SculpSure Laser Body Contouring Discussion of Real-Life Experience

Discussion of Real-Life Experience with SculpSure Laser Body Contouring

Sharing my SculpSure experience and results from a recent cosmetic procedure that I had done and I know you just heard “cosmetic procedure”, and you’re like what did she get done? It’s really simple I got laser fat removal done yep that’s what I got done. I actually did a lot of research about CoolSculpting, the procedure that I was interested in getting because it’s offered at the place where I get my laser hair removal done and real self reached out to me via email.

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hey guys it’s Tina and I am back and I’m here with a different kind of video for you guys today it’s not the regular get ready with me video makeup tutorial makeup all video or even a makeup review. It’s so coincidental that they reached out to me at the same time that I was doing research for CoolSculpting and they offered me a complimentary cosmetic procedure and I was like yes I am here for it because I was already going through with it you know I was I already scheduled my appointment with my laser hair removal place to get the CoolSculpting consultation done and everything and since I was interested in CoolSculpting it was the perfect time for me to take that leap and I’m actually going to take you through my experience with the procedure so you’ll see me actually get it done and we’ll talk to the doctor and go through the whole pros and cons of the treatment but I wanted to mention real self because they were kind enough to offer this service to me for an honest review here on YouTube and that’s the great thing about real self is that their website is an online community of real-life patients that are reviewing different doctors and they upload their own before-and-after photos and give their own reviews on different doctors and you can search for a doctor in your area search for a procedure and see what people had to say about it the procedure itself versus the doctors to that offer of the services so you can go through various reviews and do your own research which I highly recommend you do if you’re going to do any of these procedures definitely go ahead do your research and be very very careful don’t go to that back door doctor that will charge you $50 and then end up getting cement in your butt like be very careful about the procedures that you would like to have done now personally I am NOT the biggest promoter of invasive surgery like breast augmentation and liposuction and butt implants I am NOT a promoter of that type of invasive surgery something that you can really get serious complications from I don’t promote and I don’t think most people really need it now if you went through a life-changing event maybe you lost a ton of weight and you need a breast lift or a tummy tuck I understand that kind of treatment but for younger people that are going under the knife to fit these societal ideals these days know those kinds of things made me apprehensive about sharing my experience with this procedure on my channel because I never want to promote insecurities in young adults and teenagers I never want them to feel like they have to fit this template of what beauty is but then again if you’re really insecure about something and it really bothers you I don’t like the judgment that comes along with someone electing to go under the knife to tweak something so I to a very fine line and I never wanted to seem like I’m promoting this ideal of beauty now the procedure that I chose to get done was non-invasive and it was literally a lunchtime procedure that I had done in 25 minutes I didn’t have to go under the knife there was no anesthesia it was literally applicators on the area that I wanted to get treated 25 minutes later I’m out the door and back at work now the office I went to his hair on Long Island it’s mad nannies facial plastic there’s also a location in New York City so if you were closer to the city you can go there but there is a location here on Long Island and the doctor is dr. Matt Nani my technician was Lauren and it was such a great experience for me I had two sessions done and each time it was like I felt right at home it was very comfortable it’s a very clean very beautiful office and I went ahead and spoke to dr. Madani before I had the procedure done and he offers various other services that are none invasive again lunchtime procedures if I’m going to do something I don’t want to inject anything into my skin I don’t want to cut anything I just need it to be surfaced so if it’s something think of it like a facial so you get a body contouring that’s over the skin there’s nothing invasive and it was a really great experience and I’m gonna bring you along into the office with me we’re gonna meet dr. Matt Nani so you’ll hear from him yourself and we’ll also go through my procedure with Lauren my technician and Lauren is a sweetheart we had a great time they tell you you can come along and watch TV play on your phone read a book do whatever you want during the procedure we just chatted for the twenty five minutes that this procedure lasted and it was just a good time we had Girl Talk and it was really fun so what I’m gonna do is walk you through the office and my first session the two technologies out there are CoolSculpting and then sculpture okay and the pros and cons are for both well the pros for both is that it’s non-invasive for both and it’s for body contouring so you will lose inches if you weight yourself after you mean right now weight right best way to do this is to use it in conjunction with diet and exercise but for all of us you know little stubborn areas I workout I still have a little little pouch here I have a little flag here my girlfriends or my female friends have little inner thigh problems you cannot get rid of mm-hm or they want a little shape to their butt well perfect you can target the areas okay we chose sculpt short because of the you know I want the least in I want I want non-invasive but I also want quick recovery okay but I want results clean very is a very fun so I think that I did well I know they’ve hit a sweet spot because there’s no recovery so you can walk out of here go about your day you have the massage anything around you don’t worry about and I can go to the gym the treatment can be a little sensitive but then there are things we do to make it to adjust it that’s what I was watching on YouTube we can adjust it back put you some cooling we have some nice music in there