Pure Cycles Pure Fix Bikes- A Great Affordable and Light Weight Option

Interested in the Pure Fix bikes? If you’re just looking to get around town with a light, affordable bike, the Pure Fix may be for you. I purchased one recently, and it’s been a great investment. Relatively cheap compared to other bikes, and lightweight and easy to get around. Here’s a video that will show you how to customize it.

Video Transcript

trying to bust a wheelie or maybe Accio spin we’re going to make sure your bike is set up right to ride freestyle today on pure fix TV we’re back again in the wonderful workshop with our resident mechanic and rider George it’s good to be back Amanda good to see you alright George so we’ve been getting a lot of questions from riders who want to set up their bike for a fixed-gear freestyle as a trick rider yourself what’s the best way to set up this bike instead of the bike is a trick bike I start off with the handlebars what I’ve put on here is a BMX style handlebar we use these risers because they’re the easiest to pull up on when you’re trying to do maneuvers I also make sure to keep them full length because the wider the bars the more you have control also there’s a cross bar across the top for added strength we’re hard Falls or hard drops how to lose weight or even big jumps it keeps them straight and keeps them sturdy but I’ve added to compliment the handlebars it’s a BMX Tim these stems are quite heavy duty so go through a licking and keep kicking it’s also shorter but this gives you is clearance for your legs for your knees if you’re spinning the bar around if you have a long stem when you spin it around it’s going to be even closer to you so this is ideal for doing tricks on your fixed gear freestyle and in the end of that I also have the grips these are BMX grips use our orys they’ve been around for as long as I can remember they were trusted and they’re a great grip they’re soft and they stay well so another addition is the wheel set I used a sixty millimeter deep dish wheel this is going to give you the most life out of bump and crashing and jamming to complement that I got a 32 seat tire this is going to be bigger this is going to make it so when you hit hard falls it doesn’t hurt the rim it’s going to give you more cushion and it’s going to give you more fun on your bike because you’re going to be able to ride home after you beat it up at the end of the day now an important thing is your pedals it’s what you’re riding on so I use the pro platform BMX pedal with the canvas pure fix foot retention system the reason why we use these is because when you’re doing tricks like wheelies or bunny hops or bar spins it keeps your feet attached to the pedal therefore you don’t leave your bike and your bike doesn’t leave you so lastly if you’re out there doing tricks fall in push your limits you definitely want to wear a helmet the last thing you want to do is not be able to ride because you have a head injury all right thanks for all the tips George welcome if you guys have anything to add to the conversation go ahead and drop your comment below but keep it clean guys you can also hit us up on twitter at pure fix TV as always until next week please