Squatting Challenge Without Weight for a Better Booty?

Squats for a Better Butt

I have a challenge video and it’s something that will really help get you a better butt. What this challenge is? 100 squats. I think some people are doing it with weights, but I went ahead and did it without weight and I actually was pretty shocked at the results. I think you will be too.

100 Squats Challenge Accepted.

Video Transcript

hey guys welcome to my channel if you are new here my name is alpha and if not then welcome back for today I have a challenge video and it’s something that when I first saw it I was like oh my god I have to do this and the first place that I saw the 100 squat challenge was Vanessa Blancos page I will go ahead and link her original video down below in the description bar so basically what this challenge is is 100 squats um I think some people are doing it with weights before doing it without weight but I went ahead and it just without weight and I actually was pretty shocked at the results um yeah so to sum it up I went ahead and did 100 squats I wanted to see if it would make any difference on my booty and if you guys want to see what happened please I keep on watching and I’m just doing bodyweight I’m not doing any weights I am about 37 inches you want to get this actually it’s pretty swollen that 36 36 mm hmm let’s tag number it’s okay well let’s like leave me I say uh huh like the way your oh I guess I don’t know thirty six point five okay should I measure Lord no that’s fine that’s fine right I’m gonna do four sets of 25 [Music] that’s my five that’s 35 I have three words out of that this a new one yeah my eyes are burning this is it mm-hmm [Music] the clock dropping [Music] mm-hm you mm-hmm 100 bodyweight squats it’s not really hard as far as feeling like the late but it’s a cardio so tired I get this Oh dip my bug bro 37 little one-inch did it really know what the 36 after that little clip I wanted to just sit down and kind of talk to you guys about what I think made the growth of one inch because I feel like that’s a pretty significant amount for what is just a hundred squats and I know Meneses video she had growth – I think hers was like almost like happiness or something around that but it’s basically a pump and if you guys don’t know what a pump is it’s a turn that is used really often by gym goers or people who like are into working out and I went ahead and googled it so that I could give you guys a better definition the pump is when your muscles swell up during your workout which is caused from the excessive amount of blood going into the muscle and filling it up the same way you would fill up the same way you would fill up a water balloon so that’s kind of why 100 percent I’m sure um that my booty got a nice little pump an inch is really impressive I always knew I got a pump obviously from late day or whatever day that you’re doing but I didn’t know that I feel like an interest is really good so I didn’t know that my pump was like that good which is actually really interesting it almost makes me wonder like do some squats before I don’t know I like you know go to the pool or something I just thought that was interesting in my opinion I don’t know if doing a hundred squats would necessarily give you a bigger but I don’t think so I feel like it could shape your booty nicely if you consistently do it for a longer amount of time literally talking months here I feel like I could shape your butt pretty nice but I do think that to grow your booty you need to be adding some weight on your squad and you need to be eating like in a caloric surplus or at least at least in a caloric maintenance level to grow your muscles that was a lot of fun I definitely want to do more I almost want to do like a 200-watt challenge just to see like like what is the maximum pump here but that’s basically the video I hope that you guys I liked it exam please give me a thumbs up I would appreciate that so much if you have any challenges to recommend but I’m down below in the comments I won’t do my best to do them I think things like fitness challenges are so interesting I love them so go ahead leave a comment down below letting me know what you wouldn’t like me Detroit if you’re not subscribed please subscribe and join me here on YouTube for more fitness / beauty / lifestyle related content and that sums up this video thank you guys so much for watching I received my dinner [Music]