Rick Steves at the Guinness Factory in Ireland

A quick visit to the Guinness beer company with Rick Steves.

They have a 9000 year lease! It’s a lovely day for a Guinness. Did you know they make white beer and green beer? Many people want to know why Guinness is so dark- maybe you’ll find out on your next brewery tour!

Video Transcript

that’s the Guinness brewery and I’m Rick Steves at the top of the Guinness Storehouse he’s a turistic experience got a lot of people having a good time and when you go to the dentist first it’s a seven core museum all around 64 acres of beer making expertise and when you come here you get as part of your ticket your 20-year old ticket I’ll kind of get it and people having a great time there at that 54 you could say they produce they say how to lose weight every day and about a million and a half people come to this site every on the year and probably half in case of our American is having a great time they say the music’s way here is Irish rock pirates Hawk and we are on the edge of Dublin Ireland and historically the Guinness is some from the liffey river the water they bragged about it and now the lippy is not quite pure enough to make a good beer so the now the water comes up the Wicklow Mountains when there’s the Wicklow Mountains or their mountains Ireland while they’re about as I saw presented with it on your Guinness and over that direction we see downtown Dublin right Oh God not a queen even that’s indicative of economic good times and it feels like economic BIGBANG’s right here so if you’re coming to Ireland you might want to go to Guinness Storehouse I might want to catch your visit with a pint of Guinness and when we do that I think you’ll put a little extra memory into your Dublin experience a few powerful from Dublin.