Seth Godin Sits Down with Gary Vaynerchuk for a Great Discussion

Another one of my favorite business leaders- Seth Godin, with Gary Vaynerchuk. Seth is the author of too many books to count. Gary is the architect of some incredible businesses, and author of a ton of books. Great chat between these guys- although Gary did get on my nerves a bit. Gary- let the man speak 🙂

Video Transcript

On this episode no legend stops by this is ask Gary B how do I do the intro again everybody is Gary Vaynerchuk I just did one library TV which I have a different obviously no is this what is this mozi boat 184 so I’ll call 185 I’m just gonna make up whatever comes out my everybody this is gary vay-ner-chuk and this is episode 184 5 or supposed to be 4 we’re going with 185 we’re gonna skip 184 Seth look this I know you like we like to call you the Guru this is the real guru 185 of the ask Gary Vee show and I am fired up I know what I push against guru too I am fired up I kid about having you here I’m in a real India’s here the whole crews here Stefan but who’s really here is really one of the true pioneers of the modern marketing movement somebody that I’ve gotten to know over the last half decade and it’s been a real pleasure because you get to know Pino I’ve enjoyed the relationships that I’ve gotten from the other side people that are coming up the game they’ve got to know me we’re friends I feel very very honored for you to be here on the show set please please tell the one person in the vaynernation who’s watching this right now who doesn’t know who you are a little 47 second bio or whatever you like to roll how would you like to say hello I noticed things for a living and try to point them out to people I’m a teacher I’ve started a couple companies more than a couple I do projects and I try to make a ruckus that’s a good day that is a good day and it’s been a good life that way I’m not complaining it’s been a thrill and a privilege said how many books have you written well there’s 18 bestsellers when I was like an official author then so ready for that might pop up might come on for is Barry Nolan do you wanna put on you 18 I wasn’t looking I’m gonna make I’m gonna go for 19 you know that right is that a Tiger Woods Jack Nicklaus leg is it 18 it’s 18 I swear my god I was over a teacher I know your hackage er I did a book a month for 10 years so they’re those other books but then there’s 18 so it’s a little bit just because I think it’s been quite enjoyable for the audience I know that for a fact a little bit deeper like a little bit you sold a company yeah like a little nothin don’t you here for a little minute um why don’t you start out cuz I don’t know the stuff I would say the big turning point was helping to invent commercial email as we know it that’s not spam that when I started doing it in 1991 most people did not have an email address that’s right and persuading backers that we were going to invent a way that email could be used think about any email you got today that you wanted to get that came from a company not a person that that didn’t exist before we did it and so Yoyodyne was a business that we built to do that before that I was booked back to before that I worked at a educational computer game company we invented pretty much commercial educational computer games like kids on keys infraction fever and I had a line of science fiction games it was a great fun I was 24 it was so lucky that I got that job that was pretty cool of the UH of the 14 bestsellers that you’ve read 1818 see I’m trying I’m trying attracting already getting four is that a subliminal that means that I can forge a new worry fee book yeah we don’t need to talk about that I hear it’s called a scary didn’t as you can pre-order it on signup I’m gonna have to make volume two three four five six seven eight nine and I watch sugar by fortune coffee and it’s not body that’s tomorrow uh set of those books you know do you have a favorite I know it’s like children do you have one that stood out I mean I know that Purple Cow seems to be like every time I talk to people about you like out what I think of you that seems to come out of people’s mouths quite a bit tribes were somewhere I got mentioned in which was very big for me so thank you at the time I was starting the wine thing any of them stand out was there anything that real most authors will tell you that their favorite book is the one that did itself that’s what I say Thank You economy that’s so weird I wrote a book called survival is not enough Charles Darwin wrote the foreword Wow and India is laughing it’s true you can look it up google it right now and it came out right after 9/11 which was not a good time to say the whole world is going to be we should like that it took me over a year it had 45 pages of footnotes didn’t fit in that I published online it’s as close as I’m ever going to get to sort of a scholarly thing and most people shouldn’t read it because it’s not what matches the Gestalt of what we’re trying to do today yeah but I have a soft spot in my heart because no one bought it right yeah the new book what to do when it’s your turn I designed every page I wrote every page it made me happy to sort of play with the medium yes right yes and but they’re all my friends my