Pretzel Chicken Fries Video Review

Video Transcript

A happy Saturday. A happy start to your weekend, everyone. Trying out a new item from Burger King. The newest incarnation or reincarnation of their chicken fries. The Pretzel Chicken Fries. And we’ll get to that in just a minute. First and foremost this this has been a huge impact at least to me. I’m sure we’ve all heard the news about Mr. Bourdain, Anthony Bourdain. And it hit me hard. It blindsided me. It really took me back. He was someone who really was an inspiration to me. He wasn’t just a food critic or a… …reviewer or a traveler or an entertainer. But the way he did things just… to me, a very intelligent and articulated way. He’s a man who I have great respect for. And to hear the news of his passing. It really hit me hard. And you know, truly as I said, someone who is an inspiration to me. Have some sad news there. I’m sure a lot of people in the… perhaps food or travel or just in the world… …community may have the similar feelings in regards to. Now nonetheless, we’ve got a review to do so let’s do it. This review is for the Pretzel Chicken Fries from Burger King. Now what are Pretzel Chicken Fries? Because we know what chicken fries are. Now the Pretzel Chicken Fries are their newest… …incarnation of…. …said chicken fries. Composed of about 45%… …pretzel meat and the rest is chicken. It’s a terrible joke. What they actually are is that’s supposed to be the chicken… …product, that has like a pretzel-esque… …fried shell, along with salt. and it’s like, you know, the good old decades-old combination of chicken and pretzels. Well, that’s what they’re supposed to be. Burger King… Yeah, this is what I love about Burger King. Let me tell you. I went to Burger King this morning and these have been out for a few days now. I actually got a bunch of requests for this. I’m doing it. I go to Burger King and mind you these have been out for a number of days. And I go to the drive-thru and I said I like to try the Pretzel… …Chicken Fries—Got to get an order of them. They say, “What?” I say, “The Pretzel Chicken Fries.” — “Chicken Fries?” — “The pretzel ones.” — “Hold on. Let me check. Yeah, we didn’t even know we had those. All right.” So… Old bold Burger King… you know, it didn’t even… didn’t even know that they had this item which is been out for a few days. But they do, they had them. They didn’t have the nice box that it came in though. I was looking so forward to it. Usually it has… …supposed to have instead of the… …gaping dead eyes right there staring into your soul. Supposed to have these cute little pretzel hearts instead. We just got this one, but anyway… Says… This kind of has a few sarcastic remarks against you on this pocket says “Tried to save you one… Sorry!” And then over here… This one I don’t really understand… “I’ll… cluck, you tweet.” I don’t know if that’s a veiled threat or whatever. Anyway… What I decided, because it doesn’t come in the standard… …Pretzel Chicken Fries receptacle. I’m just gonna dump them all out. Because it’s something I’ve never done before and the box is unremarkable as is. So no need for it. So this is what it looks like. Pretzel Chicken Fries. you can see they are a bit more heavily breaded. Hopefully you can see it. A bit more heavily Breaded. Again it’s supposed to have like a pretzel-esque… …batter… …on them. A little bit more saltier… …with a dipping sauce of your selection. And I really wasn’t sure so I asked the person there, “Well, what dipping sauce would you recommend?” They said they didn’t know. So I just took a gamble and I got Sweet And Sour… and Buffalo, so there we go. There’s… …our plate. I’m gonna give a… …a sacrifice right here. But it’s a plate of some chicken fries, the pretzel ones. Here they all are lined up on a plate. I’ll try one and let you know my thoughts. Then I’ll dip it in the sauce and you know my thoughts on that too. Pretzel Chicken Fries from Burger King, going in. Cross-section… action? Hmm… Pretzel Chicken Fries… Fascinating. Fascinating… …subject that is. I worry I may be a little laconic when it comes down to… …talking about everything except the… …pretzel breading on the chicken fries. Because the chicken itself is standard. It tastes… …as the rest of the… …chicken, which the chicken fries… …saga is composed of. It tastes exactly identical to that. It may not be the highest quality chicken. I bought it so as a little flavor and a little juiciness and its really reliant upon… …the shape of the object. Its reliance perhaps for dipping sauce or all the creative combinations