My Weight Loss Journey of Proper Nutrition and Exercise

Weight Loss Tips for Beginners to Try Now

My weight loss mistakes were far too many. I’ll help you by showing you how to avoid them and be your guide. My number one thing was quick fixes. I feel like these are the most toxic things, mentally and physically. I thought these things were going to make me lose weight, like diet pills, waist slimmers, corsets and waist trainers. I’ve tried all of these things, you guys. Nothing has worked for me other than proper nutrition and active.

Change Your Habits to Change Your Body

Video Transcript

hey guys welcome back to my channel for today’s video we are going to be doing my weight loss mistakes if you are new here my name is Alba it is nice to YouTube meet you and if you are coming back then welcome back you guys I have another video talking about weight loss and it is my weight loss mistakes I went ahead and wrote down what are my changing my life even teas even though I do drink like the digestive teas I don’t even drink in that Optima anymore because my digestive system it has gotten a lot better now and I don’t really feel like I need them but all of these things I feel like could be marketed by this and your goal of losing weight will happen and I think that’s pretty messed up because your a lot of people advertise it and the companies a lot of times sell it as like false hope none of these things will actually give you the proper keys the proper knowledge to lose weight at a good safe manner and actually see a difference in your body if you put on a waist trainer and you take it off your waist might look snatched for a good hour so and even if you do it daily like you will obviously whenever you take it off you’ll see it but as soon as you eat because it only does this make you sweat and it can’t really like move your bones I don’t think like unless you’re you’ve seen the actual ones with metal in them but I don’t want to get careful if you don’t spend your money on these things unless you know exactly what their purpose is for do in my opinion to really change your body is be active and dial in on your nutrition that can mean a lot of things for a lot of people as some of you guys I do the flexible dieting approach I count my macros I count my calories I count my carbs I protein and my fats and I lift weight and I do cardio and I just I would consider myself now pretty after person and that is what I feel like has given me my results these things I feel like they’re kind of fantasies that people sell and I think they could be helpful sometimes I’ll take them like with my if I’m having a day where I’m abnormally hungry or I feel like I’m in a binging mood I will take like the skinny mint gummies that will help kind of like keep your hunger at bay or they’ll give you a little bit of energies or just have a little bit burst of energy but I know exactly that I’m taking this and this is not going to make me magically lose weight next thing is thinking that I am special so what do I mean by thinking I’m special is basically also equating to everyone is different so I feel like for a long time I felt like I ate okay because I would be around people my friends that kind of ate the same way I did and they wouldn’t put on weight so I would think well I’m just naturally thicker I just naturally have more fat on me like it’s okay I think I eat normal bah blah blah and the truth is everyone is different that’s not an excuse to not be able to reach your goal just because there’s one person that could eat all the cheeseburgers and all the fries everyone’s different and some people could handle those things and if you’re just someone that can’t you have to just kind of like really be honest with yourself and be like kid there’s really no excuse for me I’m just not wanting to actually put in the work that mentality that I kind of went there for a long time was kind of like oh I just have a slow metabolism I’m just naturally thicker I just naturally hold on to fat more and those things could possibly be very true I think that I do hold on to fat probably more than some other people it does take me maybe just a little bit more of work as far as my eye and I exercise to lose weight but that doesn’t mean that you can’t lose weight it doesn’t mean that you can’t lose that there’s people who have lost hundreds and hundreds of pounds so that’s just kind of to give you guys an example there is ways to lose weight no matter your situation you could get yourself to a healthy body weight if you’re not at one I feel like I would be very stubborn and be like well why could they eat like this but I can’t kind of like a little kid you know and it comes to a point where you’re just like you have to be very mature about it and understand that you are not everyone else and even though you may not really be curvy right or whatever it may be you could achieve your goals regardless my third tip is all training a poor diet thinking that you could out train a poor diet that was my big one I go to the gym I do my cardio I would do like my little like lunges and so I had like my little daily routine and then after I’d go to like Carl’s jr. and have a combo with soda and some you know the huge the huge that I would have and although there’s nothing wrong with that I feel like every once in a while cuz balance is important I would do that too often and on days that I would exercise I feel like I felt like I could eat a little bit more or I could reward myself you could lose 400 calories in like two hours at the gym you could lose 200 calories in an hour at the gym and literally one soda one can of soda is 140 calories and it will take you five minutes at the most for me at least to eat that there is some people who could just kind of coast by that I would consider those people to be naturally like lean people who will have a harder time putting on weight this more applies to people who are I would say