Video Review of McDonald’s Buttermilk Crispy Tenders

Video Review of McDonald’s Buttermilk Crispy Tenders.

Video Transcript

Hello everyone this is running on empty food review well how long ladies and gentlemen and everyone watching number one first and foremost I’m gonna say this immediately right off the bat I’m going to teach you how to lose weight to look good at the beach this summer, and it’s a new camera picked it up recently but I think like a lot of new technology you know it it takes some time to adapt to it to figure out how the heck it it works what’s going on I mean it was right now this comes with two cameras it’s got this front camera and then like a camera that faces here I guess they called the selfie cam or something and I’m trying that Adam I’m looking at myself and that’s weird that’s odd but anyway so we’re trying out some new technology here we’ll see how it goes how it works and you know just learning the technology and we’ll go from there but let me know what you think of this camera and go from there now on to the review itself number one first and foremost in terms of personal situation because I know the last video I did I really had a lot on my mind things are you know it’s still very variable but things are doing a bit better so that’s some positive update some positive news and you know as a result I thought to myself well I’m you know I’m gonna go out and I’m gonna do a review now this is a high we talked about item a lot of people are talking about this one there’s lots of reviews outboard already I saw this a couple weeks ago and I just you know I wasn’t ready for it but now I’m fully prepared physically and mentally to try out these new buttermilk crispy tenders from McDonald’s that’s the car I don’t know how knows how well this microphone picks it up but the first and most noticeable thing you’ll see is this box I’ve never seen a box like this before for some chicken tenders and I was so confused because I was trying to you know I’m not used to this protrusion right here I guess that’s where the sauce goes I suppose and I was I was not used to this confused me greatly but these are their new buttermilk crispy tenders this is something that I think they try and release to some degree every so often I mean you remember they used to have the chicken select they had that that was those were on the menu for a long time almost a staple but then they went away forever then they tried to re-release them that didn’t work out too well so now they said well what the heck let’s kind of release the same exact thing but called the buttermilk crispy ten days instead and that’s what they’re doing and there is this a four piece you can see them kind of lounging and basking right there here’s an individual tender right here to close that’s what it looks like I mean this season they’re breaded they they do look crispy that’s for sure and then they do have these little I don’t know what you want to call them sauce distribution centers kind of built in it’s interesting you know say that to say the very least it’s interesting for sure and in terms of sauce I got two types of sauce never heard of these before they have a signature sauce because it’s a signature and then the sriracha Mac sauce which sounds repulsive but I thought it sounds interesting – it sounds disgustingly interesting so first I’m just gonna try out the chicken tender for you let you know what it tastes like then we’ll just try it with the sauce so it’s the buttermilk crispy chicken tenders from McDonald’s oh I went in I was doing a little preliminary research on these tenders and you know before I reviewed something I try to be at least somewhat versed in it then I want to know what’s on them what the ingredients are the pricing the fascinating backstory thereof and some people were kind of wondering you know they they hear about buttermilk you know buttermilk this buttermilk that buttermilk chicken buttermilk crispy tenders but they say you know what is buttermilk I mean I hear all about it but I don’t know what it is you ever uh I mean I’m by myself you know I’ve I’ve had some steaks here and there you know I’ll go to like a steak house but I’m not a big steak eater and more of just a fast food consumer but if you ever had a you know a steak and they give you you could get on request the steak butter you know that’s kind of this little liquidy you know liquidy substance that you can kind of put on the meat there that’s what buttermilk is so you know that’s that’s that’s that’s the mystery that’s what it is and that’s where that stands the tenders themselves I was uh I didn’t know what to expect when I first tried them and I didn’t know what to I didn’t know what to expect because I remember when they had the chicken select and they were really talking about those I mean that was a big deal the issue with them is they relied so much on soft you tried the chicken select by themselves and they were flavorless they were completely dry couldn’t taste anything in them and they weren’t good at all without any sort of sauce I think that’s a problem I