Rick Steves Ireland

In this quick clip, Rick Steves is on the South Coast of Ireland, in the tiny town of Kinsale. A beautiful and relaxing place with tons of history and not many tourists. I love these videos- especially the ones from Europe.

Visiting Ireland

Video Transcript

hi I’m Rick Steves I’m in kinsale in Ireland we’ve just started our Ireland tour it’s so great to be with local guides and beautiful towns with so much charm and so much history I don’t want to interrupt the the item choice here but that Barry Maloney is talking to our group it’s 28 wonderful American travelers I’m with them for two weeks on the Rick Steves tour we’ll just walk by and see what it’s like here to be learning in kinsale I dare say face to face with English that was an artifact the English discipline to this and I’ve marched out which is dead Irish little how to lose weight expert on over that with all to get to either stuff those times where I’ll show you the end of this lesson trip hour all right it was so quickly it might have a status martial art rich in its formation paddler himself 1601 one of the most pivotal battles in Western history come to know about that the Spanish were here first by the English and the Irish were outside seating the English it was like a sandwich of speeches and fascinating started but there’s the Greyhound hub the bar leaves this way and the floor leans that way so as everything looks equal you’ve had too much to drink and then this is just the cute sort of wonderful charming downtown of historic Kinsale everywhere you walk Dalton’s bar tonight that’s going to be what’s really cool is every night in Dalton’s bar you’ve got locals coming in and just having casual impromptu music so when you come in there tonight you’ll find locals in a session it’s free to fire a beer have a great chance to feel the magic of traditional pubs and traditional music and all over Ireland or do you see traditional music tonight it means exactly that and if you know what to look for I mean this is an old machine called a tumbler used to go through the city and people dumped there a sewage in there and then it would head out into the fields and fertilize the fields it’s just a beautiful little ornamental decoration with an explanation on the wall and here we have the shut the look at this town which in its day was one of the most pivotal and important strategic forts in the British Isles much coveted by Spain because the prevailing wind head straight to England and in Ireland you’ve got ha ha and that took partners it was vain you have people with the common religion and common enemy Catholics and England enjoy your travels in Ireland. Rick Steves, Rick Steves Europe, Europe travel guide, Europe travel tips, Europe travel advice, Rick Steves travel videos, rick steves ireland, rick steves kinsale, kinsale ireland, rick steves tours, best of ireland, best of ireland tour, heart of ireland, heart of ireland tour, rick steves ireland tours, barry maloney, irish pubs, irish music, kinsale travel, ireland travel, kinsale vlog, ireland vlog, emerald isle, britain spain, england spain, siege of kinsale.