books I look at I keep them on the shelves so that I can look up so I remember when I was the person who could write that book interesting I don’t think I could write most of my books today and where do you sit today in book writing in your mind this was a year and a half ago there hasn’t been one word since then it’s just not on the agenda it’s not something that people are ready to buy another book maybe from you but not for me the word our attention span is different our priorities are different so I’m focusing on the school I run the Alton ba I’m focusing on how do I craft each blog post as if it was my last one how do I want to get interact with gay people India I apologize said India I know you have the questions is there one asking him about his social media versus I saw that comfort did you pick that I knew you he’s really good like that don’t leave it for that so okay we’re gonna get some questions okay cuz that’s where the cameras you know we just talk cameras are on high the cameras are on d-roc is doing Facebook live ID rock the rock out what’s going on with Facebook live how many peeps are we having I’m sure 14 now there’s Brad three point three 3300 viewers very nice parting the decimal 2000 makes it sound like a much bigger than it sounds much bigger three point three without point three people are watching it big shout out to the third of the person India let’s get into the first question Dimitri good Russian name good start Dimitri asks what is the value of authority in a world where everybody is a possible thought leader doing that Pete the question uh no you don’t have to think about it not nope you can that gets picked up semantics semantics matter a whole cheer what does Authority even mean and I think the currencies of anybody who wants to make change happen right now our attention and Trust and they’re in a virtuous cycle you don’t get attention unless you’re trusted you don’t get trusted unless you get attention there are other kinds of attention you can you know let yourself on fire in the street you don’t earn trust doing that so this attention trust cycle goes around the question then is how do you get there I don’t think you get there by saying how do I hustle a content media play to figure out how to get in front of people who never heard of me and somehow seduce them I think you do it by being generous I think that people tend to trust folks who step up before they have to they trust people who keep their promises especially when it’s not convenient they trust people who tell them the truth and if you do those things they are probably going to tell someone else and you’ll get more attention and more chances to be generous and the cyclone goes it goes goes and guess what it probably never ends at a moment where you say okay now it’s my turn to take take take we left the take-take-take part out mostly you don’t feel like you own Heinz Oh Heinz anything you don’t feel like you owe TWA anything you just are in this environment where you know your attention is precious you know your trust has been abused if someone shows up and treat your attention with kindness and earns your trust every day well then one of the byproducts will be they’ll want to hear what you have to say next super easy to figure out why this guy and I get along if you’ve been watching this show because that just wrapped up 184 episodes in one statement I think 83 I know I think I’m trying to play along here I think what is super interesting about that answer and this question is that’s right and I think it’s and I think one of the reasons that I’ve had personal success is because I think about things in such a long period of time that that answer spoke to me because it’s my natural state when you think about things in a 10 or 20 or 40 year kind of cycle well then your behavior matches that and so you’re not worried about that one week one day one month even one year volts and then I also think the market gets to decide there’s one thing that I very much I just put a little asterisk please because you’re about to sell yourself short here please there’s a glacial strategy which says I’m a glacier I’m going to make it all the way down the Hudson to the ocean and it’s obvious where I’m going I’m just going to take a long time yes I would say that the strategy you’re talking about which you have done consistently is that at any given moment the short-term thinker thinks you’re an idiot because you are not trading and that’s the key is that you are doing things that are so generous and so trust earning that people look at you and say why aren’t you doing that other taking thing and it’s that feeling that the people around you think you’ve lost your mind that’s what makes it scary I’m a mom I’m a little I’m a little bit weird and you know this because of my purpose because my personality actually on stage and style makes people think I am in short-term game you know I’m I recognize that my vibe at times comes across as the worst version of the things that you’re referring to and so it takes people a little bit of time to completely figure me out as a matter of fact I would tell you one of the interesting things about how I live my life is the reason I so deeply you know feel infection towards you is I was surprised