think a good item should be complimented while by sauce but it should also be able to hold its own without sauce just my opinion these tenders I think McDonald’s kind of learned from their mistakes I think they actually did a good job and they analyzed where they might have went wrong with the previous tenders and then if these newest ones they kind of upgraded them and made improvements where they felt it needed the most and they did a good job with these I mean these are a lot more flavorful in my opinion than the chicken selects they’re not as crispy as the chicken selects those are very crunchy and crispy you know I definitely remember that they were very prominently crunchy and I felt like I was almost gonna break my teeth eating them sometimes but never happened thankfully but I remember that’s what that’s what it seems like it seemed like it was gonna be an issue there but these themselves are not as crunchy but they still have a little bit of a crispy to them which is good to see the chicken is very flavorful very rich in flavor I like that you can actually taste a little bit of the buttermilk and I if anyone has to ask I did kind of lead you want and BS a little bit about that but it’s okay it’s alright we’re just we’re just sharing the experience of this this buttermilk crispy chicken tender from McDonald’s and I mean overall you don’t even need sauce for these I think these are pretty solid as they are but I can tell in when they created these products this is one of those things that sauce was also included with you know in mind those these can hold their own if you don’t want sauce but it’s kind of encouraged that you they even have as I said the little sauce staging area or whatever you want to call it so first we’ll just try the signature sauce let’s see how well the sauce staging contraption works says sauce sauce goes here right I guess the sauce is there now doesn’t seem secure but they said sauce goes here and the sauce is there I’m actually just gonna open it up first that’s interesting this is what it looks like right there looks like interesting color I didn’t mean I did not expect that I thought it was gonna be more of like a reddish color sauce because that’s what the packaging kind of led me on to believe anyway we’ll see what this tastes like I’ve never had no signature sauce before see how those pears with ah not bad at all to say it very concisely it’s a very creamy sauce it’s not runny um it’s it’s thick but it’s it’s got a little tangy sweetness to it I think it’s nice it goes well with the twelfth the chicken this next one and I’m not gonna bother to even try it in the sauce distribution center as I call it now this is the sriracha mac sauce which this was a bit of a gamble I didn’t know what it was gonna taste like and I still don’t but for the heck of it we’ll try it out good see there it is this is kind of how I expected it to look you know sounds gross I may very well be but I’ve never tried it so we’ll figure this one out the piece of chicken wasn’t even a little tougher than the last one I think that’s an anomaly that’s awesome not a big fan of I like the signature sauce a lot better I’d recommend that it goes with the chicken very well the sriracha mac sauce is something that it’s it’s as the name kind of implies I didn’t expect it to be good honestly it wasn’t it says it tastes like the Big Mac sauce with hot sauce added to it and it’s just gross it’s not two things that you expect to go together and they don’t go together nor do they pair with the chicken well at all so that’s an issue I wouldn’t recommend that sauce at all you know I don’t know you know play a joke on your friends and give them the the sriracha mac sauce and say that it’s actually barbecue sauce even though it says that it’s a sriracha mac sauce and just see how they react that’s the only thing that I could really figure that it’s good for because it certainly doesn’t go off the chicken well at all now factoring everything together for peace $4 dollar per piece of chicken the sauce pairing signature sauce is where it’s at I recommend that the chicken itself they did a better job at this I’d recommend it I think it’s a good item and I think this is the chicken tenders that they finally got right they’re four out of ten gonna give these a nine point two out of ten that’s all that I have for you ladies and gentlemen I’m your host the report of the week and also I’d like to really take a couple seconds to thank all of you who support this channel on patreon all those of you who donate $1 $5 $10 a month all those of you who helped out on the teespring stores while I know YouTube has been given us some hard times but it’s you guys that helped keep this channel alive well then up and running so thank you all for your support and if you’re interested in helping out you could always find more information on that in the description below or in the cards above well thank you for watching again I’m your host support of the week we’ll get you another video coming up later in probably a couple days and until then thank you and take care.