What Foods Did I Eat to Lose 50 Pounds?

What Foods Did I Eat to Lose 50 Pounds?

Getting rid of excess fat and getting in shape can be one of the toughest things you can do. I struggled for years until I stumbled upon the right formula for myself. It may not be ideal for you, but give it a try and see what happens.

Getting My Bikini Body- What Am I Eating>?

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cool oh is it too legit my cousin old look good morning guys hello it is Remy and welcome back to my channel please don’t mind my orange hand I spray tan myself last night and I’m still learning how to do it there so over into hello hopefully we can get past the fact that it looks like I don’t even know we’re just not gonna go there hello good morning in today’s video it’s basically going to be a vlog / I’m kind of walking you through what I eat in the day to lose weight I’ve done a bunch of these videos before but then I feel like I was doing too many so I kind of stopped for a little while but you guys have been asking for them and asked me to bring them back so here I am today coming at you at this one.you girl leaves for Hawaii in a few days and it is crunch time to get my body hopefully as ready as it can be by the time that you’re watching this I’m actually already there so if you guys want to follow me on snapchat and Twitter and Instagram and keep up with all of my travels and all the fun stuff I’m doing all the good food that I’m eating all the links will be down below go check it out and go follow me so yes if you guys want more of these like diet / weight-loss / healthy lifestyle journey videos let me know if you guys like this video be sure to give it a big thumbs up and I’ll do more for you guys subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already and let’s get into this blog so yes I watch a bunch of these when I eat in a day videos and a lot of people just do the food but for me I am a talker and I also like to share my life with you guys if you didn’t know if you have a blog channel where I vlog all the time and I’m just used to vlogging so this is kind of like walking you through my day and what I do in a day / also what I’m eating in between during the day so yeah so as you can tell I just got out of the shower brush my hair out and now I am going to start to with my morning regimen in the morning as soon as I wake up I like to drink water while you’re sleeping your body becomes dehydrated and you want to wake up and rehydrate it so like all my other what I eat in a day videos I start with lemon water in the morning so let’s make that um but lately I’ve also been doing something else to make sure that I get enough water in my system so let’s do it first of all I’ve dropped a large mason and we’re gonna fill this up with water and drink it off oh yeah that’s stuff I thought you guys were gonna follow me all right we got the water at now we add the lemon where you act girl there you are looking beautiful all right got the lemon I’m gonna roll it a little bit to get the juices flowing and then I just cut off a little side chunk like that then we just squeeze the lemon into the water lemon water is really great because it really helps to toxify the body it helps kickstart your metabolism and I think it just tastes good I personally just really like lemonade too so that’s just me plop that in there think I’m gonna add a little bit more but you can add as much as you like cheese I’m so scared I was gonna break the camera okay lemon waters good and I think that I’ve been doing something else in the morning as well so I’m gonna share that with you guys so we’re gonna start by grabbing a mug it’s ones my favorite it has little slots on it and they’re just cute and then grabbing my tea I got this super cool tea caddy from I believe it’s a container store and I keep all of my teabags in here and I personally love tea and lately I’ve been drinking either this one which is cranberry tea that helps with water weight gain or detox tea I think I’m gonna do I’m gonna do the detox to you today and I usually do two tea bags also this machine is awesome because it also has a hot water dispenser so I just fill this up with my hot water for my teeth she is steaming you can also have like stevia or something like that if you need it to be sweeter but I personally just love tea normally and I just drink it like this as you can see our baby sloth came to life alright guys so I’m gonna sip on both of those and in the meantime I’m gonna start making my breakfast for breakfast this is what I’m going to use I’m making a turkey egg white scramble I make this all the time I am obsessed all you need for this is just extra lean turkey I got the you 99% lean pine just because I preferred that I go ground turkey I have little cherry tomatoes egg whites avocado and then buffalo sauce I don’t normally like spicy food but this gives it like a nice little kick at the end that I really like I’ll also normally add in like a full bag of spinach but I don’t have any spinach today so we’re just gonna do this alright guys we chopped up the cherry tomatoes and then sliced up a quarter of my avocado Daisy is very interested in what we’re doing I’ve got the pan going over medium-high heat I’m gonna spray in some of this avocado oil spray which is like Pam or something like that a little bit of that garlic powder and black pepper I’m trying to cook with less salt so this works for me and then let those cook and I’m just gonna like move it around like a scramble here’s our scramble and we’re gonna put the tomatoes on top sometimes I’ll cook them in with it too but today I’m just gonna sprinkle on top and then put my avocado slices on top to making it beautiful for the video and then the last step is just to add a little bit of hot sauce or sriracha a little bit so here is the finished breakfast I’m gonna eat this a drink my tea drink my lemon water work on my emails and just get all my business stuff done [Music] finish my first jar of water not filling it up for the second time bed is made Dacey’s happy yay everybody’s happy hi guys okay so update i just got ready as you can tell i got the makeup on I got some jewels on and hands are still apartment my friend Eli is here we are filming my next main channel video right now by the time that you see this that video would have already gone live so be sure to go check it out if you guys haven’t seen it already it is a get ready with me a for New Year’s Eve we are filming it a little bit early just so I can get it done and ready for you guys on time but I love how the look turned out and I’m definitely gonna be recreating it on actual New Year’s Eve also normal everyday things I am doing my laundry