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Video Transcript

Hello everybody welcome back to make up and medicine today we’re going to talk about a skin condition conversation I’m going to talk about what rosacea is what causes it the four different subtypes and the treatment options before we move on to this low down and then I just want to address that I have rosacea and I’m sitting your bare faced only wearing mascara so that you can see my skin and how it looks in a very mild form so what’s rosacea rosacea is a very common chronic inflammatory skin condition affecting the face it’s characterized by flushing redness of the skin pimples and pustules and dilated blood vessels also called tulane dictators people with rosacea often have very irritated and highly sensitive skin and it can be very reactive to skincare products and makeup and as any other skin condition affecting the face you can get married insecure and feel unattractive you feel unattractive having this skin condition so let’s get on to what causes rosacea the pathways that leads to the development of rosacea is still not well understood the following four factors are believed to contribute to the development of rosacea and that is abnormalities of the immune system inflammatory reaction to a microorganism living in the skin yummy some exposure and a vascular dysfunction and let me warn you I’m going into details about the yummy part and it’s not for the faint-hearted so if if you’re easily grossed out then look away the mighty demodex fuck alarm is considered to play a role in the pathogenesis of rosacea demodex mites live in hair follicles in everyone yep in my face and in your face but in people with rosacea the dense t these mites in the skin is significantly higher than in people without rosacea and the theory is that the presence of these mites stimulate and inflammatory reaction in the skin hence the above-mentioned or the before-mentioned symptoms so if you feel your nose each at night then it’s just a teeny tiny demodex crawling from one hair follicle over to the other okay so now that we’re past the bros part let’s get into who gets it if you’re fair skinned woman and in your 30s then you’re very likely to have it but that’s me I have rosacea and maybe that’s the whole reason to this video because it’s always nice to talk about yourself well let’s break it down more women have rosacea than men and it typically appears at the age of 30 to 50 fair skinned individuals especially northern European and Celtic origin and has it and it affects one to ten percent of this particular population it’s also associated with familial predisposition and that means if your mother has it then you’re likely to get it too and hence my situation my mother has it my oldest big brother has it and I’m lucky to have it rosacea is divided into four subtypes the rhythm a total and dictate take that causes redness and telling dictators the PACU pustular also known as acne rosacea finishes rosacea with thickening of the skin typically of the nose in days also known as strawberry nose and then lastly ocular rosacea I with symptoms like I irritations the varieties meaning infection along the lashes and other eye symptoms in this video I’m going to focus on the first two and most common tires people with the tongue twisting your rhythm a totally dictated rosacea experiences persistent redness of the sensual face that’s over the cheeks and in my case also down here like open the cheeks over the bridge of my nose and around the nostrils and they as in weep because I have it too we often experience flushing flushing is triggered by effectors like heat physical activity sun exposure alcoholics consumption and emotional stress and spicy food so that case in a nutshell is me when I ride my bicycle to work I’m I’ve been physically active exposed to the Sun the hallway and I’m very I’m very hot so that’s just one big flushed face the visible blood vessels and persistent redness of the skin can be treated with laser treatment or in or intense pulse light therapy but it often takes several sessions and touch-up touch-ups because this skin condition continues to develop acne rosacea pimples and pustules AKA lumps and bumps characterized this subtype and because we have these lumps and bumps in the skin it can often be misdiagnosed as regular acne but in the acne rosacea you don’t have these clogged pores also called cama domes so that’s the way you can differentiate those two skin conditions however a person with rosacea can also have acne at the same time and then it then it gets even more difficult to diagnose I first discovered that I had rotation when I was halfway through my pregnancy with my first son because after a nap on not this sofa but another sofa with the wool linen after a nap on that sofa I woke up with an itchy and warm feeling in my cheeks and then the day after I had these characteristic all lumps and bumps over my nose over the bridge of my nose and down the cheeks as you see in this picture I consulted a professor of dermatology and the first thing he asked me was does anyone in your family has had rosacea and I was like well I didn’t know at the time because my mother she always has had these red cheeks and so I was like well I don’t know my mother has red sheets and then he’s like yeah yeah she has rosacea without senior and and then another he called in another professor and they were I was in med school at that time and the 10th semester out of 12 so I was pretty far along and they were talking totally dermalogica lingo in front of me and I hadn’t had a dermatology as the course yet at that point however there they thought that the sudden outbursts of roasted the acne form of rosacea was due to the homeowner hormonal changes in my body in the pregnancy the medical treatment of verse Asia in the moderate to severe forms can be treated with this topical cream and metronidazole I know I never used this in my pregnancy because the symptoms just disappeared or not disappear but declined doing days or so AC Lake acid and doxycycline are also recommended general skin care options for rosacea would be or at least I prefer a paraben and perfume free skincare products because I feel they’re gentler on my sensitive skin and the National rosacea society such things exist recommend a non soap cleanser that’s a cleanser that contains less than ten percent soap and rinse off gently and damp your face with a warm cotton or cotton towel there are also cosmetics options for people with rosacea you can either apply a yellow tone or green tone probably before you applying your foundation but I don’t use that a I just like to apply a more full coverage foundation and reapplying areas needed so if you want to see my particular rosacea covering makeup routine then please watch my next video I hope you found this video informative and I love to see you next time please leave a comment subscribe like and give you some feedback of the which topics you would like to hear about next see you next time bye it’s recording yo am I in focus and I hello everybody welcome back to make up and medicine today whoa rosacea

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