myself how quickly you like I can I judge people based on how quickly they get me or not and and it’s and it’s and I always wonder if it it’s I’m never sure if I do it on purpose if the shtick is almost weirdly on purpose or was it always naturally I think it’s naturally there based on what happened in school long before I thought about these things but that’s right and so I think at the end of the day the thing that really really matters to me is whether Seth says it whether I say it whether the president says the bottom line is the market gets to decide you know when you make book when you write a blog post when I feel like I mean you know at the end of a the market is the judge and so when you think about who’s the taste maker who’s the authority in today’s world we clearly have mediums today I mean look what’s going on here right now you know you thought about this that’s fine but basically I mean it’s incredible doom live and production TV here think about this 20 years ago you’ve been through the whole gig and everyone owns their own media company it’s quite one thing we need to amplify here though there isn’t one market there are many markets yes okay so you can sell to a market that wants you to be a pickup artist hustler whatever but just please understand that’s your market don’t call me because I’m not your market and my argument is that most people especially the people you want to be trusted by don’t like to be hustled 100% and I wish that a whole bunch of people call themselves growth hackers in quantum rubber I would write on the wall most people I care about don’t want to be hustled because being hustled makes you feel bad agreed what else you got India right Bryce Brown next name he’s got a canyon named after it does Bryce s where do you see the internet going in the next five or ten years and why so that you know what’s the next big thing my argument is this is the next big thing that if you are waiting for something beyond a billion people connected online with mobile being the driving force with a fight for attention and with constant froth around the edges if you’re waiting for something else you’re going to miss out on a big chunk of opportunity this is our revolution there was the Industrial Revolution there was the mass media revolution there’s this and it will keep changing its flavor the names of the public companies that run things are going to have to change but their own layer on top of the sillies don’t wait for the next thing this has been the next thing since 1991 and the people who asked me you know at the newspaper conference in 93 when I told them what was coming said well we’ll just wait for that it know this is our this is it what we got I totally agree with that and I the one thing that’s on the horizon that I think a lot of people are paying attention to is VR and I say to a lot of people I’m like look that’s a ten years away this in 1998 I thought by the year 2000 everybody would come into my wine shop and know the price of everything and so I think the thing I’ve learn and my version of that a same exact answer is there’s a long way away before if VR is truly you know contact lenses sitting at our home being in places we’re talking about 15 to 25 years away from the scale we’re just hitting the maturity let’s not forget 15 to 17% of all e-commerce done in America is done online nothing if you told me in 1998 that only 15% of all things bought would be online by the year 2016 I would have set there as a shit do I even want to do this that’s forever from now this stuff doesn’t go as fast as we all think it’s going to 30 years ago today yes 1986 sitting in my office in 215 first reading literally today we’re like I not making that part about 30 years ago for second city Marvin Cambridge Massachusetts you know who walks in I’m 26 years old who guy named Guy Kawasaki yes now you apples the greatest well I was already a beta tester and we did a deal with him right the point is if guy had waited for the next big thing he wouldn’t have become Guy Kawasaki I had waited for the next big thing I wouldn’t have become me and you wouldn’t have become you this idea that there’s always the froth around the edges there are people who are working in VR today who are going to go off into something interesting but it’s not going to be because they’re right about VR it’s going to be because they’re right about being a trusted person worthy of our attention that’s the arc of the people you trust and the brand’s you trust not that they got the product right the first day or the iteration right the first day it’s that they made a commitment to show up in a certain way in a certain universe in front of certain what’s crazy about that is when I think about the thought leaders in marketing and names that people throw out there and authors in this space 30 years ago he walks into your office it’s unbelievable that when you have the chops hey how long you can keep the attention of the end consumer be how long this all plays out like I just got fired up the level of domination that I’m gonna have in 2037 just dawned on me and I’m really excited about 2037 you should be except football will be against the law in it don’t even sorry let’s go Rene asks what will cause you to hire the world’s best