but yeah I look like an oompa loompa alright the coloring is really weird and I look really orange II I promise I’m not this orange at first him but here is my New Year’s Eve look that I’m going to share with you guys in the video if you guys don’t know where everything is and more details and more like detailed shots and you can check out the video there we go so you orange so yes we’re gonna head up onto the roof and do it the after shots right now so let’s go I’m also getting very hungry so it’s almost time for my next meal oh my god I love the makeup okay see you up there can someone tell me why I have the cutest dog in the world look here D oh my god I’m dying if you fall through these stairs I’m gonna laugh you made it hey last time Leigh said if she got a certain amount of screen shots she would tell the crane guy to hit you yeah ladies not here though hello we just finished up on the roof you guys saw a little bit of the behind-the-scenes now we’re gonna go down and eat some food because I am super hungry so let’s go hi guys we’re back in my apartment I took all my makeup off and I have fresh clean skin again I feel great I love wearing makeup I love playing with it but there’s nothing better than taking the makeup off after now I’m meeting my next meal obviously going to share with you because it is a what I eat in a day right Daisy if you guys watch the vlogs you know I love my salmon sashimi I know you have to be careful because of mercury poisoning but I just love it so much but I get this at Whole Foods and I also get extra ginger on the side I really love just eating ginger plain to be honest but obviously it goes really well with the sashimi and it’s really good for bloating and just ginger is really good for you overall so I eat this together with a little bit of ponzu sauce on top also Eli got these roasted veggies earlier that he didn’t eat so now I’m eating them and they’re my yeah I’ve got a great meal you guys I finished my food it was so good and I’ve been in such a chocolaty mood lately but I’m trying my best to not eat dairy anymore so I found this vegan dark chocolate I was actually recommended to me by Jessie Paige and I got them at Whole Foods I got the peppermint flavor and the raspberry flavor and I am gonna have a little piece I think the pepper man you can eat half a bar for less than like 200 calories or something which is awesome so I’m gonna have a piece of this not too much but a piece of this and now where are we going we’re gonna go shopping let’s hit it also since we’re gonna be gone for a little while I’m gonna grab one of my protein bars to take on the coat these are my two favorite brands as of right now the square organics are really good and then I’m also really into the RX bar thing I’m gonna grab an Rx bar but the one with chocolate because I just love chocolate I’m gonna grab a chocolate chip one and throw this in my purse and take time ago just in case oh my god my hello everybody so update I just took my workout class for the day if you guys know I’m a huge huge huge fan of SoulCycle just took my class over there I am so sweaty right now and I didn’t have a chance to eat this earlier so I’m gonna eat this now as my after workout snack again this is the chocolate chip rx bar I’ll see you guys very soon oh this bird just on top of this movie pooper get off Ram get off wow this face has seen better day we are back home now you guys after seeing that crazy big bird outside wait I have this video that’s better quality if anybody knows what species of bird
that is please let us know we’re trying to figure it out we’re doing a research right now all over yes we’re still gonna go run some errands but before then we are going to eat some dinner before it gets too late I tried to stop eating before like 7:30 8 p.m. it’s already 7:45 so we better get on this I just snapped on a few raw almond and I’m cooking up some stuff that I had in the fridge I literally have like nothing right now you guys I cleaned it out after the holidays so right now I’m just cooking up some Brussels sprouts what are these shaved Brussels sprouts I have no idea if this is even gonna be good but I’m just cooking it with some of that avocado oil from earlier I think I’m gonna add some water in and cook them down a little bit more since they are kind of tough and then I’m gonna chop up some almonds and mix them in with the Brussels sprouts I’m gonna season them up a little bit with like garlic powder and pepper and then I’m also gonna just cook up some of these little chicken tenders and I think that’s just gonna be dinner for me and also oli so hopefully it’s good we’ll see how it goes wish us luck alright guys chicken is cooking up on top of my Brussels sprouts I wanted to add craisins but I don’t have any so I have these little dried blueberries hopefully they’re good but I like dried fruit goes well with like almonds and Brussels sprouts act like that’s a normal thing so I chopped up my almonds they’re just raw almonds and we’re just gonna sprinkle them on top along with our blueberries like it’s gonna add a nice like sweetness to go with like the bitterness from the Brussels sprouts we’ll see our chicken is on done cookin she looks gray you guys I just got this box in the mail from YouTube and it’s a holiday gift from them and it’s the sweetest thing ever it’s this picture of me this is like my icon from I think last year in Hawaii this is so nice thank you so much YouTube I feel so lucky thank you great news everybody we’re at Target and I found my rx bars you can buy them in a box of four for way cheaper than at Whole Foods we love a deal love a deal hi guys I am back home it is very very late and I am glad to go to bed I wanted to end this what I eat in a day video though after target Allie and I came back to my place and we’ve been playing Mario Kart all night long while we were playing I had myself a little bit of dessert I treated myself I think these have been Whole Foods I’m sure you can get them at all different grocery stores though these are the so delicious dairy-free fudge popsicles I get the no sugar added ones I already ate one so I’m not gonna open up a new one but they’re really really good if you have chocolate cravings and they be just like ice cream and popsicles and things like that so those are an awesome healthier alternative and yes that includes my what I eat in a day I hope you guys enjoyed it thank you so so much for watching be sure to give this a big thumbs up if you guys want me to do more for you and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already I’ll see you guys in my next video bye [Music] with someone [Applause] [Music]

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