in the middle spectrum who could put on weight or puts on weight very easily my fourth tip next day is the all-or-nothing approach basically depriving yourself away too much I didn’t go through this too much but there was moments where I restricted myself too much and I’m happy that I was able to UM this was during this this time to when I started when I changed the way when I changed my lifestyle to put it easier in April I feel like in the beginning I was very restrictive on myself even though I was counting my macros I feel like I was too restrictive on myself as far as my food choices oh I don’t want to have anything like that came wrapped array or everything has to be fresh and don’t get me wrong there is people who do that type of diet and it works perfect for them but for me it was too restrictive and I feel like it’s important to not be on the super restrictive diet that might be very different for a lot of people I’m glad I caught on and I stopped it before I became kind of like a more of an issue or something that was more reoccurring but you can’t be too restrictive on yourself because that’s just gonna cause you to want certain foods more and more and more and I’m a balanced lifestyle a balanced approach to your eating in my opinion is the best it doesn’t have to be like I’m only gonna eat lettuce chicken and I don’t know like vegetables you could be like okay I’m gonna have a sandwich I’m gonna have I don’t know like you know a piece of chocolate you could include all of these things in your diet and still reach your goals just because let’s say you have a slip-up or you overeat one day it doesn’t mean it’s like oh I throw the towel in and like I quit just because you have one slip-up does not mean you have to quit you could continue going it’s not a big deal my fifth tip or the my fifth my when are you saying to all these mistakes my fifth mistake was genuine not believing in myself again going back to excuses thinking no I’m just genetically disposed because this way or I just this is just my body or just coming up with excuses or trying to get quick fixes you’re basically not believing in yourself when you’re doing that you’re not believing that you could actually lose weight or you know get your body to how you wanted to get with actual just hard work and commitment all of these things in my opinion they’re um like pop outs just not really committing and really believing in yourself you have to at a point just be like okay I’m going to do this I’m going to believe in myself I’m going to hold myself accountable therefore on the days that I don’t want to on the days that I am NOT motivated I’m still going to get up and do it I mean there’s obviously like let’s say you have a terrible cold and you have like the flu take a day off right it’s like I said again this one has to be all or nothing approach but you have to say I’m gonna get the school done whether I have my ups and downs in there I’m gonna get this goal done don’t get me wrong sometimes I think there’s times in life when you’re just not ready for something like weight loss but you should make it a priority at the back of your head if it’s something that you want to do it is not our abilities that show what we truly are it is our choices when I heard Dumbledore the very wise Dumbledore say that I was like I love that quote all right my sixth mistake was being unhappy with the process this is a really really big one I feel like this one that is one that is overlooked because I feel like a lot of time for a weight loss people think oh well it’s not a happy process like you’re gonna have to be dieting you’re gonna have to be eating less I know although that is very true you will be eating less and technically you will be in a deficit that does not mean you have to be unhappy find a type of training that you like find being active in forms that you actually enjoy whether it be walking your dog for maybe an hour a day maybe try joining a sport try going out you could lift weights you could do classes boxing Jitsu if you don’t
have the means to like do classes or go to the gym go to a park you know in the day if you’re a girl when you feel safer during the daytime try and find a friend to go with you or at the end of the day hey you can work out in your house you can work out in your living room literally just dance do zoom but I remember being like life can’t really walk around my neighborhood because it’s not very safe and I don’t want to be walking out here by myself so I remember I would like drive to the mall park and then walk around the lawn I felt a lot better like that yeah if you can I remember even just going up and down the stairs in the apartment complex I’d like call my sister and I would just walk up and down the stairs and I I don’t regret doing any of that even if I didn’t lose weight like that because I was still eating really bad I don’t regret doing any of that because it just showed me that there’s so many ways that you could be active my next mistake is that I would ovary healthy foods it would be amazing if healthy foods didn’t have calories I would be eating fruit for days non-stop but unfortunately fortunately we have calories they exist and they count and healthy foods as well things like avocado nuts through overall your consciously what people would consider healthy foods they all have calories and you could overeat on those too so I was at time a person that would get a really big fruit platter and be like Oh healthy right and don’t get me wrong it is healthy and I love fruit like love fruit not saying there’s anything wrong with fruit but the end of the day calories are calories and even if you’re eating healthy you could be over eating and having too many calories therefore not being able to lose weight you still have to have moderation as far as your portion like in check and make sure that you’re not eating too much or just kind of have a good idea of what would be