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Video Transcript

Hello I’m Dr. Nicholas Cohen and I’m here to share with you a top 10 list of tips for people with rosacea tip number one when to suspect rosacea rosacea is it extremely common skin condition its more common in lighter skinned individuals and it usually begins in adults in their 30s it can cause red nose or red cheeks it can also cause pustules to form and it can create I just can different conditions that affect the eye there are four main types of rosacea there’s a rhythm at 0 erythema dough tell inject attic which basically means there’s redness and there are tell inject asia’s which are just enlargement of the blood vessels which you can see on the skin the next type is Pat populo pustular which means that there it looks like acne in this subtype there are red bumps and sometimes pustules form then there’s the third subtype is ocular which is can cause a variety of different involve conditions that affect the I including eye redness and the feeling that there’s something in your eye and find matt hi matt hi matt s ph ÿ m8000 us which can also which actually causes skin growth of the nose in the central face area tip number two is make sure you see your doctor if you suspect that you have rosacea it’s important to diagnose rosacea for a physician to diagnose rosacea it’s also important to make sure that there’s not another skin condition that’s causing your skin changes and it’s also important to have you referred to a specialist if necessary with ocular rosacea the form of rosacea that affects your eye you should be referred to an ophthalmologist or an eye doctor tip number three there are several general measures you can take to occurrences of rosacea rosacea usually occurs in periods and then goes away for a period of time and is a chronic condition so there are a few ways to avoid the triggers of rosacea so the first general measure for tip 3 is avoiding flushing flushing meaning any time your face gets red it might be helpful to keep a diary and to determine what your triggers are for flushing as it can vary between individuals potential triggers that can cause rosacea and that can be avoided our temperature changes extreme temperatures hot beverages sunlight spicy foods and alcohol so these are triggers that you can use to avoid periods episodes of rosacea and it can also decrease the severity of rosacea in the long term if you can avoid these triggers again they are extreme temperatures hot beverages sunlight spicy foods and alcohol tip number four another general measure to help control rosacea is skin care and sun protection it’s important to use a skin moisturizer frequently such as twice a day applying a scrim moisturizing cream to the face twice daily can improve skin dryness and the discomfort that’s associated with rosacea also it’s important to use a gentle skin cleanser and to cleanse with your face with lukewarm water and to use your fingers to wash your face avoiding any kind of hard mechanical scrubbing beauty bars mild cleansing bars and facial cleansers are better than traditional soap so for instance dub would be better than Ivory soap and avoid irritating topical products avoid any products that may irritate the skin such as a toner or a stringent or chemical exfoliating agent and avoid any manual exfoliation with rough sponges our cloths furthermore sun protection is important and people with rosacea should wear should apply daily a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a Sun Protection factor or SPF of at least 30 and should avoid the skin when it’s avoid the Sun when it’s at its strongest during the mid middle of the day tip number five another general measure for controlling rosacea is commis cosmetic camouflage or covering up the skin changes that are caused by rosacea generally this can be accomplished with a green tinted foundation a makeup green tinted foundation to cover up facial redness and then a flesh color facial foundation on top of the green tinted foundation to achieve a skin color that matches your own complexion tip number six so we talked about general measures to control and prevent rosacea now for the subtype of erath the erythema thematic erythema total inject addict rosacea were the one that causes redness and being able to see skin vessels but not the pustular form the best treatment is a laser or intense pulse light therapy and this is recommended if your rosacea is not adequately controlled by the above lifestyle changes that I described so that’s tip number six was the treatment for arithmetic erythema Dotel inject addict rosacea for tip number seven is the first line treatment for popular pustular rosacea so this is the rosacea that looks like acne with skin bumps and nodules the first line treatment is metronidazole a topical gel point seven five percent that can be applied twice daily for about 12 weeks and it will often need to be reused after your initial treatment because rosacea is a chronic condition and metronidazole does not completely eradicated it just makes a flare go away if you are not able to control rosacea with metronidazole topical gel then ask your doctor about an oral medication also an oral medication is recommend that if your rosacea is moderate or severe the recommended oral agent typically is oral doxycycline 50 to 100 milligrams twice daily for 12 weeks it’s also important to avoid sunlight when you’re taking doxycycline and it’s important in children to avoid doxycycline any kind of tetracycline doxycycline is one type of of tetracycline tetracycline should be avoided in children who are under nine years old and tip number nine again for popular pustular rosacea if the rosacea is severe or it does not improve after trying the topical metronidazol or the world doxycycline then oral isotretinoin is recommended usually a point 2 milligram per kilogram per day until inflammation goes away and then continue it for two more months after the inflammation goes away this usually required requires a course of about six months total of therapy and tip number ten believe in yourself rosacea is a common condition and it is can be effectively prevented and controlled with the measures I’ve described I hope these tips have been helpful thank you very much for listening and have a great day. roseacea
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