psychic even the Caesars and Pharaoh’s consulted a seer and so should you grades well she already knows the answer I feels great go ahead you go no that’s the thing with psychics they already know why are they asking next yeah I mean look I you know you guys know where I sit on this one I won’t meditate I don’t need to see psychics all up it’s not okay to put those two things in the same set yes it is also not well you don’t get the same I do cuz one is science yes and the other one is not okay and we can’t science is one of the coolest things that’s ever happened to mankind it’s not science it’s not okay I’m telling you the truth about this I mean I don’t you know he doesn’t you don’t like it but you can’t deny I don’t get it where I sigh right so it’s not okay to start conflating things that are based on science versus things that are not correct okay thank you so let me ask you a question what do you think about emotional intelligence seriously like like can I tell you something can I can I tell you something that weirds me out go ahead help me here because I trust you why is it that often not always and I understand brain tricks and all that shit but I’d get weirded out when I think of random shit like somebody I haven’t talked to in seven years and the next day they call me or like a million other things like tell me about well that was shit wait that is nothing to do with emotional intelligence most intelligence is Daniel Goleman’s semantics take on what we need from people the ability to look people in the eye the ability to not eat the marshmallow the ability that emotional touch is an important concept that people should understand you’re talking about instinct intuition s okay let’s have conversation can they not be innocence can’t they be they’re not related things no there’s not I believe you you’re probably right think about the people you know who you’ve hired here right yes the ones you like the best aren’t the ones who are better at typing than someone else or they’re the ones who have the emotional intelligence to bring tension to bear to cause change to happen in a way that benefits others there’s nothing to do with a friend calling you know no question that okay so coincidence is super easy to explain please we as humans are storytelling machines yes we notice things but we have to make stories about yes you yesterday thought of more than 300 different people probably more than that and one of them called you right you paid attention to the coincidence yes but you didn’t say holy smokes two hundred ninety-nine people didn’t call me today that’s right the reason the coincidence works is as story manufacturing humans we’re always looking for that correlation and that’s why people buy lottery tickets because they think that there’s some sort of weird cosmic numerology thing going on because we’re wired to look for weird coincidences but there aren’t actually weird coincidences in the world because I think there are I didn’t say that that’s what you said no there’s plenty of things that aren’t science because we make up stories that are irrational what I’m saying is there’s a good reason we evolved to make up stories that are irrational yes because they kept us alive because sometimes there’s a correlation between the stick breaking in the lion jumping out of the woods and then when we listen for sticks breaking it might keep us alive and we’ll have grandchildren and other people will listen for sticks breaking where it breaks down is now there are no lions but we’re still listening for sticks breaking we’re looking for broken windows we’re paranoid about certain things because those and sharks hippos and sharks sure I love that look it up if you didn’t understand that go ahead India Jonathan asks Seth has a blog but no other social media engagement under which conditions is this advisable I think it’s advisable under several conditions condition number one where you want how wouldn’t you saw your blog really it was 89 as an email newsletter yep so through the math you know it’s a long time ago then I met Joey Ito and switched it to type pad you know was some blogging before that but I can’t find it I don’t know where it is yep and then after I met Joey Ito I’ve been doing it as relentless it’s like there was a period it was 5 blog posts a day and then I realized it wasn’t helping me or the reader so now it’s been one a day for a lot more really long time do you know how long years and years so the if you want to develop to get through the dip to be the best at something you’re going to have to say no to a lot of things you love no no is super important super important and so when Twitter came along I said I could be pretty good at this because I’m early but I would have to use my blogging time to be pretty good at this so better which time do you spend on a blog post you think on average I mean I’m sure they go very well I spend 10 hours a day thinking about the next blog post I write a bunch but you don’t see most of them what do you just like kill them yeah no Leslie stick around right you might back you might like I assume when you’re spending 10 hours a day in 4 weeks you may spend 10 hours you’re like oh shit and recover out that’s that’s it that’s why I think every human should