you can put it on top of your salad or if you don’t want to do that I would put a tiny bit of spirulina in a green smoothie next up is healthy fats so you really want to be getting a good quality and make it 3 into your diet so I think walnuts flaxseed flaxseed oil hemp seeds if you can stomach it I highly recommend cod liver oil another thing that you want to consider is your overall gut health and also boosting the collagen your body so my favorite forms of this is bone broth bull Domino acids boosting your collagen production and just helping smooth out the texture of your skin and then finally again on the same wavelength of water it’s all about hydration so utilizing foods that have a high water content cucumber watermelon in my smoothies I will use a teaspoon of coconut water powder sometimes you just don’t feel like water so I usually have a kombucha every single day not only is this great for your gut health but it is going to help hydrate your body but honestly at the end of the day you don’t have to overcomplicate it just focus on real foods Whole Foods and hydration and you will notice a huge improvement I feel like people are gonna spy on me we have reached the final point of this video my last stage my last little tip of how I reduced my cellulite happened the day when I was trying to get rid of my cellulite I would do this religiously almost every single night but definitely three times a week I admit I’ve been really really slack with it lately again it’s all about circulation and also really focused on penetrating and engaging that fashio so I just use this little contraption this one’s by Ecotools but you can get ones with a big stick I used to have one like that but I actually prefer these ones now do you know what it reminds me of a horse brush I make sure I do my entire body and I don’t before I hop into the shower and it’s dry so you don’t need any water you don’t need any liquids or lotions so the way that I do it is the direction is always towards my heart about circulation getting the blood pumping to your heart and increasing oxygen throughout the body nice long strokes up your arm and the same as your stomach upwards motions of your stomach towards your heart don’t push so hard that you’re going to like have scratches of you but you definitely want to feel like a tingling sensation I’ll do like an upwards motion on my calf like this and then when I get to the back of my thighs and my booty I press quite hard and I do a circular motion really try to increase the circulation and the blood flow throughout that part of my body try to do that for around five to 10 minutes dry brush hop in the shower and make sure you apply a nice moisturizer afterwards that is going to conclude this video they are my top tips on how I reduced my cellulite there are obviously loads of different things that you can do but this is just my story and how I did it cellulite is nothing to be ashamed of a jury of us have it sometimes it just comes down to genetics and it doesn’t mean you’re unhealthy it doesn’t mean you’re overweight sometimes it’s just the luck of the draw like for instance I have cellulite and my older sister doesn’t and really never has genetics do definitely play a role in it but I honestly hope this video helped you in some way even if you’re not trying to get rid of cellulite you can implement any of these strategies and tips just to increase the overall well-being and healthiness of your life I really hope you guys enjoyed this blog if you did please give it a thumbs up give it a like because it really supports my channel and it gives me an idea of what kind of videos you guys would like to see oh my gosh I just had a really bad feeling that I was flashing you make sure to subscribe because I upload new videos every three days and I’ll see you in my next vlog and I’ll have a little bit more clothes on then you