you can watch TV live TV there we’re going to put ice packs on there so it’s great and then the settings are also can be adjusted but you know we’ve done so many patients everyone’s managed to finish the treatment everyone is comfortable the treatment after is you may have a little soreness people described it as having been crunching in the Gienapp and there is also for event fantastic all family you’re going to see [Music] the light base technology and market I like to say think of sculpture that is okay so what happens in that now that but now we targeted those ourselves in your lower action issues on if you wait so with sculpture sometimes you very common and all is just got all that you straight up shocking the area right after the treatment so high things are up to six weeks you know we’re watching TV here today okay so if you want you to be quiet how I said I’m going to be and jumpstart to your happy lifestyle it’s not a fix-all but pepper shots and you’ll see so what will happen is moving up and then Asli from hot to cool cool so we’ll never get to point out you can’t tolerate the treatment I’m a Tokoloshe some try to limit right back to work you can resume activity right after you’ll feel as if you do – and stations have said in the past that their little their little swollen and they just feel that they they worked out on it maybe make a little extra sore oxo but totally normal you can do a that’s perfect I have been Caucasians a top light comes in [Music] okay of course and the group easily and also cotton area will help that get that let’s go okay let’s look at and talk about fries like are we looking at is it in the 10,000 a couple of hundred our flap is come course so in this area it would be very different for the range anywhere from $1,500 per area for varieties – mm actually yeah so one different areas right but also I do feel like the city okay now the area that I treated is just my lower stomach area because I’ve been working out I’m at the gym and I eat pretty decently I don’t eat clean I’m not a vegan like I’m not one of those people but I don’t eat like pizza and burgers and french fries I am not that type either so somewhere in between where I eat pretty decently I work out I go to the gym my husband is a gym buff so he goes to the gym and I go with him a lot but to be honest I’ve been slacking off for the last couple of months because I had school and I’m busy and I’ve just been slacking off but working out I just can’t seem to get rid of that lower tummy area it’s just ah I can never get a six-pack and you know how as women we get that line and then you have that fat just sitting right there just like hey I’m not going anywhere and I’m gonna be the hardest thing to get rid of and that’s why I was interested in the procedure in the first place when I got this procedure done I really liked that it was applied just on the surface area so with CoolSculpting it actually sucks the fat up into the little applicator that they use it seems like it’s very uncomfortable for like five minutes like it’s really painful and then it just goes numb because of the coolness and I was not interested it felt like that was the part that I was most like worried about it was like I don’t want that with this culture which is very new to the market it’s a surface applicator so you have like a plastic belt that they put on and there are various different sizes that they can use so if you’re
doing your love handles they have different applicators for that if you’re doing certain different areas they have a different layout now since the area I was treating was my lower abdomen they had the four applicators just go right across my stomach area avoiding my belly button now that is key they do have to avoid your belly button area and any part where there is bone so my hip bone was an issue they had to navigate and make sure they didn’t go around my hip bone area they can only treat certain areas with this technology right now so love handles back fat and lower stomach that’s what they can treat right now but as nology advances they may be able to treat different areas as long as it gets passed by the FDA now once you have the applicators in place they go ahead and actually apply the laser applicators and they just snap in place and you must have full skin contact to the laser applicator and it will keep monitoring that throughout the procedure to maintain that full contact and it will buzz if something lifts or something goes out of place so it’s going to always make sure that you have full contact now I know you’re wondering what this feels like once it starts heating up it actually feels like one of those heating patches you know if you have muscle aches or if you have cramps you put a heating patch on it feels like that like a little bit more intense than that but that’s the kind of sensation now I will say it also gives this cramping sensation like menstrual cramps that kind of cramping but very light cramping along that area and if you’re distracted so if you’re watching something or you speaking to someone you really don’t even realize that it’s happening you feel it initially until you get used to the sensation and it’s not painful it doesn’t burn but you do feel that warmth and you feel something happening like you feel an intensity happening in your stomach and a little bit of cramping now for my first session it was almost like I felt absolutely nothing but the second go-around they kept it at the same intensity and I felt it a little bit more like I felt the cramping a little bit more but it was nothing unbearable and honestly once the applicators came off it didn’t leave a lasting sensation at all it was all gone by the time the applicators were removed it was my skin was a little red was a little warm to the touch like a little warm a little cool but nothing that lasted more than a minute about with this treatment you’re going to feel waves of heat you’re also going with who another piece of copper you can’t tell you get uncomfortable I always offer a full blast okay that’s a good you put a second look cool air and you feel so your treatment is done it junghwa and blue bye we were busy talking about youtube and we’re gonna get her channel started so look out for her look out look out we’re gonna get Lauren on YouTube but we’re done so yeah social of me thought I felt nothing well I did feel something but it was nothing uncomfortable and it was quick because we were chatting [Music] just look a little bit red nothing crazy I don’t see any bruising I don’t feel anything like