have a blog even if you don’t put your name on it everyday write something that you’re willing to put in the world so that a week from now in a month from now in a year from now you can look back at and say I said this I predicted this I keep a journal as a youngster no not at all do you like writing and I like and I like what talking about ideas I like helping change happen there was a time in the middle of the 18 books when the thought of sitting down and going to this practice of writing a book really engaged me but it’s I’d rather look someone in the eye and talk to them then what about public speaking we’ve gotten to do a couple of minutes love giving talks I hate flying there I love being on stage you’re on and then you’re off you have it there rules you can’t bring on you know a chimpanzee a marching band you can you’re allowed your slides I have rules right you can use this flies we can’t go beyond that can’t throw things into the audience and stuff I like that but but that’s too many variables so back to India’s question yes what was that oh yes let me so Steve Pressfield in this book the war of art talks about the resistance in lynchpin I talked about the lizard quat yeah I do eery books yeah like how many books in a year will you read well I get two or three a day in the mail I read them until I get the joke and then I stopped so that’s a thousand Jesus but sometimes you don’t need to read that many Pig ask for garyvee dimension that’s on sale and you can pre-order it now on Amazon that book will probably take me more than 15 minutes to get the joke because it’s just rich and layered and a lifetime ago of insight you know what I’m saying yeah but there are other books like if the author did a good job in five pages you get the point you trust that the rest of it is proven and now you can go on to the next thing it’s cool I’m not good what’s the last critic computer for you you enjoy recently well fiction wise there was there’s a book a whiskey-tango-foxtrot hysterical brilliant funny science fiction and it’s about you you’re in it yes well you know when you’re not gonna like the Devereaux character is that Who I am yeah is he handsome yes yeah but that’s not the best thing to say about him that’s only care of parts of it that I’m in anyway and then there’s there’s a really great book about a novel about marcel duchamp’s work called the bride who was stripped bare by her bachelors even that’s the title yeah that’s a really juicy book Oh India’s fired up there you go and then but nonfiction wise I’m just constantly amazed at how generous authors are because authors know you can’t make a living writing books but they do it anyway anyway we’re still answering India’s question I’m running out of time on 70s it’s Jonathan Jonathan wait so the punch line is this the punch line is were fucking Seth Godin you don’t have to do it because you’re a beast in 20 years Wow completely the opposite of course Zig used to say you can be a meaningful specific or a logic said when you’re in Seth Godin right away with it has anyone ever walked out on the show yes cuz I could go second I have something important to add here go your heckling I’m sure I am I just you know what I’m just having my own he was my friend I’m sure I bought that’s good so Zig used to say you can be a meaningful specific or a wandering generality interesting and the problem with most social media is you are not the customer you are the product it was optimized to make you anxious until you use it again was optimized to extract from you nervous energy not productive output so most people who fall into it are checking one less time checking this posting that liking this why to keep them from doing important work which I was watching television for no not fee but wait let’s let well a TV yeah but hold on here’s where we’re gonna disagree a little bit I mean like like little stick here for a second India a lot this thought that all of a sudden MySpace and Friendster and Facebook and Twitter came along and took us away from all this mass important work you know so let’s start with Clay Shirky Clay Shirky pointed out that Wikipedia got built mm-hmm on a decrease in television viewing that that billion hours yet were invested on building Wikipedia came from TV it could have come from reading no he can he shows it his great book it came from TV he put a chip in everybody’s head who look listen I can’t talk about this though what do you do you know if there’s me with me well I’m not a great but you can’t deny this scholars work without examining it and say wait nice challenge that let’s we’ll have $2.00 no no I think that’s fair and I think you’re right about that I do no question do I believe an enormous amount of internet behavior has come at them at the at the behest of television so what my point is television is dying because we’re giving people more choices because the channels are breaking down etcetera mass is going away what do we want people to do with the time they’re not spending watching happy days they’re still watching a lot of TV which is stunning to me I agree to that but my argument is the people who are watching you and I talk right Bryce and Jonathan and the psychic who already knows what I’m about to say yeah they set that up