in terms of its breading that really drives this product forward, makes it the novelty that it is today. So when it comes down to the chicken its standard. No surprises no frills, but that sometimes a good thing. You don’t want it to be the worst thing you ever rated either. When it comes down to the breading on this, I really didn’t know what to expect. I don’t know if this is gonna be like… Like it’s a full-blown pretzel or if it’s like someone just broke up a bag of like those little, you know… … many hard pretzels and kind of just breaded it with that. If it was actually gonna have that pretzel meat we were talking about earlier on it. I didn’t know. Truth be told, I’m not blown away by it. I can’t say I’m terribly disappointed either. It just wasn’t what I was truly expecting. I was expecting a lot more… …pronounced just pretzel flavor, you know. I could get the burgers if the pretzel dough bun, right? That was a big trend a few years back. You remember that now they’ve all gone brioche or I don’t even know what they do anymore. Maybe it was the other way around but they would always have a… … a pretzel bun on the burgers. A lot of big establishments tried that out. And it was like pretzel dough. You know it had a definitive taste to it. Now I was expecting something similar to that when it came down to these. Instead what I got was… …there were a little cruncher than usual. A little more heavily breaded than usual. And there’s a lot of saltiness in the breading here, which pretzels do have. But there wasn’t any one thing it made me say, “Yeah this tastes like a pretzel.” Instead it was as though they were just a little extra breaded and a little extra crispy and salty, but that’s about it. I couldn’t say it’s discernibly “pretzely”. It’s… to me it’s more like their standard regular chicken fries if just a little bit of an upgrade. Just a little extra breading and a little extra… …saltiness to them if that’s what you like. So I was a little… … a little taken back by that. It just wasn’t what I was expecting. I’m gonna try go with some dipping sauce. We’ll see. This is their…”Bahfahlol Sauce”. Right there. Popeyes had a more oil base sauce instead of this. Definitely, it’s more thick. Just take a good bite out of that. We’ll see how it goes. Bit of like a tangy buffalo sauce, I’ll tell you that. Looks like a Buffalo Ranch Mix. Sweet And Sour… I don’t know if it exists. I never associated… …pineapples with Sweet And Sour Sauce but that ‘s just me. There was a picture of pineapple on this. Anyway. Guess that’s… …stylistic preference which they’re entitled to. Hmm. Go for the Sweet And Sour Sauce. Goes well with these. Buffalo, not so much. Final assertion. When it comes down to these the chicken fries they are probably my favorite Burger King novelty. Even more so than the Bacon King Sandwiches. I like the chicken fries. I’ve always been a fan of them. Some of them are better than others. These… I’m a little disappointed because they’re emphasized to be I think more along the lines of a pretzel than they really are. So don’t expect this to be like full-blown pretzel dough and it’s like a pretzel, you know. Instead maybe… …expect it to just be a little crispier and crunchier and… …significantly saltier than your standard chicken fries, which I think they taste fine. I think that tastes pretty good. But just keep in mind what they really taste like, compared to how they maybe portray in terms of name and or advertising. Therefore out of ten that has to be taken into consideration. It’s going to get a seven out of ten. Again due to the fact that as a product I enjoy them. I really haven’t too much to complain about. The saltiness isn’t overwhelming and it goes very well with this dipping sauce here. But when it comes time to advertising and how it is portrayed to you, the customer, I think it’s a little inaccurate in that regard. Keep that in mind. All right, on a final note, now you can check out the newest radio show if you’re interested. There might be ten of you tuned in right now to this video, who have a shortwave radio and are in Western Europe. I’m actively seeking listener comments. I’m thinking about starting up a broadcast to Western Europe, but I need to know if there’s enough… …general interest to begin with to warrant such a thing. So if any of you… you ten fellows… …are interested in writing in your comments, are much appreciated. That’s all I have for you. Thank you for… thank you for watching, take care. I’ll see you later with another view at some point. Pretzel meat… chicken fries.