uncomfortable right now no no you’re good and I’m just wiping it down now wiping down the area with an alcohol wipe and so what you’re going to do is you’re going to do this when you’re sitting I would do it three times a day I think that’s really important how long do you think each time I wet I would do it as long as you want by the more massage the better okay you know we’re trying to avoid that clump of fat that’s those fat cells and sometimes it takes a little bit longer to break out break up and out of your system so they have nowhere to go and they like to just stay together they’re making back at the fat party is it that bad no we’re just going to break that up and massage it out and you’ll be oh that’s it you ready now I know the next question is okay how did it feel after you left the office and like I said how do I write back to work it was a lunchtime procedure for me I did have to unbutton my jeans I should have worn loose clothing that day but I wasn’t aware of that this is something that you will know ahead of time if you go in it wasn’t painful at all but it was a little uncomfortable because I felt like I had cramps menstrual cramps or like you did a bunch of sit-ups and not just regular sit-ups like you did a full on sit-up session like AB day this is what you’re good with this crunch day like let’s get it on that’s what it felt like like I’d had a really crazy workout or if I had menstrual cramps and that continued for I would say ten days to two weeks I had those continuous cramps now it did ease up after about three days it wasn’t as intense but if I touched my skin I could still feel it so that’s the thing if I touch the stomach my stomach I could still feel the the soreness of my muscles and I guess that’s my fat the soreness was still there now it does subside after those three days is but remember you’re going to need to massage the treatment area every day make sure that you get that 15 minute of massaging and all I did was as I was sitting down or taking my shower I would just rub my stomach and just go back and forth you know circular motions just to rub my stomach and that’s when you would feel that cramping and that soreness now I didn’t have any bruising there was no redness there was nothing on the surface that you could tell that I had something done but I had minor swelling which really looked like I was bloated more than anything else it really didn’t look like I had something done it just looked like a little bit of swelling and I could feel the tightness in my skin and in my stomach I could definitely feel that and I just kept massaging kept massaging and you do have to keep hydrated you do have to still work out that’s the one thing that I didn’t do I didn’t work out as much as I should have and that’s the one thing that I’m like damn it I should have worked out so I would see better results so I’ll be hitting the gym and hopefully I will get more results but after the first session there were six weeks in between before I went to get my checkup and when I went and we did pictures and did the before-and-after and I really didn’t notice that big a change I do think you have to give it time and you do have to work out and drink your water to notice a change now I did get a second treatment done at that six-week appointment so I was able to actually get two treatments and then 12 weeks later which is now I can talk to you about my results now the funny thing is I gained weight in between that time because like I said I wasn’t going to the gym as much anymore and I didn’t gain weight in my stomach which was incredible for me because I’m like wait I gained weight there first you know where we gain weight first my stomach did not get any bigger in fact it’s it feels a lot tighter the skin feels tighter I feel like there’s less fat there like I don’t have as much bulging on my stomach area like even though I gained weight where I have a little bit more love Lynch and I have a little bit more back fetish I didn’t get any more weight gain in my stomach area and I was like yes I love this and so once I start working out I know I can trim that area a lot quicker than I would if I hadn’t had the procedure done and I was a little bit skeptical I will admit after the six weeks I was like I didn’t see anything done like what is this so I definitely think you need two treatments to actually see results and you do need to give it time and actually work with it like it’s not going to be this miracle treatment you’re not going to just wake up the next day and there will be no fat there this is something that you have to do your work as well it’s kind of a kickstart rather than a full-on solution to your trouble areas so I love that I’ll imitated the fat in that region and once I start working out it’s going to trim that even more because I didn’t gain any more fat in that area and I’m very excited to see the future results and I’m going to share that with you too I think you know in a couple of months I’ll show you what those results look like but I’m really excited about this now hopefully this video was helpful for any of you guys that are out there trying to find a solution to a troublesome area and you didn’t know that there are options out there that were none invasive that you might actually consider and I want to share this journey with you guys and show you my results later on so thank you again to RealSelf for reaching out to me and I’m happy that i was able to get this newer treatment done sculpture versus CoolSculpting because CoolSculpting looked a little bit painful I’ll be honest so sculpture was a better option for me and I’m happy that I got it done and thank you to Dr. Matt nanny and my technician Lauren I had a great experience both times that I was in office and I would highly recommend them if you’re in the Long Island area or in New York City definitely check them out again they have different procedures that they offer check out real SOUTHCOM and see the different reviews see before and after pictures read about different doctors in your area as well these are real people sharing their real-life stories and giving you reviews of procedures and doctors so definitely check that community out and thank you guys so much for watching I will leave all the information down below in the description box in case I left anything out or you want to know more definitely click down there in the description box I will leave links to my Instagram and Twitter as well where you can check me out and on til my next video which will be very soon I’ll talk to you bye guys