too much of a serving and what is good for you the next one is seeing food as good or bad I feel like putting titles on food could actually be very toxic and I get a lot of messages like do you have cheat meals I do you cheat and I feel like even the association with cheating on your diet um but kind of lead to overall not really having a good relationship with the food I feel like if you say I can’t have this because it’s bad eventually you’re gonna feel like you’re restricting yourself and that could cause you to end up binging or not necessarily overeating or having like a moment where you do over eat with your bad foods because I don’t know it’s you’re having a cheap meal you’re treating or someone there’s nothing wrong with that but I feel like you could fit like the cheap bad foods in without going in the surplus on a day-to-day basis so how would you go about that is by counting your macros and I know like for you very annoying and if you don’t want to do that then try it like by doing it like in the smaller portion like maybe try getting just one piece of chocolate a day or if there’s another type of foods that you like or regardless of it being unhealthy try and keep it in moderation too a little bit every other day or every day and I think that could be very helpful next is skipping meals thinking oh well I’ll only eat twice today therefore I have to lose weight that could potentially work and I would even maybe consider that maybe close to even fasting because if you like skip breakfast and then you move on to lunch dinner but the thing is that you could overeat in those two meals depending on what it is I see this all the time with my husband because Reuben will have really like two really big meals a day and I’m he’ll maintain his weight so he won’t even like be necessarily in a weight loss and the reason why human maintains his way and he only eat like twice a day while I eat like five times a day it’s because of the calorie count point-blank he’ll have two really big or not even big calorically dense meals so he’ll have he so it’s like kind of you could say unhealthy you’ll have fast food all the time and those meals sometimes like a full combo could be like 1200 to 1400 even more calories so that easily like even if you’re only eating twice a day and you’re let’s say maybe someone who’s five five a girl like me or something if you’re having one meal that’s like 1200 and then your next meal is like another 1200 that could easily put you in a bit of a surplus I remember thinking like oh I didn’t eat a lot today I only ate once like I only had Panda Express and then I had like I don’t know maybe a meal at home that I had like a coke on the side and like maybe homemade french fries whatever right but I still technically would be in a surplus or I’d be at the most maintenance but I would think well I didn’t eat a lot today no but you still had your calories and those meals people won’t really pay attention to that but at the end of the day your calories do matter lastly about their relationship with food is so important who it could be for some people kind of a not a scary thing but like comforting their stress eating there’s I guess that falls into like kind of depressive eating I would even say there’s like a binge eating where you kind of eat when you’re bored or maybe not like in a serious case like that but um cuz binge eating is an eating disorder but just like eating when you’re bored or eating when you’re not hungry eating just for cravings all the time I got all it’s part of your relationship with food I feel like I had a very poor relationship with food I feel like I did eat only when I was hungry but then I would wait til I was really really hungry again eat again and then I wouldn’t stop when I was full I would just continue eating and eating until everything usually for the most part on my plate was done and things like that are things to be taken into consideration you want to have a good relationship with food you want a really value in my opinion your food trying to make nutritious choices for most of your meals for most of the things that you’re eating while still allowing yourself some fun or maybe you have days where you get a lot of veggies in and other days where you don’t but overall just having the appreciation for food I find that actually taking the time out to UM kind of like not look at my phone and maybe not watch TV even though I do do it sometimes but I try and have at least one meal a day where I just it’s just me and my food and I eat my food calmly you also want to chew I used to kind of sometimes be in a hurry and my food really fast and I feel like that it kind of will delay your progress too sometimes it’s just really appreciating your food and taking the time out to eat your food in the clown Manor and okay I’m cool okay I’m hungry type of mentality I think would be a good thing obviously if you’re fasting or something like that it’s different but for the most part I think that I healthy relationship with food is important and really not just eating when you’re bored or eating whenever you feel like it I hope all of these things are helpful you guys I feel like these videos could be kind of a lot to take in at once and I want to make more maybe at a slower pace maybe talking about one or two or three things at a time but these were just I hope helpful and I tried to summarize them all as much as I could and yeah I hope that you guys found this video helpful I hope that you guys enjoyed it if you do please give me a thumbs up that would be so much appreciated and that’s pretty much all this should be video eights of a long bus for the year of 2017 if you guys are joining me here for that thank you so much if you like the video you like me so far I am super flattered please join me here on YouTube I will see you guys later thanks again so much for watching hi [Music]

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