What Am I Eating to Lose Weight?

What Am I Eating to Lose Weight?

Cutting body fat starts now. I am starting my diet, and I am forward to it. To be quite honest I’m excited to try and get abs for this spring break. I’d like to have a little bit more of definition. I just got my period last night, and actually woke up in the middle of the night with really bad cramps so bear with me.

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hi guys good morning today is Tuesday March 1st it is 747 am about to be 8 o’clock in the morning March first. Summer I’d like to have a little bit more of definition I am on my period so I just got my period last night actually I woke up in the middle of the night with really bad cramps I had to take tylenol I couldn’t go back to sleep for a few minutes I won’t be weighing myself today but I will be showing you guys what I’m eating throughout the day the reason why I’m not gonna weigh myself is just a heads up well you’re on your period you’re gonna hold way more like waterway and just you’re gonna weigh more than you usually do usually do feel heavy on your period so what am I had so far today in the morning I had my coffee with my Starbucks black coffee oops oozing with almond milk and a full millennium ladies cookie which I’m probably not start cutting that out I’m gonna have to start watching my carbs I am gonna let you guys know my macros by the end of the video right now I’m going to go to the gym and I’ve recently started my cardio sessions again I was not doing cardio like almost never for a really long time even when I got back to the gym two weeks ago because I am five weeks post-op now even when I got back to the gym about two weeks ago I still went into cardio I would just do like lake days because that’s all I’m allowed to do till next week I can’t really do ABS I don’t want to like trigger my cramps I have really bad cramps on my period I’m actually looking into buying CBD oils for that I think that’s what they’re called I really like nasty cramps and right now I just take like regular painkillers but I eventually like don’t want to take painkillers for something like cramps so I’m not gonna do any abs which I think abs and ladies very cardio is all I’m really allowed to do right now so I’m gonna shut up go to the gym try and film a bit at the gym and then I will be showing you guys my post-workout meal so we got out the gym with him to the post office or anyone in to drop off some packages but I actually like saw my trainer today and I hadn’t worked out with him so he’s I do want to like hop on right now so he scheduled me in and I did 30 minutes with him and it was pretty cool he had me do kind of like he has me do like pilo sets so I did like for example like step up lunges on each leg ten times along with 25 crunches and I did three sets of that and then your time we do like crunches and then like lunge walk three times so things of that nature which is like very fat burning in my opinion same time you’re using weights and then I did 30 minutes understand master oh I actually did it and went by pretty fast because I was editing a selfie and I posted it caved and I got a sandwich mainly because I didn’t want to like have to go home again and cook and take time up and then this isn’t like that like expensive 76 so I got a turkey sandwich and this is not local this is not low-calorie this is a pretty filling meal when I know I have like things to film and I have like a busy or day ahead of me I don’t mind eating like a 500 calorie or a set center of calorie meal at once because I know that will keep me full for like five six hours so I’m going to go ahead and show you guys the sandwich I got this is the turkey Tom no actually it’s not 230 Tom huh the beach club and wow my lighting is really bad in a little bit it basically has and we get a good chunk of it it has I don’t get mad nays I get avocado spread the provolone cheese the tomato and I get it on wheat bread and they really tomato right cucumber Turkey a lot of lettuce probably half of it that only half of it later on and probably total is probably like 600 calories 4 slices if she’s in here Ruben used to work at Jimmy John’s in Texas so he like knows it too it t–‘s it is like – something o’clock right now I was really shy protein coffee I’m almost done with it so that has been my other meal and I’m not even gonna lie I do have a Coke Zero and but I do I did already give me one water bottle I have my big ol smart water right here so I’m about to film and then after I film I still have more things to do so I’m gonna be running around I will be with you guys and my next meal Wow Wow hi guys so it is about to be like 6 o’clock I’m still pretty full from the sandwich and my shake protein powder I have ain’t anything I’ve just had a lot of water I’m not that hungry I probably won’t be hungry in like 20 minutes and I’ve had a really busy work day I filmed three videos today in slow I find that days that I am busier sometimes sorry I’m like they go away not only really fast but I don’t eat as much because I’m not you haven’t eaten anything since Jimmy Jones ha yeah Rueben actually has well this sandwich probably had more cows than me but due to Queens Beauty Blender oh this would be oh my god yeah thank you Beauty Blender this is so sweet hello booty blenders hey hey girl it’s just this you could throw the rest out Ruby that’s a lot of cocaine for whoops Valli might be was scared by butter LONDON hi guys it is literally like two days after that vlog but I am here to report with you guys and let you guys know what my food intake was on that day which I wanted to say was Thursday and I’ll go ahead and also tell you guys where I was at for like um yesterday and with today Saturday so Thursday so my total intake that day was 1558 calories I had a little bit my protein was slow I might did not hit my protein my protein I had a hundred and nine grams of protein a hundred and fifty-one grams of carbs but my sugars are at 32 which is actually good because sometimes I’ll be eating the 60s and then my fat I went over a little bit at 57 but literally by nothing so surprisingly even though I had talked about I stayed in check and you guys will see like in the video I hope that you guys saw that I had one really big meal and then I didn’t have to worry about eating too like the later in the day I had my protein powder and yeah I had one Taco Bell Taco and what I have when I get home a turkey burger that was it so I’ve been a little bit more disciplined lately because spring break is coming and I do want to you know do him put on a bathing suit yesterday which was a March 2nd I had in total 1407 4 calories I had actually I had my protein I did 142 grams of protein a hundred and forty-three grams of carbs 38 grams of fat and then today so far I have in its 12:30 I have 800 calories in and my protein is at 48 grams which is not that good but I will get it up as the day goes by and I am at 88 grams of carbs I’m hideous 32 grams of fat so I have to watch my fat for the day and other than that I’m pretty good and as far as like cardio I did yesterday I really didn’t do any cardio I got from the gym late and I just did weightlifting for about 30 minutes and because I didn’t do cardio yesterday I did my cardio today and I did thirty minutes and then before that I did another 30 minutes on Thursday I ended up doing 30 minutes on Thursday and I’m gonna go ahead and open up my cardio plan um my total time I wanted it to be two hours so I think I started doing my cardio only half like this week half the weight I was in okay March first I’ll say okay I’m gonna start doing my cardio so I didn’t do bad I did one hour total cardio for a half a week so next week I will be doing two hours so I will start on Monday and yeah what I’ll stay guys I do see a difference in my body I think I I think I have been losing fat little by little because since I started working out I’ve been eating the same as when I wasn’t working out and I had just gotten my boob job so obviously there’s like a cut of calories there right now dieting has been pretty chill I think I’m doing okay I own my period so I have not waited myself nor have I really measured myself just because that’s a really big variable but I am excited to get off of it so that I could do a body update and so that I could share that with you guys I think it’s gonna be a fun little series I do want to get a little bit of apps going on I feel like a blinds are cool but I just want to just get a little bit more tight enough to be in a bathing suit so yeah that is that you guys I hope you guys like this video and I will see you guys next time [Music] [Music]

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