have the ability to make a dent in the universe 100% we gave them a platform they can use to do 100% and they think that they’re advancing their cause by using various social media networks the way that they optimized to be used and my argument is they’re not that I am super glad that the musicians of the 60s that went way out on an edge weren’t seduced by just sitting there listening to Beach Boys records all day they decided to make bitches brewer they decided to make slow train coming or whatever it is they went outside the thing to say this is my work and the problem I have with the people who are just saying me to plus plus they think they’re doing their job they’re not doing their job they’re hiding from their job their job is to create a body of work that earns them trust that attention click you know that that’s interesting but let’s let’s go a little bit deeper here because this is sort of I like this don’t you believe when you’re saying plus plus and this is on the other thing don’t you believe that that is exactly mapping the people that in just like not everybody is going to make great bodies of work not true okay go ahead you think they’re born that way no the people everyone who makes great work was born naked yes unable to read yes and pooping in their diapers okay right somewhere along the way you make a decision you make an investment you go forward okay and if we look we see that it used to be that John Hammond would pick you and you would become a famous recording artist yes I mean you know I believe so the Pickers are gods and so now the number of people who are picking themselves keeps going up what all I’m saying my only point in this case is this if you find that at the end of the day you could say I did a really good job and my social media universe is clean and taken care of and that’s all you have to point to today I don’t think that’s a good day and what I’m saying is Sally pants McGee who has that 2.2 in 1974 had that same thing to point to him better oh she has a chance to do better so what you’re saying is that everybody can go to Yankee Stadium today hit the bat on table and take a swing which is different no no give me up yes yes it’s athletic endeavors are different athletic endeavors are different than intellectual endeavors for sure hold on so when you’re saying is everybody has the same capacity to learn no what I’m saying is what we define as athletic endeavors is one axis but I could say for example if you’re a caregiver for a senior citizen who’s struggling with Alzheimer’s yes you are capable of looking that person in the eye yes with empathy and affection in a way that changes them tell me how you develop empathy tell me well now you’re changing the topic we do have that time because no no because you just said I can teach Andy how to be a caregiver that’s gonna Andy can definitely be talking on let me finish let me finish lost cause Andy Andy Andy you can teach to look in the eye chatter teacher grant I can teach Andy yes deduced I can’t ever teach him to hit a home run and Yankee Stadium okay I can teach him to do something with his voice is hard enough so with Yankee statement a lot you can’t teach him to hit a home run in Yankee same but you can teach him to be the best version of a baseball player that he can be in the same way that you guys know economic utility well that’s a whole different conversation but that’s the guy who says I’m trying to have what you keep interrupting no no not true not true because what’s most interesting to me is there’s no economic situation that Sally pence McGee could be focusing her time on something else besides liking buttons on Grace’s data meow we disagree okay well hold on hold on sure do you agree with me that Sayle pants McGee would probably likely in 1984 to be sitting and watching well that’s what I’m saying right I’m saying nothing’s changed the places that people are deploying their energy my point is that liking something in Instagram or Facebook is a way to hide from the productive things she could be exposing herself because the productive thing is scary you think you think you think she’s she’s gotten to a place where that makes her feel better and that we’ve tricked people and people tricked themselves to be a part of something versus when they sat on the couch no when they sat on the couch the entire culture was in on it and it’s similar what I’m saying is we didn’t build the internet so that YouTube cat videos we built the internet but isn’t our cat that eases videos escapism for somebody just like a reading a good book as escapism for you seriously I’m asking I know people around the world who have something they really need to escape from okay the people who are watching this much less fine I would argue and agree with you that people have much bigger headaches than but the reality is that somebody who’s watching this has their micro version of what they think they’re escaping from I sit here every day and go yell and say look if you’re a white male in America Jesus Christ she wants about winning the lottery you won so I’m with you on that what what I’m fascinated not entertaining there’s nothing wrong with it people think cats just technology just acknowledge you’re entertaining yourself you’re not doing your job that’s fine that’s the only thing I’m trying to say so the fine with their question but the question to India was yes what I’m doing my from India was when I’m doing my job why aren’t I using the other forms of social media the answer is well you’ll find what your job or your said Neil Gaiman has said is the way he deals with writer’s block he hasn’t written a book and needs to do is he makes himself super bored he eliminates all inputs and so until he’s so bored the only way to entertain himself is to write so are you saying that one of the big KPIs for you of just staying to the blog was not getting all that stimulus and allowing you to create more forcing me to say either I did nothing today or I made something worthwhile that there are days when I will answer nothing but email yeah and I feel horrible at the end of the day because I don’t believe that’s a productive meeting part of this last four or five minutes was for me Seth’s self-awareness for himself and I think that to me is the most interesting part of what just happened like to me that speaks to really understanding yourself and positioning yourself in the best position to succeed based on what and all the successful contributors / artists I know are similar so for me I’m Nydia like I just walked here I just walked into my office though I laughs it was so quiet I started yelling and everybody that I can’t get into my place without all the impress that awareness is key it is but if we look at most of the people who are showing up in my box in your box you’re saying what do I do know what ideas they’re copying pattern yes in social media without being aware of the factual media though well I missed the question without being aware that those patterns are sabotaging there the question was for you when a winner when is it right when is it right for that I think that’s amazing what I’m saying is first try nothing see what happens if you are forced to level up not by fitting in but to level up by standing out by saying something important you know Janice you need funny I’m just sitting here I’m thinking it’s one of the funniest things about how I go about things is I don’t want to read anybody else’s things I don’t consume anything else because it puts me in that but really not even like I’m crazy that way like I don’t want to consume anything because I just like observing people in whatever format the real world or the digital world to be able to just do my thing because that’s what makes me comfortable in analyzing it’s a little bit of like a it’s interesting so the way so the way we built the auto MBA which is a school area yes is it’s 28 days and there’s an enormous amount to do yes with your name on it in public yes and commenting substantially with your name on it on other people’s work cycle repeats I can repeat 1314 assignments in four we do some people struggle with that system everyone does that’s what it’s for yep right if you if you if I send you to Ranger School yep you’re going to struggle if I send you to tightrope circus school you’re going to struggle that the learning is hard that’s why the dropout rate on online course is at 98% is that true yes and the reason is because as soon as it gets hard and it has to if you’re gonna learn something you quit well that’s what people are mad at watching my content because I talk about hard work and they don’t want to hear that they want to see what the secret is exactly I need you know what’s funny about that India I’m looking very fit thank you brother because that’s what India’s referring to I need to be accountable to somebody I figured out my trigger in that game I needed to be accountable somebody else besides myself exactly India last one John asks what is something you both disagree on Linux I mean I think I think that everything self-evident but mostly it he is a superstitious troglodyte who wants to deny that science expect it and I had Charles Darwin right before one of my vote I believe in science tremendously I believe believes a you to more than I believe in it the thing is gravity doesn’t care whether you agree it’s not just a good idea it’s just law science is just like the market it is what it is I mean I’m super fine with science I don’t understand it I don’t know what it is but I’m super cool with it listen Seth I’m super pumped here on the show man it’s a pleasure how can people find you online they know how to find me how can i what I want to do is let’s link up make sure everybody starts reading sets blog on a daily basis it is massively very much knowing my audience this you know for the few of you that don’t do it it will be a tremendous addition up to you throw send me email send him email do not send me right because I just like people a lot more than set that’s true it’s just true it is that’s what we disagree on i like human beings set doesn’t accept you get to ask the question of the day any question will be a lot of answers will get some consumer insights from it which I love who would miss you if you were gone mmm-hmm he’s a deep soul that thanks for being on the show thank you love you have you guys are awesome all of you you keep asking questions we’ll keep debating you gary vaynerchuk seth godin
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